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What’s CRM? How Can it Make Your Location(s) more Money in 2014?

January 12th, 2014 3 comments

The value of CRM is demonstrated by the fact that hundreds of thousands of companies of all sizes in the U.S. use it to grow their business and improve their bottom lines. Our company doesn't sell CRM services, but we recommend it's use to the majority of our client's. So lets's answer a few common questions about CRM, you and your operation.

crm-word-cloud-300x216.jpgWhat is CRM?

Because we promote its use in articles, at live events and in training, a common question we get is what is CRM?

CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. Briefly, CRM is software that when properly used helps a company's professionals stay in touch with prospects and customers.

Why use CRM?

Bluntly, because using CRM makes you more money! Common statistics are that proper CRM use will increase your business 15%-25% or more. When you consider the modest cost, this is a real no brainer.

CRM also protects your marketing investment! Most sales or leasing people can handle no more than 20-40 prospects using paper or manual notes. If you are getting a volume of leads or walk in customers, CRM use protects the dollars you are investing to bring those customers in.

Respected JD Powers and Associates studies are among those that point out the common sense fact that those who stay in touch with their customers greatly increase the odds of doing business.

I emphasize using CRM properly, because some may have CRM, yet fail to use it. Don't waste your money that way! If you get it, or have it, then use it.free_crm_systems.jpg

And if you have CRM, and don't like your current system, then why not see what else is available?

Why CRM in MH is More Important Now than Previously

In the Dodd-Frank/CFPB regulations era, CRM is arguably even more important now than previously. Why?

Because studies show that cash or good credit customers tend to shop 90-180 days in advance. They have cash or good credit in part precisely because they plan ahead. Those who stay in touch with those prospects are far more likely to close them than those who have a hit or miss approach.

Flash Bulletin!

Enjoy a Free, Special Presentation at the Louisville Show on CRM! We arranged for two industry veterans to do a rapid fire 25 minute session on CRM. Get first hand insights in their respective CRM systems. Learn more about this on the Show's opening day, Wednesday at 9:30 AM in the Seminar Rooms at the Louisville Show. See the map below for the location of the seminar rooms.

By the way, here are the other free, show sanctioned seminars that will take place at the Louisville Show:

Tony Kovach will do a quick introduction to this session on CRM, and the presenters will be:

Scott Stroud of BuilderRadio and Sell More Homes Academy, you can see Scott's current article at this link:

Our other presenter will be Jason Brady with, you can see his current article on our site, linked here:

There are 48 new model homes, 80 exhibitors, receptions/mixers, great networking and now 5 free, show sanctioned and business building seminars as reasons to be in Louisville January 22-24th. If your plans take you to Louisville, please be sure to attend this fast paced, insightful session on CRM and how it can help YOU close more sales in 2014! ##

FYI, we will be in booth #115 at the show, right by the main entrance to the show floor.  Please stop by and say hi!

(Image credits, MHI and MHProNews)

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Va Va Va Va Voom! Volumes of Videos!

December 21st, 2013 No comments

Park the Stress. Discover the Lending Available Now for 2014. Prepare for Year 4 of the Manufactured Housing Comeback!

Let's Va Va Va Va Volumes of Video Voom, all about Louisville 2014.

48 Hot New Models! Dozens of Leading Exhibitors! Seminars, Networking, More!

An Adventure Mod!

When is the last time you saw a Dutch!

Finished Drywall Fleetwood! *

Manufactured Home Community Series Giles! *

More Videos to come!

Or check out the Louisville Show, 2014 website for more information or to be one of the thousands who will "go Louisville" where "Show Me The Money!" lives. Our industry colleagues at will be in booth #503 – please thank them for these fine videos and check 'em out!

Also, please come see us at, and will be in booth #115, right by the main entry into the exhibit hall.

We hope to See YOU in Louisville, where you will find plenty of VaVaVaVoom! ## 

PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red Hot Featured Articles for November and see the other new stories at too.

