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Billion Dollar Websites plus What YOUR website Worth?

September 10th, 2014 No comments

Bloomberg released a report recently that included a fascinating infographic about the value of Facebook. Analysts think Facebook is worth about 202 billion dollars. A large part of this is due to their new mobile ads/applications, which is a good time to ask, does your website have a mobile-friendly version? If not, why not?

Okay, back to the infographic!


Notice how Google is in #3, and how they've moved beyond the web to being a full blown tech company, complete with products and services, and they're investing in new acquisitions. Apple's big announcements yesterday included not only their widely anticipated iPhone 6 and iWatch, but also their mobile purchase system.

If you aren't online in a robust way, graphics and facts like these ought to make you look again!

What is your website worth?

Let's start with the obvious, neither our website or yours is Facebook. Since we don't retail homes or directly seek to fill communities, etc., the value of our site is measured differently than yours would be measured. For an information or news site, there is a formula that includes:

  • Reverse engineering of development costs
  • Value of Content
  • Traffic value
  • Revenue

all of which (and more) web property analysts (yes, there are such experts who put appraise and put a price value on websites) use to figure the value of a website. FYI, depending on if you go low, medium or high, MHProNews – using these formula – has a value of $2 to $4 on the conservative side, to $6 million dollars on the higher end valuation. We can't eat that, but if we wanted to sell (and we don't), that's what the gurus say. Here is part of the reason why…


So when you are on our site, you're not alone!

Okay, now what about the value for your website?

Let's start with a disclaimer. I'm not a website appraiser, so this is my opinion based on practical experience building websites, doing marketing, having two decades in MH sales, training and consulting plus some research.

For most operations in our industry the value of your website ought to correlate with the traffic it brings you that is actionable.

Let's say you are a factory, a retailer or a community. If you website has a good number of visits, and is seeing a healthy number of repeat visits, that has significant potential value.

But one of the common comments we hear from prospects seeking a new or updated website, is that they get traffic, but they don't get a lot of calls or leads off their website. Clearly, that's not what your website 'practical value' report should sound like.


There are elements in a website that consumers are looking for, and if they find them on yours, terrific! Some are suggested in the icon above, but there is more, of course.

If visitors on your site don't find what they want, they are onto the next website in their search. That quick look – or “bounce rate” – is high on many sites.

Think of your website like a billboard on a highway, you have only seconds to impress your prospective visitor. If you don't get their attention in 7 to 10 seconds (and some say, as quickly as 3 seconds), a significant percentage of your traffic may leave or 'bounce' without looking further.

That's sadly what happens to many retailers and communities. Your traffic bounces, so almost no chance to do business as a result.

If your website hasn't had an update in 3-5 years, odds are good it needs a face lift.

The value of your website is directly tied to how much actionable business it is bringing you. If you are getting a steady stream of calls or leads, and you aren't converting them, that is a sales process or training issue!

But if your website is bringing you a good stream of leads, and if the quality of those leads are good, the math is simple. Take

  • the value of a closed sale,
  • times the number of opportunities you are getting,
  • times your closing or conversion ratio.

That should give you a practical value to what your website is worth for you.

If your happy with those numbers, great!

If not, please give us a call or send us an email. Compare with others, you'll see why our clients give us good reviews. ##

l.a.tony_.kovach-publisher-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com-mhpronews-com-mhc-md-com-1By L. A. 'Tony' Kovach

Examples of how Cross-Marketing Works!

November 17th, 2013 No comments

As regular readers and most industry pros know, manufactured housing faces unique challenges in marketing. We have a great product that is not well understood or appreciated by most of the population. We will talk another time as to the reasons why that could become a blessing in disguise for those who understand how to attract potentially millions to their offices and sales centers who have cash or good credit. But today we'll focus on how cross-marketing works, by showcasing examples of cross-marketing in action.

This month on MHProNews, we had three 'exclusives' from industry leaders featuring extensive quotes found no where else in the manufactured housing industry. ELS Chairman Sam Zell, CU Factory Built Lending's Barry Noffsinger and Skyline Home's Terry Decio each have such featured articles.

