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War, Peace, Bridges and Newsworthy Promotion!

July 17th, 2014 No comments

CNN. Fox. ABC, NBC, CBS, A&E and any network, newspaper, online or other media all have this in common, they promote! They promote themselves and they promote the products and services of others. They don't apologize for those promotions! They don't apologize for advertising themselves or others.

Tim Connor, CSP, author of 80+ books, one of our featured writers and hired by over 100 factory and other building operations said at a Wisconsin Housing Alliance (WHA) meeting that "You have to be a relentless self promoter." This is a fact for any successful business or professional!

You don't apologize for giving someone your business card, or for advertising, marketing, networking live or via social media, etc.. Successful operations and professionals do these things.


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War and Peace, plus Bridge Building

Is your manufactured or modular home product, community or service a good one? Does it do what you advertise or claim? Does it benefit your customers? Then it is WRONG not to promote it, and do it well!

Guess what, we promote too. And it must be working, because we keep growing and gaining new clients while others have been shrinking, fading or dying.

There are times you have to 'go to war,' and when you do, the smart ones fight to win. Peace is better than war, when you can have peace honorably. That's true between nations and in business too.


Bridges pay! You invest in the bridge, but once built, a bridge saves you time and money, and it makes you money.100s-raining-showering-down-2014-cutting-edge-blog-mhpronews- Bridges between you and your customers pay.

Bridges between you and those some might think of as rivals can pay off too. Think win-win, mutual victories and Collaboration vs. Confrontation!

Just the Facts!

We do marketing and sales training. We build websites, we know manufactured and modular homes, retailing and communities. We've won awards, and have been praised by operations of all sizes in our industry. Those are facts, and it should remind you that when YOU need to market better or sell more, you should visit, email or call us!

Some of our clients are very public, and the results are there for all to see. is a site we've built but also a show we promote! The show hires us to do the education and promotion, and we've been praised for the results, see proof on the link and chart here. As Show Chairman Ron Thomas, Sr. has said in a recent article,

We will once again use L. A. “Tony” Kovach, aka services to promote this year’s show. His electronic messaging works!”

MHI hired us to promote their Congress and Expo in 2014. Their result? The best attended event since 2008! See and hear the Manufactured Housing Institute (MHI) President and CEO, Richard “Dick” Jennison, say that and thank us for our pro-industry work, at the video linked here.

We take MH and MOD retailers and community operators who are often struggling and turn them into better marketing and sales performers! We teach a proprietary system that makes the phones ring, the doors swing and the cash register Cha-Ching!


These 83 calls and 61 net leads came in one week.
We've had locations generate over 200 inbound
calls seeking homes in a week, at a low cost per prospect.
We then teach how to handle that call, resulting in more sales!

We do these marketing and training services on a confidential basis, NDAs are part of the deal. So the graphic shown redacts the names, but are actual results reported by computerized call tracking and a text from the business' owner to me. That same operation did less in a year, prior to our starting their program with us than they reported in this one month, shown above!


Every professional from almost any field studies and reads, so they can learn more to earn more! You and your team should invest a minimum of 15 minutes a day on You should invest 7 minutes daily on Not just owners, but staff should be on our site, learning more to earn more.

But at some point, you may want or need paid services. Be it B2B or B2C, talk to us, because we are proven to grow results. But fair warning! What we do is different! To get a different result, you have to be ready to change. We've innovated, and for those who see it as an investment, working together it pays off for those who put our processes to work!

Whenever you can, learn to Win Wars but also Win in Peace. Learn how to collaborate more successfully with others. Learn to bridge the gap between you and your customers, in a win-win fashion! ##

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Hungry for growth and more knowledge?

February 9th, 2014 No comments

Knowledge you can apply is a key to making more money. As I go through these examples, let me strongly suggest, that if you take two giant steps back for perspective, these could apply to YOU and YOUR location(s)!

Let's start by sharing the words of Ross Kinzler, from the Wisconsin Housing Alliance.

Then, lets layer in the following quote from Andy Gallagher, WVHI.

"This year’s event was a dynamic performance with a pantheon of excellent speakers, covering topics critical to the industry; an expanded floor showa-v-gallagher-executive-director with the latest models on display; and a handsome group of service and supply representatives on hand with their banter, wit and stockpile of knowledge."

– See Andy's full article at :

continental-communities-logoThen think about these thoughts from an MHC operations manager, Ted Gross:

"Tony, Just wanted to leave a quick note about the educational seminar you spoke at regarding “Modern Marketing.” I brought a few community managers along for your presentation…it was a real eye opener for them and me."