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January 20th, 2012 No comments

I heard someone the other day say,”In business today, you can no longer be average, you have to be remarkable.”

It’s true, but maybe not in how you may initially think. What does “remarkable” mean? I looked it up. Among the words in the definition were great, extraordinary, striking, unusual, uncommon, exceptional, phenomenal, super, unique, wonderful and miraculous.
Wow. How can my business be all that? There are very few companies in this world that are or have develop products that are all that. Apple comes to mind. My iPhone and iPad have changed the way I live. I have the internet, my emails, my work documents and much more right in my pocket. I find this to be remarkable. But does our industry have the “game changing” forces that technology companies have?
We at think the answer to that is 'yes.' Manufactured Housing can be as life changing for someone seeking quality affordable housing as that smartphone can be for me or others.
So how do I or how does my business become remarkable? Well, think about the literal definition of remarkable. “Worth making a remark about.” Get people to think and talk about your product or service.
Back to Apple for a minute. People didn’t know that they needed an iPhone until Apple told them they did and then my friends, clients and co-workers told me I did. Then I got one, and I’ve told countless others and now you about it. That’s remarkable.
At the 2012 Louisville Show, there were some 80 exhibitors, in booths side by side, each with a different message that they hoped attendees would remember and talk about long after the show was over. To do this, each had to find a way to make their product or service remarkable.
Think about Apple, or McDonald's or any product or service that comes rapidly to mind. What do they have in common? Among other things, marketing and advertising! If you are a company that exhibits at a show or event, what are you doing to stay on people's minds after the show? Are you promoting yourself via a popular Business 2 Business site such as Are you making sure that the people that saw you at the Show will remember you after the show?
If you are marketing to consumers, are you using the latest methods? Are you attracting the most qualified buyers? If you have business development challenges you can't solve in house, are you seeking the solutions and expertise needed to solve them?
When you are marketing and advertising properly, it doesn't cost, it pays! Or as great automotive promoter, magnate and pioneer put it so well:
"A man who stops advertising to save money,
is like a man who stops the clock to save time."
– Henry Ford
Exposure, along with a message that resonates with your prospects is the key. Concepts, ideas, products that spread, Win. Sell it to the people who are listening, the people who care and they’ll tell their friends and colleagues. That’s how you become REMARKABLE! # #
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Louisville Show Marketing and Sales Lessons

January 14th, 2012 No comments

I just returned from the manufactured housing show in Louisville. I was very pleased with the optimism and attitudes of both the exhibitors and attendees. Most, including myself, believe we have turned a corner and the industry is moving forward, once again.

In many of my conversations, the coming elections were a hot topic and much of what I heard got me thinking about marketing. I heard it often that the candidates have not defined themselves or that their messages were not consistent. I heard from a gentleman from Iowa that I’ve known for several years, that the recent caucuses were drastically different from 4 years ago, when he was consistently receiving calls, mailings and doorbell rings from candidates and their teams. The candidates were just not doing a good job of selling themselves was the over-riding theme.

Now, look at your business. Have you clearly defined your business? Is your message to your prospects consistent? Are you reaching out to those prospects?

Define your business. I spoke with a woman, who with her husband is opening a retail center selling mid to high range manufactured and modular homes. In her area, there is already a retail center that concentrates on the lowest priced, entry level homes. They know that their clients and products differ greatly. So, they have focused their energy on selling the higher grade construction, and real value of the homes they showcase to a different audience. They know that their display homes must be fully skirted, nicely furnished and have instant eye appeal. They’ve also produced high quality marketing materials and trained their staff to educate their prospects. She and her husband are working hard to clearly define their business in the community they live.

Consistency in Messaging. At the show I encountered several salespeople from one manufacturer, who I could tell had great training and did great pre-show prep work. Their answers to every question was carefully crafted to demonstrate their knowledge of their homes and to highlight the distinctive values within each. On top of that and maybe most importantly, each talked about their company and working for that company with a sense of great pride. No matter who a prospect spoke with, the message was consistent.

