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Content Is King! Blogging, Video B2B and B2C Tips for Manufactured Home Marketers

February 4th, 2016 No comments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an infographic can be worth still more. Good video takes time, effort and has a cost, but you’ll see from the third party facts below why investing in video makes good (Dollars and sense. ūüėČ

One reason MHProNews and MHLivingNews dominate in their respective categories is because we practice what we preach. We generate daily, relevant content on MHProNews. The result? At the time I’m doing this blog, here is how many people our home page guest tracker says are on our site, “We have¬†3585 guests¬†online.”

To put that in perspective, 1571 is the official total registrations (not arrivals, registrations) for the 2016 Louisville Show, per Show Ways Unlimited final tally. So we have more than double on our site at this moment, as the 2 day show had for total registrations. Needless to say, others will come to MHProNews during the course of every 24 hour day.


Screen capture of MHProNews home page guest counter, at date and time shown. Screen capture using Jing by TechSmith.

Check out these three infographics. The sources for each are cited below their respective infographic.


Outsource content creation can often be more cost effective, and while a company like Inklyo could be good in many fields, MHMarketingSalesManagement specialize in factory built housing. We know the market and the target audiences.

Marketers widely agree, Content is King. Good content means better SEO, more traffic and more love from Google or others. It means more return visits from your target audience. The following is circa Aug 2015.

Video and Your B2B or B2C Marketing.

The following data/chart is circa Aug 2015.


Compare what we do at MHMarketingSalesManagement to what any other similar firm does for the MH Industry. If you dare to compare our services with HighQ or any others, you’ll rapidly see why we have over 100 unsolicited endorsements from pros like you.

As you read the below, keep in mind that a blog post can be vidoes, images, text a combination or a variety of different kinds of content.


We have professional writers who know MH, but compre what we do to Blogger Sidekick or anyone else in MH. We give the added benefit that your marketing dollars support our industry building efforts, and routinely yields additional back links and exposure on sites you’d not otherwise be on – that’s good for your site and business image.

We do a variety of video styles, from commercials, to third-party news interviews, lower to higher tech. Two examples are below.

Note that the interviews are real people and are unscripted, that creates more interest for viewers.

What are you doing in your content marketing for 2016 to increase your engagement with your audience? Come to the pros who know the MH biz and know good content creation.

We do websites, professional content creation, including video, copy writing and more for B2B and B2C. We also do sales recruiting and sales coaching, that draws high praise from attendees.

What we don’t do, we can routinely point you to. For those ready to advance, one call or message can start it all. 863-213-4090 or ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach with a live audience, showing the principles of attracting and selilng more customers with Cash or Good Credit. See him present in Tunica on March 22nd, 2016 – click here for a video and more information!.

L. A. ‚ÄúTony‚ÄĚ Kovach.

What’s Your Plan During 2016 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show?

January 14th, 2016 No comments

What are your plans while at the 2016 Louisville MH Show? To catch the latest updates from other companies at the show, see their Corporate Press Releases, linked here.

Beyond that, a quick backgrounder below will be followed by a tip that can boost your business. ¬†You’ll want to make sure you work what follows into your show mix.


We’ll once more have the “Youngest Exhibitor!” – Tamas (pronounced like TahMash) Kovach (pronounced like CoVatch – a “watch” with a V) at the 2016 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

We will be at Louisville for the 6th straight year, at booth #215.

No less a person than Louisville Show Chair Ron Thomas Sr. has publicly credited and thanked us for our role in bringing the show back from cancellation in 2010, see that kudos and thank you message, linked here.

Along with others, we’re super pleased that the show has advanced so far, so fast in these challenging times. As you think about who are you going to call for professional services, remember – the biggest turn-around in the industry’s recent history was credited to our team’s work.


Close up of Louisville Show Exhibitor map, MHMarketingSalesManagement – also known as (AKA) MHProLivingNews, MHProNews, – is at booth #215.

A Tip for Louisville 2016!

Video is red¬†hot. A recent study suggests that marketers who use video online see a 76% increase in conversions! That said, as noted, MHProNews/MHLivingNews and our marketing and sales operation – – will be at booth #215. ¬†We do contracted video, web, marketing, sales training and so much more…


See the article linked here by 83 Degrees Media (which covers subjects that are so hot, they’re cool) on L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach and his team. Soheyla Kovach, Left. Tamas (pronounced Tah Mash) center, and L. A. “Tony” Kovach, right. Photo credit 83 DegreesMedia and Julie Branaman.

We’ll make normally costly video a no brainier for you. ¬†Between 9:30 AM to noon on Wednesday, January 20th and 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM Thursday, January 21. Depending on lines and demand, we may also add time on Friday morning, 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Here’s the simple plan!

Manufactured Home Retailers! MH Communities! MH Brokers!

Video can cost a $1000 per produced minute and up, depending on the level of tech and special effects. We can make you and your community the featured operation in a co-branded video like the one below for our Louisville Show special of only $295.*

You can get a video like the one above at a
special price during the Louisville MH Show.
Stop by booth #215 to learn more or to order your video!

