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Once is NOT Enough!

November 1st, 2013 No comments

People are funny, all of us are at different times and in our own unique ways. It pays not to take yourself too seriously! Let's take a look at a behavior that – if we took too seriously – might cause us to laugh our hearts out, because it is just too funny for words (so long as we don't take ourselves too seriously!). And that is the mistaken notion that for most things, 'once can be enough.' Really?

Now, there are some things that are indeed 'one time' events. We are born, once. Billions of people have married only once. So just as many rules have there exception, so does this rule. But remember, the exception proves the rule, but the exception isn't the rule!

To prove the rule, we eat daily, drink daily, bathe or shower routinely, brush our teeth, go to the rest room and do a host of activities on a daily or routine basis. Once is not enough. That is the rule.

Now, this is a marketing and sales focused blog. Let's apply that rule of 'once is not enough' to marketing and sales.

Do you run an ad one time, and then never advertise again?

Do you build a website once time, and then never updated it again?

Do you say something to someone one time, and expect never to have to say that teaching or example again?

Since the time we were kids, we had to learn things the 'hard way,' one step at a time, one example at a time, and then we practiced, practiced and practiced some more until we engrained i! People 'practice' law, they practice medicine. Professional athletes – even high school or college athletes – practice, practice, practice.

Once is not enough!

Does the coach give only one pep talk? Never to be repeated ever again?

Does the cheer leading squad give only one cheer, and then never do it again?

Does the religious leader preach only once?


Please repeat after me. “Once is not enough!”

If the poster doesn't have you rolling on the floor yet, please check your pulse or get a cup of coffee, tea, energy drink or whatever wake up beverage you prefer. 😉

Once is not enough.

Manufactured and modular housing is a wonderful product, and we showcase that amazement through numerous – and growing numbers! – of examples located at this link here. Once is not enough, we keep adding to it. Have you visited? Have you shared it with others? Did you do it…more than once?

Once is not enough!

We do websites, marketing and training. We practice what we preach, because it works! When you need the services (and believe me, with all due respect, most of you do need web, marketing and sales development services), do you pick up the phone or email to ask us for our take and fees on what you need? Do you make your marketing and sales training pay?

Because when these things are done well, it is an investment, not a cost! It pays far more dividends than any stock you can name!

But once is not enough!

You don't get motivated once, you don't train just once, you don't learn once, watch TV, listen to radio, shop or go out to dinner just once. You do these things and more, over and over.

That's a huge hint!

Profitable professionalism requires repetition, as does most things in life.

Encourage your team to read MHProNews routinely. We create this as a 'free' resource – with hundreds and hundreds of free marketing and sales tips – to get people started and 'hooked' on the need to learn more to earn more. But Reading one article, one time, is not enough!

When you hit the stage that you realize that you need more than the free level of service, then please call us. Feel free to compare what we do to what anyone else in our out of our industry does! When you are ready to update your website, or need online ads, marketing, sales coaching or training, or whatever you do, please call.

Because when you do, you may find as many do…

…that once is not enough. We have – not one – but dozens of recommendations and hundreds of endorsements via LinkedIn that keep on growing! We didn't help just one person, one time. We've helped many, often! That suggests that we can help you and your organization profit and grow too.

Start out for free. Share all the free stuff. Do it to GROW.

But when you are ready for more, please call us. If you don't get an immediate reply, call or email again!

Because once is not enough. 😉 ##

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November 18th, 2012 No comments

Those who come from a 'foreign' land speak and sound differently than we do. When they learn English, it is their second language. It takes some time to learn how to communicate effectively, so that natives and foreigners understand each other.

The same principle often holds true in business.

We learn a way – "our way" – of doing business. We express or communicate that a certain way. When we hear a new way, it may sound strange, almost like a 'foreign language.'

That experience of something being foreign or different doesn't make what is new right or wrong. It means one must first seek to understand or learn the new idea, lingo and terminology. Once learned, the once foreign concept may make good sense, if properly applied.

One key to such new ideas is to approach them with an open mind. This is often easier said than done. We are used to doing something 'our way' ('my way,' etc.). But if we are unwilling to consider or try what is new, then we are limiting ourselves – perhaps robbing valuable solutions from our business – in the process.


While held in disdain by some, competition truly is a good thing. A person or a company decides to strive for excellence. Over time, they perform at a level that makes a comparable person or operation "look bad."

