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Super Marketing

January 28th, 2012 No comments
The Super Bowl is almost here! Seems these days, people are anticipating the commercials as much as the game. Some of the most memorable commercials of all time have appeared during the Super Bowl. I know I can remember a dozen or more, and I bet you can too.

Here's something I found pretty astonishing. A 30 second advertisement during this years Super Bowl….about the time it's taken you to read this much of this article…will cost $3.5 million dollars! Let me say that again, 30 seconds for $3.5 million dollars! That is more than many company's entire annual advertising budget.

Now to be fair, these ads will be seen by more than 100 million people and some will be talked about for days, weeks and possibly years to come. Do you remember the Masterlock commercial with the bullet going through the lock? Did you know that Masterlock ran that single ad only during the Super Bowl, and found it so effective that for 9 consecutive years that was the only Television ad they ran?

But unlock (err, unlike ;-)) Masterlock, the companies running ads this year have all planned post-Super Bowl marketing. You'll see the ads on TV in newspapers, on the web, via email marketing and through social network outreach. One company's marketing director even remarked, "Our strongest push will be in our website and social network advertising in the hours, days and weeks immediately following the Super Bowl. We know people will be taking around the water cooler on Monday, and we want them talking about us!" These companies understand that they can't afford to be forgotten after the game is over.

Now, think about your business. What is your Super Bowl? Maybe it's an industry trade show, a retail center or community open house or any special event. Whatever it is, you've spent a great deal of time and money on it and it would be a total waste if your efforts fade from your prospects memory. You've got to be thinking about follow up marketing, long before the event takes place.

This can take many forms. If you are in the Business to Consumer (B2C) side of the Industry, that may be website, email marketing tied to social networking. It could be print ads in local publications, or sometimes local cable done smart can be affordable. If you are in the Business to Business (B2B) side of our industry, your follow up may be website banner ads tied to visually appealing jump pages, along with e-newsletters that reinforce what you showcased. The banner ads should be on websites frequented by your prospects (hint, think advertising on the biggest business to business trade side in the Industry, this one).

There are many other creative options, many are low cost and yield a nice return for you, but the above will get you the idea.

At (, we provide Solutions for companies and organizations large, small and in between to help them achieve great results. I invite you to contact us about B2B or B2C marketing and sales training programs that will grow your profits and results.

And don't forget to watch for the commercial during the Super Bowl.

Just Kidding! # #

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January 20th, 2012 No comments

I heard someone the other day say,”In business today, you can no longer be average, you have to be remarkable.”

It’s true, but maybe not in how you may initially think. What does “remarkable” mean? I looked it up. Among the words in the definition were great, extraordinary, striking, unusual, uncommon, exceptional, phenomenal, super, unique, wonderful and miraculous.
Wow. How can my business be all that? There are very few companies in this world that are or have develop products that are all that. Apple comes to mind. My iPhone and iPad have changed the way I live. I have the internet, my emails, my work documents and much more right in my pocket. I find this to be remarkable. But does our industry have the “game changing” forces that technology companies have?
We at think the answer to that is 'yes.' Manufactured Housing can be as life changing for someone seeking quality affordable housing as that smartphone can be for me or others.
So how do I or how does my business become remarkable? Well, think about the literal definition of remarkable. “Worth making a remark about.” Get people to think and talk about your product or service.
Back to Apple for a minute. People didn’t know that they needed an iPhone until Apple told them they did and then my friends, clients and co-workers told me I did. Then I got one, and I’ve told countless others and now you about it. That’s remarkable.
At the 2012 Louisville Show, there were some 80 exhibitors, in booths side by side, each with a different message that they hoped attendees would remember and talk about long after the show was over. To do this, each had to find a way to make their product or service remarkable.
Think about Apple, or McDonald's or any product or service that comes rapidly to mind. What do they have in common? Among other things, marketing and advertising! If you are a company that exhibits at a show or event, what are you doing to stay on people's minds after the show? Are you promoting yourself via a popular Business 2 Business site such as Are you making sure that the people that saw you at the Show will remember you after the show?
If you are marketing to consumers, are you using the latest methods? Are you attracting the most qualified buyers? If you have business development challenges you can't solve in house, are you seeking the solutions and expertise needed to solve them?
When you are marketing and advertising properly, it doesn't cost, it pays! Or as great automotive promoter, magnate and pioneer put it so well:
"A man who stops advertising to save money,
is like a man who stops the clock to save time."
– Henry Ford
Exposure, along with a message that resonates with your prospects is the key. Concepts, ideas, products that spread, Win. Sell it to the people who are listening, the people who care and they’ll tell their friends and colleagues. That’s how you become REMARKABLE! # #
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