Out reach. An exhibitor I spoke with told me that he probably learned more about each of his booth visitors than they learned about his products this week. He said, “now when I get them one on one, I know a lot about their business, I know exactly what they’re looking for and how to sell them what I have.” He’ll follow up after the show with a thank you email, he’ll arrange meetings with those he’s not already scheduled some post show face to face appointments, and will extend invitations to demonstrations and new product rollouts. His purposeful and continued out reach will yield results.

If you clearly define your business, be consistent with your message and effectively and repeatedly make contact, your prospects will vote for you with their dollars. ##

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Trade Show Marketing and You, Louisville and Beyond

January 6th, 2012 No comments

You’re going to the trade show? Great! You’ve made a wise business decision. Whether exhibiting or attending, trade shows provide great opportunities for professionals, managers and business owners.

Attendees can see the latest products and services, meet face-to-face with vendors and learn new strategies for running their business better. Exhibitors get to showcase their products and services to a high volume audience, meet with current clients and create new business partnerships.

Exhibitor or Attendee, you’ll be spending valuable time and money to attend the show, so make the most of it by developing a well thought out plan.


Prior to the show, evaluate your businesses current and potential needs in the coming year. Without this simple first step, you won’t maximize your investment in attending.

Next, take a look at the exhibitor list, here a copy at this link.

Gain an understanding of each company attending. Visit their website to become familiar with the products they offer. They might have products or services you need, but not be showcasing at the show. With that web research, you can still ask them about your interests live and in person.

Make notes ahead of time. Jot down questions that you would like answered. Exhibitors are here for you. Don’t be afraid to tell exhibitors what’s missing from their product or service line up. Many times these exhibitors bring their CEOs, plant managers, engineers and developers to the shows, who really want to know. Both sides can win in such an exchange.

Some savvy pros call the company or their local rep and schedule an appointment at the show. Trust me. They’ll be glad to make time to sit down with you to discuss your needs.

Last, but certainly not least, plan to attend several of the informative industry-focused seminars during the show. Here’s a link to the list of the business building seminars at Louisville, as an example. You could pay thousands (and earn tens of thousands more!) from such training or information gathering, that will be available free during a trade show. You’ll gain valuable insight and proven strategies from industry professionals that know your business.


Pre Show preparation is so important.

Marketing staff need to understand the show attendees and tailor the booth, product selection and marketing materials accordingly.

Sales staff needs to know all this as well as have expert knowledge of the product, pricing and policies.

Make as many appointments as possible with current clients and qualified prospects. You’ll have better product displays and marketing materials, than on a typical sales call.

At The Show

Avoid clutter, look the part and know how everything works and where your marketing materials are.

When prospects approach, ask first before you sell. There’s no bigger turn off than someone who jumps into a sales pitch without knowing anything about your business. Understanding the prospects business is crucial to selling your solutions, or even knowing if what you have is a solution for their business.

Qualify leads immediately. Make notes on the back of cards, without falling into the trap of thinking that trade shows are just for collecting as many business cards as possible.

Don’t be afraid to ask for a close or at least a post show appointment. They might be in buying mode. Schedule prospects while you’re at the top of their mind.

Post Show

Simple. Don’t let HOT leads go cold. Follow up promptly. Touch base with everyone. You never know who will turn into business at some point in time.

Whether attending or exhibiting at a trade show, remember, be prepared and follow your plan. One good piece of information, introduction or meeting can mean great things for you and your business. But the facts are, that most trade shows will yield you numerous opportunities to grow your business and bottom line results. So don’t miss it!

FYI, for those who have not gone to a show like Louisville before, even though early online registration is closed, you can sign up free at the door for retailers, communities, builder/developers and installers. Take your business cards. Louisville may set a modern record this year, so join the excitement. Call Showways for more details at 770-355-0916 or see the links above.

By the way, I hope to see YOU in Louisville, we will be at booth #119, near the main entrance. # #

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