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“Hi-Tech Business Cards”

August 18th, 2013 No comments

What's in a name? Plenty! What you label or 'name' an item can often make or break a product or service. Or as a friend of mine bounces back and forth with me, 'the truth well told is powerful.'

Let me share a specific example.

As one of several tests for 'spreading the word' about the new website with the public and industry, we printed up two new cards. These we named or labeled “hi-tech business cards” as they were handed out to someone.

The one below with 3 QR Codes on it is designed to be given to Industry professionals. The one that says “Improved LifeStyles!” is for the public at large.


Both are standard business card size. As I hand them out, and say words like “You might find this hi-tech business card of interest,” a wide array of replies comes, but so far, all of them positive.

Wow, this looks cool.”

This is my first hi-tech business card.”


The person who said, “I like it,” and promptly pulled out his smart phone and used his QR ap scanner to read the card.

Want to do something different? Consider your own hi-tech business card. Combine it with a sharp looking website, and voila! You can make an instant impression that can lead you to more business. ##

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Graphics! Worth a Thousand Words!

July 19th, 2013 No comments

A good picture, video or graphic truly is worth a thousand words in your marketing effort. As an example, when we use an article that has words only, they are well read. But when we use an article with graphics, the results are routinely elevated. Keep that and what follows in mind when YOU do an update on your website, business card or other literature handouts.

It has been a few years now since we first started promoting the use of QR Codes with our clients. Millions of smart phones have downloaded aps that will read these quick response (QR) codes. It can turn an ordinary business card into something that jumps out at you! Some of the factories are using them as a small hand out that leads clients and prospects to far more robust online information than a handout could provide. If they are doing it, why not you and your firm?


We practice what we preach here! So the above is a look at how one of my business cards looks.

As a quick segue on the business card topic, notice how we use both sides of the business card? While some companies want to leave the back blank for hand written notes, I'd far rather drive home a message and – if needed – make any hand written note shorter! Try the business card with QR Codes, you'll learn to like it a lot.

Graphics That Grab

We get neither praise nor blame for the graphics on some of our clients, which often provide their desired graphics to us. As an example of a graphic that draws the eye is this one from the Louisville Show's 2014 promotion. FYI, you can click on the graphic below to take you to the latest update on the 2014 Louisville Show plans!


Boosting the Industry's Image

Most of us drive a vehicle, eat at restaurants and shop. As part of the plan for boosting the Industry's image via the website, we plan to offer business cards and bumper stickers that will have QR Codes embedded into them. With the business card, on one side can be your company or location's info and the Image Building will be on the other side!money-louisville-show-2014(3).jpg

You can do this yourself with the following QR Code:

Why not try it! Hold your smart phone with the QR Code reader ap open over the image above. You could also have fun and email that image to your friends that you want to influence. People are curious about


Our Industry must define itself, or others will continue to define us to our detriment. We must also educate our team's members. Let's be honest, sometimes they are – regrettably – not true believers in our industry's product either.

We are experiencing a nice surge – as in 400% growth in less than a month! – on The more that pros like you promote, the faster our industry's image will rise.

You know the saying, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Be a part of the solution. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you, this is something we can each make an impact on – and that impact will be in your market!

As you make that impact on our industry's and your image, think graphics that grab on your website, business card and other hand outs. You'll be glad you did. ##

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