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MHPros+Content Marketing – Graphic & Facts Worth 1000 Words

April 6th, 2016 No comments

MHPro Marketers! Have you heard? Content is King!

  • Do you market B2B (business to business) to the MH Industry?
  • Do you market B2C (business to consumer) with products or services with an MH connection? If so, then this column is for YOU.

Let’s start with some examples, and then summarize the point at the end.

Example – Supply and Repair Firms

Last month, March 2016:

Over 55,000 hits on this ONE published article in ONE month. Now its been 2 years since this article went live. At an average of 40,000 hits a year x 24 months, that’s 960,000 hits – or roughly half a million a year, on this one article on this topic! 


Image Credit, collage of report from Webalizer and WordPress.

Now stop and think…Multiply that times dozens of articles a week on MHProNews, and dozens monthly on 


Imagine, HUNDREDS of articles a year going up on, and over a HUNDRED articles a month on This gives a huge SEO boost to our Partners in Progress, but it is also a very cool way to get customers looking for specific information in front of YOUR products/services.

That’s the power of Content – good SEO is part of the reason that the traffic on this is so good.

Example 2: MH Loans –

Let’s round this one down to 15,000 monthly x 12 = 180,000 a year…but keep in mind, we have numerous articles a year on this topic.


Every month, hundreds of thousands of people do searches for manufactured home insurance, manufactured home loans, or dozens of other topics related to products and services a firm or organization like yours offers. Image Credit, collage of report from Webalizer and WordPress.

What s your company's 126 million-dollar problem - idea - solution?

Wow! What an obviously amazing idea!

Is the Light Bulb Going off?  This is The Tip of the Iceberg!

Think about millions of searches on

  • Manufactured Homes,
  • Modular Homes,
  • “Mobile Homes,”
  • “Windstorms,”
  • “Tornadoes,”
  • “Testimonials,”
  • Comparisons to conventional housing, apartments, etc., etc..

We have articles – or articles with videos – that have tens of thousands of hits monthly.


Outsource content creation can often be more cost effective, and while a company like Inklyo could be good in many fields, MHMarketingSalesManagement specialize in factory built housing. We know the market and the target audiences. Image credit, AtInklyo.

Pick a topic, and there are good odds we have one or more articles about that...each of those are potential opportunities for the placement of an ad or a ‘learn more, get a free report button’ at the end of the article, allowing for a click through or lead capture by a company or organization like yours.

As Soheyla said in one of her articles this month, by doing content marketing on a national trade media platform, our MH Alliance/Partners in Progress (sponsors, advertisers) get multiple benefits, including third party reinforcement of their brand.

Third party studies demonstrate that such articles or third party video can be 7 times more effective than an article or video done about yourself for your business, organization, event or location.

Rising Sales posted on

For Rising Sales, call “Tony the Tiger…” and have a Grrr8 Day!

To learn more, email or call 863-213-4090, and let’s set up a time to explore deeper how content marketing – specifically with MHProNews and MHLivingNews. ##





L. A. “Tony” Kovach presenting at Tunica to a near capacity crowd, which gave two thumbs up for the live presentation on MH Marketing and Sales at the 2016 Tunica MH Show. Video report on this will be forthcoming, or click here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. 

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Explode your manufactured housing results with personality, events and companies marketing!

May 28th, 2013 No comments

In marketing, there is theory and then there is practical reality. “Talk can be cheap,” so we'll show you tips we've done successfully for years, and yes, you can too!


Let's jump in and get started with events, personality and organizational marketing (EPO Marketing). We will offer actual examples and each will be followed by one of 4 key tips to online "Dominate Your Market " success using EPO marketing.

Remember, no one can guarantee an unpaid top ('organic') search result every time. But when you see how often we hit page 1 on Google, you'll know deep in your gut that these tips are for real. These searches were all done late May, 2013.

As you read this, keep in mind that Search Engine Watch stated that in December of 2012, 69.1% of all searches online were done using Google. So the screen captures below are all in Google, and were all done using an iPad (yes, with search engine algorithms, that fact matters, as do so many others).

4 Tips on EPO Marketing


1) Get and use a blog!


As you can see from the screen capture above (the screen capture was done using Jing, a free download), we use more than one blog. Depending on the size of your operation, you should install and use at least one blog on your website. If you don't have a website, you can actually have a website built 'that is a blogging' CMS platform.

Questions? Call815-270-0500for basic, down to earth details.


  • Use your blog the smart way. Companies and professionals are naturally tempted to hog their own digital 'stage.' Don't hog that blog stage, share it!

We share the MHProNews 'digital stage' with a wide variety of personalities, companies, organizations and associations. See some examples below.













Among the keys to our success is just that, “sharing the spotlight,” sharing the stage. You can do the same too. Make sure that what you do is a 'win'
for the one you cover as often as possible. There are exceptions to this rule, more on both of these topics below.


3) Cover events! As much as possible, cover events that make sense for you and your firm. In manufactured housing, we cover national, regional and state meetings and events that we promote, speak at or attend.





Notice that the yellow arrow above points to a website that MHPronews and the Louisville Show's website both pointed to, which increased that online registration page's SEO and web positioning.

Another important point to remember. As a rule, don't delete content. The fact that MHProNews has covered key manufactured housing events for years now helps us to dominate on those searches. The more you blog on a topic using 'white hat' SEO tactics (avoid black hat tactics at all costs), you will over time build up ever more authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines.

Remember, events are also about people. Showcase others in their role at events, when possible.




When you are selling a home or a longer term commitment like a site or home lease, don't hesitate to 'give away' coverage of events. The audience you can build over time is traffic you want that makes the effort worth while.

For a retailer or community, you could cover state or county fairs, sports events, educational or entertainment events and more. Be creative! Share information about area events near your location. Over time, it will pay off in more traffic to your website, more traffic to your location and more business for you.

  • 3) As much as possible in your blogging, report facts and when earned, showcase others looking good.





There are firms and people who develop a good reputation. Feature and focus on them as much as you can.


  • 4) With controversial people or negative news, share it intelligently.

Bad news happens. Controversies occur, and some figures court it. Cover those intelligently. Stick with facts, vs emotion or opinions!


Don't hesitate to spotlight “bad behavior” within legal and moral guidelines, even if it means some controversy for you. When in doubt, ask your attorney.

Just for Fun.

If you or your company been covered before on MHProNews, why not input your name and the words “manufactured housing” into Google. See if your name pops up on page 1 or 2 of Google on our website. (Editors Note: we use a number of URLs or web addresses, so, 301 redirects to, =

EPO Marketing

EPO Marketing works. It is part of what has made the runaway #1 website for manufactured housing industry trade news, well ahead of publishers who had a 20 or 30 year head start.

All of these tips – indeed, all our tips and systems – have as their foundation the belief that the professional or firm should deliver on what they promise. Give your customers exactly what your promise. Document your promises, you don't have to give more than what is in writing, but don't give them any less either.

As a bonus tip, use testimonials, like those found on or on virtually every page of! Questions? Call815-270-0500for basic, down to earth details.##

PS: Check our many Exclusive and Red Hot Featured Articles for May and see the

other new stories at too.

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