– See more at:

Are you beginning to see a pattern developing here?

If not, let's try another quote on why going to a trade show or educational event is a great idea for your business! This from a fellow who admits he missed a few years of going to a show:

"…I was wrong! It was not only interesting it was incredibly inspiring and eye-opening. At this time, our industry is undergoing tremendous tumult change. Change does not have to mean impending disaster. Sometimes it takes rubbing elbows with our industry’s leaders – those on the front line – to better understand the opportunities that exist, the places where we need soldiers in the gaps (Washington DC,) and how to not just survive but thrive in the coming decades.

I probably received more education at Louisville in two days than I did in my first six months in my current position."

– See more at:

tamas-kovach-right-handing-chet-kearny-business-card-soheyla-kovach-c-mhpronews-com-latonykovach-com-mhc-md-com-2014-louisville-show-booth-.pngThis one is near and dear to us, some of you at Tunica last year or Louisville this year saw this first hand; and yes, this IS an educational and inspiring example!

The photo and comments are courtesy of Gina Beasley, Tennessee Regional Manager and Ast. VP of Sales for UMH Properties.

Gina wrote in part: “Wow Tony, gotta to tell you how much I enjoyed seeing your son, he is absolutely adorable! Check out the picture of him handing out your business card to Chet Kearney, Chris Lindsey's assistant. So sweet and the fruit don't fall far from the tree!!!”

– See more at:

No one knows trade shows in manufactured housing better than Dennis Hill! Here is what he wrote, and these comments were being shared with permission. Dennis began by talking about the growth in attendance, thanks us and then shares this chart.


"…In addition, we would like to complement you on the phenomenal job you did in managing the seminar programming. The seminarswere well attended and well received by everyone who attended the show and went to the seminars."

– See more at:

Now, let me wrap up all these comments, and many, many more we have had like them, and say that without a doubt, the lessons these and other pros learned apply to YOU.

  1. An upbeat attitude can be both taught and caught. A good Attitude will boost performance, especially when combined with facts and processes that support success.
  2. Be it the rapidly approaching Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, or April's MHI/NCC Congress and Expo, you will find that the modest investment and time and cost will reward you greatly!
  3. Do whatever good steps that it takes NOW to be at BOTH of these upcoming events! Why? Look at what the folks above and so many more had to say!

ignorance-costs-knowledge-pays-cuttingedge-ofmarketing-sales-manufactured-housing-mhpronews-com-.jpgJoe Kelly said this a couple of years ago, shared with permission:

“Tony,If we're going to talk special, you're it.  Your unabashed enthusiasm was really contagious.  Your belief in and knowledge of the industry is profound.  You have a unique manner of bringing people together.

You were responsible for most of our programming this year.  We've had great meetings in the past.  However, this meeting will be hard to beat in that the perfect speakers were found for the precise topics we needed to hear…”

Joe Kelly

Iowa Manufactured Housing Association

– See more at:

Want the secret? Want to know how to grow? Let me tell you my secret. We read! We go to meetings! Yes, I present and share at many of these events, but not all. I go to learn, and every single time I do learn, and you and your team can too!

Want to grow in 2014, in spite of the hurdles? Sure you do. Then make the time and treasure investment in yourself, your team and your location(s) to attend these two spring events, Tunica and Congress and Expo. I go to both every year, along with others, about 8 events a year in all.

I never regret a single trip to go to a trade show, educational meeting or event. When Joe Kelly says, "Your belief in and knowledge of the industry is profound." keep in mind, we can all learn when we make the DECISION to do so.

When we decide to turn lemons into lemonade, of course you too will find what Joe said could apply to YOU: "Your unabashed enthusiasm was really contagious." Then YOU can be the spark plug for YOUR organization or location.

Please come to these events. For your sake, for the sake of your team and operation. If you do, please swing by and say hi. ##

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Who’s Missing?

June 20th, 2013 No comments

PresenterPro and Nancy Geer from the New York Housing Association both reminded me recently that a picture is worth a thousand words.

back-to-basics-heart-beat-credit-presenterpro-posted-manufactured-home-professional-news-mhpronews-com-We are regrettably living in an era of decline for tens of millions of Americans. Most of us would rather see the robust economy of the 1990s vs. the anemic one we have today.

But in an era of 'back to basics,' visionary manufactured housing pros could and should position your career, location or organization for booming growth, regardless of what the economy in general is doing. After all, we sell affordable homes!

Some MH Community owners and Retailers tell me they have plenty of customers, all they need is 'more financing.'