I won't say which of these was in the lead in readership early on this month. But what I will say is that Terry Decio's company did a simple act of cross marketing near the end of the first week of November, and that simple step caused his article to ROAR ahead. All they had to do was take the easy step of a short post and photo to their corporate Facebook page.

skyline-corporation-facebook-page-cup-of-coffee-with-terry-decio-posted-cutting-edge-blog-manufactured-housing-pro-news-_001.pngWe preach cross marketing periodically in Featured Articles here on MHProNews and on the Cutting Edge of Marketing and Sales blog too.

Why? Because done propertly, cross-marketing works!

We promote our featured articles, but in this example, Skyline took the simple extra step of cross-promotion on their Facebook page. Viola! That article was suddenly the #1 read column on MHProNews!

What would happen if ELS or CU Factory Built Lending did the same? Think about it, because the answer is obvious!


Beyond Articles, Other Living Examples of how Cross Marketing Works

The upcoming Louisville Show is another example of cross-marketing. Everyone in the mix does some degree of promotion. The show does promotion of its own too, using mailers, along with banner ads on our website that look like the one below.

But what if everyone involved in the show could step up their cross-marketing game? What if everyone would cross post the Louisville Show or a show related article on MHProNews, as Skyline did on the interview with Terry Decio, linked above.


Cross-posting links the Louisville Show website or to articles on MHProNews would obviously boost the show! The more pros who attend the show, the more all involved benefit.

It's a no-brainer.

Subtle Cross-Marketing

Most savvy players already send out invites for people to come to their specific booth or display. But why don't more take the extra step of emailing out a link to the FREE Business Building "Show Me the Money!" Seminars? Or emailing out a reminder about the networking mixer that KMHI and MHI are co-hosting at the Show?

Sometimes when you spotlight something on someone else's website, you draw a different and deeper kind of interest in what you do and offer. This is one of many ways that cross-marketing works.

Boosting the Industry Boosts You Too

manufactured-home-living-news-sharp-ipad-.jpgThe rising tide raises all boats. That's the simple yet powerful concept behind We use that here on MHProNews as well. Because cross-marketing works.

You have scores of tools online (and off…) to advance your career, your location and company.

As Tax Time Looms, Remember This Tip!

Want to lower your taxes for 2013 and boost your business for 2014? Then remember, have your accountant confirm that your advertising dollars are a tax deduction!

Invest in what will grow your business. Make cross-marketing part of that plan. Call or email when you are ready to advance your location or operation to the next level of marketing or sales success. ##

PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red Hot Featured Articles for November and see the other new stories at too.

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Seeing is believing!

August 11th, 2013 No comments

As of this writing, visitors have over 10,000 views of our dramatic video of a manufactured home hit by a tornado and high winds. You can find it at this link:

Self-described industry newcomer Kendal Guzman just posted the following comment on the video:

This is so cool. I had no idea they were so well built.
I just started working for a large dealership of manufactured home.
I will show this to all my customers!”

Naturally, it would be better if the video had 10,000,000 views instead of 10,000 in about 14 months. That said, not too many manufactured home videos hit 10,000 views! You can ‘like’ and comment on the video at this link

Please notice the comments from skeptics, but also the replies we provided! You won’t convince everyone, certainly not every time, but if you sway some, that’s a victory for all involved.

We’ve had clients and others who have used this video in a way similar to what Kendal says he plans to do. What we recommend is not to raise the tornado issue, but when it does come up, that is the time to take the right prospect to the page on linked.


Too many people are using ‘seeing is believing’ in reverse. They see or hear something negative about manufactured homes from others. That’s why it is CRITICAL with certain buyers and shoppers that there be a positive, pro-industry resource geared for the public. That’s what is for – positive image building that can drive sales.

factory-building-manufactured-home-living-news-com- (1)

Hi-Tech looking MOD posted on MHLivingNews

Stop Being STATIC

A static website is proven to be less of a draw for return visitors than one that is routinely adding new info.