The fact that some in a market, arena or field do better than others is proof that other can too. As a successful man share with me, the principle of 'prove one' applies. As soon as you can accomplish a result, you've proven it can be done. Once proven, it can be refined and improved.

Trapped by old ideas

posted on mhmsmThe most common thing that holds owners, managers and professionals back is a lack of willingness to try what is new or different. So there tends to be four broad groups.

First are the leaders. By following a new path that they have tried, tested and works, these may build up an edge so wide that other competitors may never match them. Think McDonald's, Facebook or Amazon as examples.

Then there are those who watch their competitors. They see some new approach tested, they follow suit. If they work hard, they demonstrate that they can do it too.

There is a third group, often larger than the other two. This third group will in time buy into the new idea. But they do it later in the curve. As a result, they often may not benefit as much as the first two groups.

Then there is the fourth group. These are like the buggy whip manufacturer. They don't change at all or not in time. They may fail and go out of business as a result.

Manufactured housing

It is self evident that manufactured housing has gone through a cathartic experience in the last 14 years. This is a wake up call for those who remain. Some have learned to adapt and thrive. Others, may only survive.

That there are thrivers proves that the open mind to success – by embracing what at first seems foreign – you or others can advance and thrive too.

Marketing. Sales. Management. Training. Are you doing things the same old way? Are you hoping for the cavalry coming to the rescue? A different, better result without making any changes? Isn't that just wishful thinking?

Positive changes comes through an open-minded willingness to learn and do what is new. What is foreign shouldn't scare you off! This is true in online marketing. It is true in all marketing, sales and management systems.

So long as the new is ethical and positive, it ought to be embraced. History proves that sooner is better later than later!  

Speaking of foreigners

pilgrim-indian-thanksgiving-flickrcc-credit-enokson-posted-mhpronews-com-cutting-edge-blog…our ancestors or us were all foreigners here in America at one point in time.

Safe travels and enjoy Thanksgiving with those whom you hold dear. ##

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Messaging: Crafting and Delivery

November 7th, 2012 2 comments

The election is behind us and it holds many lessons for marketers. The results of the election are amazingly like what we started with. A Republican House. A Democratic Senate. Barack Obama staying at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Republicans picked up one or more governorships. What happened? Why? What does it teach us about marketing and messaging?

There will be punditry aplenty among the talking heads in the weeks and months to come. Here, we will take a unique look, blending factory built housing as part of our lens, but also using some political and marketing prisms to yield an insights to help us understand and that could help us professionally.

If you aren't into politics or are just worn out after 6 billion dollars of campaign spending, please hang with me, because there are interesting lessons to be learned. In fact, let me start with the executive summary, so that you will know you want to move 'forward,' pardon the pun.

Executive Summary:

1) Once you sell someone, if you keep giving them reasons to buy in – even if they are less that thrilled as a customer – they may continue to support you. But you must, must keep engaged, keep 'selling' and telling or you will lose them. This lesson held true for both Obama and for Romney. Both sides lined up behind their man, even though millions began as less than thrilled.

2) The Importance of the Messenger. What if Marco Rubio had been Romney's pick for Veep? In manufactured housing, we know that in a heavily Hispanic market, you might want to have some Spanish speaking housing professionals. It helps if they are Hispanics themselves. In an electorate that is increasingly minority, with a strong dose of Latinos, Rubio would arguably have made the difference in FL, CO, NV, VA and other states too. Besides, Rubio is a powerful, compelling speaker! He had that Scott Walker quality of saying and meaning what he said. Romney – Rubio would have kept the last R intact on the ticket, and would have likely made a difference in drawing Hispanics, other minorities – plus other groups – more to the R table.

Again, our take away for factory built home sellers is, mirror your market as much as possible. The messenger and his delivery are important.

Now, let's mix some marketing and political analysis, for fun and for possible profitable learning! Because all of this will impact the factory built housing industry, not to mention, our nation.