For some, those can be code words for 'We need to find a way to get a 550 credit score bought with 5% down.'

Let's be real, that ain't happening.

Would you loan millions (or billions) of your own, hard earned money that way? In the CFPB era, you are even less likely to do so.  Because only a 'captive finance' lender would make such a loan, unless there is a very large equity in the purchase.

We need to ask some basic questions, like…

Who's missing?

What's missing from our MH Industry's picture?who-is-missing-credit-presenterpro-posted-manufactured-home-professional-news-mhpronews-com-

Besides over two decades in MH retailing and community infill projects, I've spent the better part of three years doing various marketing and salesmanagement/consulting projects in the RV business. The clientele difference between RVs and MHs is often like night and day.

The average credit score in the U.S. hovers around 692, which with a modest down payment and proper debt-to-income (DTI) levels can be readily financed on a manufactured home. RVs routinely draw 700+ credit scores. So why does manufactured housing draw the 500s?

Who's missing?

For MH, the millions of gals and guys with good credit!

Where are those millions of potential home owners who have the good credit could or pay cash for our manufactured homes? Why are they missing in such great numbers from our retail sales centers and land lease communities? You can answer it in a word.


The RV Industry has its positive GoRVing image building and marketing campaign. You couldn't pry that out of the RV Industry's hands if you wanted to, they love it because they know the bottom line value of their image campaign!

Manufactured housing pros have long known we need an image campaign too.

With the National Association of Realtors (NAR) telling us that some 94% of home shoppers are looking for their next housing option online, having an online image campaign is an utter no-brainer!

We don't have "a" story to tell. We have LOTS of great stories to share! will answer the unasked questions millions have about modern manufactured homes. With pictures, videos and words, the new image and education site will tell the visual story of today's factory built home industry.

Let me invite you:

  • to see the plan for "what's next."faces-collage-credit-presenterpro-posted-manufactured-home-professional-news-
  • To see at a glance why the new image building website can be a useful tool to attract those who are missing from our retail centers and land lease manufactured home communities.
  • To learn how you can earn more, not some day, today.

Frankly, we need more than just pretty photos and videos, but we have what we need beyond the eye candy available today too!

For long term sales success, we must balance:

> Committed, forward looking professionals.

> Industry Associations.

> Financing for personal property and 'fee simple' mortgage loans.

> Trade media that keeps you informed and feeds you the news, professional insights and tips needed to navigate challenges.

> And now, the start of an Image Building resource with!

Finance expert Dick Ernst reminded attendees at events in Louisville and Texas that we have the financing needed available to sell more homes, so long as we attract more of the customers who have good credit.

Keep what we have, but add more qualified buyers

We are not saying that we should abandon the customers who we serve with rentals, captive finance or other 'get me done' services that made 'buy here, pay here' auto dealers successful.

We are saying that the auto industry attracts Good Credit and Cash buyers! There are DOZENS of models of cars, each of which outsell annually all of the production of manufactured housing combined.

So if autos and RVs can attract more customers with cash or good credit, when realtors and builders do it effectively too, then we must commit to doing what it takes to get more of those qualified buyers!

See the comments from Industry pros in favor of this plan in the links that follow.

> Improving Manufactured Housing Image to Increase Sales

> Williams, Allen and others give Thumbs Up.

> Manufactured Housing Professionals, Is Image Everything?

Ask yourself. Who's Missing? Ask yourself. How do we attract those missing? Even with respect to importance of getting the passage of HR 1779, wouldn't we do better in DC with a tool to create a better image?

You know the answers.

Image isn't everything, but it is an important thing!

This is Simple.

As more pros share the website with past customers and everyone they know, thousands upon thousands can discover the real value of manufactured homes today.

Start now by showing your sales and leasing associates the website. Let them see the photos, videos and articles that will answer the questions which keep people from buying a manufactured home.

key-good-credit-presenterpro-posted-manufactured-home-professional-news-mhpronews-comLet them see the plan for What's Next on

Manufactured housing has known for years who's missing. More of the customers with the cash and good credit. Image isn't everything, but it is a key that will unlock the door to more sales to cash and credit worthy customers.

Sign up for emails here that will announce our free upcoming webinar to learn more to earn more, by using the power of Make this a regular resource available you share daily to bring in more customers with cash or good credit.


                         Above is how our twice weekly emailed news, tips and views updates look.

Space on our webinars are limited, so sign up yourself and have your team sign up too for the emails; then watch our Spotlight for the schedule to get your webinar time. ##

(Image credit for first three above: PresenterPro)

PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red Hot Featured Articles for June and see the

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