With that in mind, while we appreciate it when your webmaster provides a link to from your site, far better is to end the static nature of your site by adding a visible RSS feed! Here is the link:

Articles on factory building will help your visitors get past the negativity that is out there, due to a lack of balanced facts.

Speaking of hot videos, why not help people get past their hang ups about single section manufactured homes? The video linked on this page has been HOT since we’ve posted it, at the link below:

Like us!

Besides liking our video linked above, please don’t forget to like us on FB; scroll to the bottom right of the page to find our Facebook link.

The more that you and others ‘like,’ share and promote MHLivingNews, the better it will be for the industry. We will be planning live and web based events to show you how this site is being used TODAY to sell more homes in local markets. You too can be a part of what will increasingly become over time a game-changing, image enhancing effort.

factory-building-manufactured-home-living-news-com- (1)

Factory building on display every day!
Click the link above…
…and have others you know see to believe too.

Remember, seeing is believing. ##

PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red HotFeatured Articles for August and see the

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4 Tips on Using Pinterest

August 26th, 2012 No comments

Pinterest is rising rapidly in the social networking world. We have our own Pinterest board for promoting manufactured housing. You should too. When Inc Magazine and others suggest that you should be using Pinterest for marketing, it is a good reason to sit up and take notice. Let's share 4 of the tips they did for making your Pinterest efforts improve the image of manufactured housing and your part in it.

Use other social nets to feed Pinterest

Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn are among the resources you can use to attract more attention to your Pinterest page.

Promote more than products

Inc. echoes a theme we have mentioned before. “The temptation for any business is to post pins only for products you sell. Giselle Gonzalez is a promoter…” who “says Pinterest users are savvy in spotting a board that is too self-serving and only posts (their) product photos.

Follow the big hitters

Inc. said: “One of the best ways to raise awareness about your company is to start following the big names on Pinterest. This is the proven method on Twitter: When you follow popular figures, and they follow you back, other Twitter users get the message and follow the leader. Sevenly’s Palmer says it’s important to find out who is “pinning” your products and to follow them to see if they follow you back. Most do, he says.”

Selective curating

Inc. observes that: “Pinterest caters to those who love to “curate” or weed out the good from the bad. Presenza, a custom clothing designer, finds unique products beyond their own offering and pins them. The company also uses key phrases on their board like “made in the USA” and “defining confidence” to help define the brand.”

Pinterest is primarily visual. One of our best potential tools to break down stereotypes against manufactured housing are the proper use of visuals. Our advice in an early column on Pinterest dove-tails with Inc's, to learn more, please check that prior Pinterest column out at this link here.

Proper “Pinning” Prevents Poor Performance!” Enough said for today. ##

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Are you having enough Sales Conversations?

June 1st, 2011 No comments

“Are you having enough SALES CONVERSATIONS? If you don’t have all the business or clients that you want, maybe you simply need to have more sales conversations. That was a challenge I laid down to my Marketing Mastermind group last month, and one couple jumped to action with IMMEDIATE results.”

That bit of advice came to me from Bernadette Doyle of

Although Bernadette was talking about direct face-to-face selling of services, I couldn’t help but think how it applies to what we do. When a local business posts an update to their blog, comments on Facebook or Twitter or sends an email update to their list, they are having a “sales conversation” with their market even if they aren’t overtly selling.

That’s because all of us like to do business with those we know, like and trust. The process of relationship building is helped along each time we do one of those things.

But to work really well, these things have to be done consistently. Tony Robbins puts it this way: “It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently.” It can shape our lives and it can shape our businesses.

One of the great things about marketing online is that your target audience needs to do something to respond to your message – if you are doing it right. The act of taking action means they will most likely pay closer attention to your message than they will using passive media.

So if you’re not as busy as you’d like to be, or if you’re not making as many sales as you’d like, think about what you can do to have more sales conversions, either face-to-face or using your online marketing strategy.

Start taking advantage of this strategy today and you’ll see results in no time.

There’s a great book named Social Networking for Business that can get you on the right track for using Social Media to start more Sales Conversations.

This post originally appeared on on Memorial Day 2009.