Not necessarily in order of importance; and certainly not being politically correct…

  • Campaign Strategy. The Obama campaign was better at it overall than Romney's team, the proof is self-evident. The Obama machine knew they couldn't run on a record of higher unemployment than the day he took office, a sluggish to poor economy and 16 trillion in debt. So they did what they thought they needed to in order to win, which was scare enough people into thinking that Romney would be more for the rich, a trigger happy cowboy with the military, who would take away 'binders filled with women's' contraceptives and would leave seniors without Medicare. Unfair? That's another subject, but it worked enough. That said, give Romney credit, he way outperformed John McCain. His campaign overall gets a B (was it a B-? Let's not argue that right now…). Romney shined in the first debate, and that may have carried him to a closer or even winning finish, if not for the following.
  • Optics1. Chris Christie's fawning over the president's speeches post-Sandy clearly helped Obama, exit polling shows as much. *
  • Optics2. Never mind that in hindsight, Sandy will end up looking more and more like FEMA and the Fed's cold Katrina, as opposed to some brilliant handling that the early speeches would have let us think. Why didn't the heavily negative optics of Sandy land on team Obama? See the next bullet. Note: Sandy could prove to be helpful for factory builders, which is an important subtext for our industry.
  • Optics3. When we talk about how something looks – Optics – what are we really saying? How the scenario looks through lens of the media. In a 6 billion dollar campaign, much of which lined the pockets of campaign (read, political marketing) professionals and the media itself, the bulk of the TV media was in the tank for the president. That reality meant that…
  • Optics4. Issues that ought to have been bigger issues, never crossed the threshold of – hey, what's up with that anyway? – that could have harmed and defeated the Obama campaign. Besides Sandy/Christie, these included, but were not limited to, the following:
    • Benghazi, which was carefully put on the back burner for 'investigation,' even though bits of information came leaking out that all looked bad for the President.
    • Unemployment. It is higher today than 4 years ago. Those 5 million 'new jobs?' What was never hit hard by journalists was the fact that we needed 6 million new jobs just to keep pace with population growth. No one since FDR won with unemployment so high, which tells us that Obama's campaign won the message war, even though the facts didn't support them. Take away: you can push a rock up hill!
    • Poverty and Food stamps explosions. 47 million on Food stamps and 15% of the population in poverty, unemployment among blacks at record levels in modern times, all of these and more are amazing facts that somehow didn't get covered enough to cause Obama supporters to switch.
    • The Fiscal Cliff and Sequestration. One of many possible time bombs the media elected to gloss over in favor of comparatively more trivial topics.
    • Energy. There is a war on coal, just ask the miners and their owners. There has been a war on coal-fired electricity, which will drive electric costs higher. We have seen fewer permits on federal lands, in spite of prominent denials. See Executive Summary point 1.
    • The self-inflicted lunacy of conservatives in debates being moderated by liberals. Enough said.

    We could go on, but you get the point. Suffice it to say, that sans the mainstream media's significant tilt toward the D's, we'd be talking about president-elect Romney now rather than 4 more years of President Obama.

    The lesson for manufactured housing? We need to craft and cultivate our media relationships too. For those who have not attended an Attracting More Customers with Cash or Good Credit presentation, if you are near Iowa, please attend and see how valuable good PR can be for our industry.

    Romney and his campaign will get beat up and parsed to death, but let's be balanced and fair. They way outperformed the John McCain 2008 campaign. They deserves a campaign B. They happened to be up against shrewd campaigners in Team Obama, it's their specialty. Romney was right to say that records matter, and that his was one of delivering to his investors at Bain, on the Olympics and for Massachusetts as governor.

    But those potentially powerful Romney messages certainly weren't picked up by the media at large.

    Isn't this a little analogous to manufactured housing? Don't we have a solid, good product? Yes, we do! What's the problem? We as an industry don't message it as we ought to either! It will NOT fall into our laps!

    We have to make it happen. We either define ourselves, or others will define us. In Romney's case, team Obama defined him early and often. We too often get defined by a less than loving media. But the fingers point back towards us industry pros.

    Just as Romney missed opportunities to clarify early and often on the auto bail out (read the actual Romney NYTimes OpEd, it wasn't much like Obama or Biden painted it) or other issues that could have won him MI and Ohio, so too manufactured housing has missed early and often the chance to tell our message well.

    Romney needed to connect more with his base and the public at large. Isn't that true for manufactured housing too? Please see this linked article, if you doubt it.

    Problems are Opportunities in Disguise

    Jack Kennedy cited the Chinese maxim that their character for crisis also meant opportunity. That is true for us today professionally (and politically). We have 20,000,000 homes that need to be built between now and 2030. Factory building ought to be at the forefront of that effort. Having the right messenger and the right marketing does make a difference.

    Let me close with the footnote that Madison Avenue, the 'professionals,' don't always have the best results. With 6 billion dollars spent this season on elections, there has been surprisingly little political shift. Crafting the right message, having the right messenger and delivery are critical in any promotional effort, business or politics. ##

    * That is suggested by Chris Matthews of MSNBC "I'm so glad we had that storm last week," Matthews said. Somebody off-screen was saying "oooh" at that remark, but Matthews explained.  "No, politically I should say — not in terms of hurting people. The storm brought in possibilities for good politics.” (Fox).

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    Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. – Henry Ford

Getting Technology Out of the Way

April 17th, 2011 No comments

You hear this a lot lately. It’s a philosophy that Apple has successfully employed since 1984. Get the technology out of the way and empower the user to imagine and create.

The truth is that hiding the nuts and bolts of advanced technology from the user reduces intimidation and allows a wider variety of people to use the gadgets we take for granted.

The same is true of your online marketing. When the technology behind your marketing tools is complicated or too time-consuming, they are not used to their full capacity. You end up getting a lot less value for your investment of time and money.

At, we have always promoted a 1-2-3 Online Marketing Strategy™:

  1. Your website
  2. Your email marketing campaign
  3. Your social media strategy

Each of these three parts needs to be carefully planned in order to come up with an overall solution that allows the client (you) to manage their online marketing with maximum effectiveness and minimal expenditure of time and money.

A simple interface that is no harder to use than a word processor, use of automation wherever possible and integration of functionality allows even a non-techie to manage the day-to-day necessities of a powerful marketing system is essential to the success of any online marketing program.

Creating an online marketing strategy that accommodates these requirements takes some planning and is at the heart of the 1-2-3 Online Marketing Program™. This plan didn’t come into existence full-blown, but has evolved over the years from our beginnings in the web marketing business in 1996.

Let’s take them one at a time.

1-Website and/or BlogYour website
Using the popular (with good reason) and easy-to-use WordPress platform to deploy your website enables you to have a traditional page-based website with the ability to place fresh content on your site on a regular basis. This is important to achieve and maintain good ranking in he search engines for your keywords.

If you can use Word, you can use WordPress to create or update content, insert or change images and manage an interactive website that truly incorporates social media.

The WordPress platform is Open Source (free to use) and the self-hosted version is extendable by the use of plugins to do much more than the core version does right out of the box.

This is currently the world’s best platform for developing a new website or for refreshing older, static websites.

Automation possibilities include automated backup, search engine updating, discussion management, connection with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and much more.

2-Email MarketingYour email marketing campaign
An effective email campaign is still the best way of maintaining regular contact with your current and prospective customers. With an average Return on Investment (ROI) of over $45 for each $1 invested, email marketing in projected to be a major play in marketing for many years to come.

You need a solid platform to run your email marketing program, one that allows you to create multiple mailing lists, design and send an email as easily as WordPress allows a post to be created and supplies you with the tools to monitor the effectiveness of your Email Marketing Campaign simply and accurately.

I have used and tested all sorts of email marketing programs, applications and providers and I have to say that there is no better than Aweber.

Aweber is the granddaddy of Email Marketing Service Providers. Economical and easy-to-use, Aweber pioneered many of the services that emailers take for granted these days.

Offering over 150 templates to make your emails look their best and videos to guide you through the process, Aweber is as easy as it gets.

You schedule emails to go at any time you like so you can set up emails to go while you on vacation or a business trip and the system handles them automatically.

A completely automated autoresponder system lets to send a series of emails at predetermined times after a subscriber signs up.

You can even set it up so that the application sends an automated email every time to post to your blog.

Your first month’s service is only $1 and you only pay for the number of subscribers you actually have. Only at Aweber.

3-Social MediaYour social media strategy
Having a great social media strategy gets more important every day regardless of the demographic your customers fit into. For example, the age segment showing the fastest growth of Facebook users are the “over 55s.”

Once more, using available automation techniques and plugins can make your life easier. They can’t do ALL of the work for you, but they can make many functions fully automatic.

When we set up a 1-2-3 Online Marketing Program™ for our clients, we use WordPress plugins to not only allow visitors to easily “like” your Facebook Fan Page and quickly send your post to their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Tumblr accounts, we also set it up so that every new post is sent to Google, Bing, Yahoo,, Facebook and Twitter – and you don’t have to do a thing to accomplish it.

And we offer ongoing training to make sure you always get the most out of your online marketing investment. Things change fast in this business and keeping you on top of those changes is what we do.

For more information on services, visit the website.