We can make these videos for you, with or without you being in the video.  So there is NO stress or pressure.  If you want to be in the video, we can capture you Рand using a green screen Рallow us to edit you into your office, model home, or most anything Рlike the White House, Statute of Liberty Рthat we can get a high res photo of or video clip!

The Louisville Show Special Рour customized basic $295* promo package Рincludes up to an hour of video editing, which allows us to personalize this video for you and your location!  

So¬†your video would have your location’s name and logo, instead of Elite Homes, as in the example above. ¬†

There are other cool things we can do for that same fee.  

We will also have other packages of vidoes – including on-site work that we could include in our popular Inside MH Road Show – that we will be offering during the L’ville Show at a special price. ¬†If you are planning on video for 2016, don’t shake hands with anyone until you talk to us. You’ll get more for your money, period.

Bring your company check or credit card, come to booth #215 and we can make this happen for YOU and YOUR LOCATION at Louisville 2016.

Looking to outsource or contract services?


As one of the best known – and most endorsed – marketers and sales coach in all of manufactured housing, we should be your first, last or only call. ¬†What we don’t do, we can point you to others who could likely provide a service you need. ¬†For the fine print on the above, please see below. ¬†We look forward to seeing you at the Louisville Show, booth #215. ##


Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S.. Tony will be presenting on SuperCharged Marketing and Sales during the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, see details, linked here.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

* $295 Video Special Package Includes –

  • Posting on Vimeo (no commercials from third parties)
  • Plus YouTube, with back links that are good for your website’s SEO.
  • For the $295 price, you agree to back link and add an RSS feed to – which gives you consumer-relevant content that can boost your return traffic. Without the RSS feed and link, the price is $395. ¬†You commit to having the feed and backlink up within 30 days of the end of the show.¬†We will create a special page on, with a back-link to your site, once your RSS feed and back-link are in place.
  • Videos are produced on a first come, first served basis.
  • Video package purchasers are getting the use of the video as produced, but all other rights to the content are reserved by our parent company, Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC.
  • ###

Marketing, Sales, Management, Metrics and 2016 Resolutions

January 6th, 2016 No comments

Let’s start with the obvious. This is an MH industry marketing and sales focused blog. And in every new year, owners, managers, associations and those with a fire in their belly who want to improve their front line performance ponder and then resolve to learn and execute ways that improve their bottom lines.

mhmsm logo mhmarketingsalesmanagement logo (1)

If you’re in that group, you’ve come to the right place to start 2016.

Improvement begins with an honest assessment. Where you are now, vs. where you want to be.


Image credit, MHMarketingSalesManagement,

A serious desire for Improvement begins with an admission that things can be better. That means, you must be open to change. You know the old saying, if you keep doing the same things in the same ways, you should expect the same kind of results.

Magic or Metrics?

So this blog isn’t about magic. It’s about measurable realities, and how you can change them for the better.

In sales or business, those stuck in a rut often want ‘more good leads,’ or ‘easier financing.’


The image above is from the Chicago SunTimes NewsGroup, an article we managed to get into their popular real estate section. ¬†Imagine having a news article that is favorable towards manaufactured housing in a major metro newspaper, can you see how that could be good for a business like yours? ¬†This above was one of the clients and locations we’ve worked with in or near the Chicago Metro. Articles like the above rang their phones hundreds of times from prospects wanting to learn more about today’s manufactured homes.

Work with our clients is routinely done with confidentiality agreements.

What we can point to are very public marketing – including what you are looking at right now. The #1 MH professional publication for the last 5+ years has been, we are the run-away #1, by a wide margin.

The same is true for, which is the Number 1 public and consumer focused image/educational website in America.

Another PUBLIC Example of Tackling a Tough MH Industry Topic

Let me start by saying that Clayton Homes and their affiliates were NOT clients of ours with respect to the example below. We tackled this subject for a variety of reasons, the among them being that we believe the Seattle Times/BuzzFeed attack on Warren Buffett, Clayton Homes and their lenders is an unfair hit piece that harms the industry at large.

It also provides an example of a measurable result.

Below is an example of an actual – think metrics – result from our recent article being picked up by local media outlets across the U.S..

Remember, what follows is an example of an unpaid effort. Imagine the potential of what we can do for operations, professionals and organizations across in MH. Scan the list, click links you want abs then jump to the end for your invite to grow in 2016.


Our story on the Seattle Times/BuzzFeed attack on Warren Buffett, Clayton Homes and their lenders was picked up by dozens of news and special interests sources, including American Banking News, click link above or here.

Media, Special Interest, Publications and other websites that picked up our take on this Seattle Times/BuzzFeed attack on Buffett and Clayton story:

In goes without saying that as cool as this looks, one such response to a vicious attack story isn’t a campaign. But we are big believers that some POSITIVE, GOOD response to a media attack is better than a weak or no response!

So what you see above and below gives clear examples to objective thinkers. These are food for thought, something to consider, that may inspire ideas as part of a broader campaign for any operation big enough to want to truly market themselves in an area, state or nationally. Internet, social media, email, regular media (Public Relations or PR), SuperCharged Marketing and Sales that attracts customers with cash or good credit – there are lots of things we know, and some or all of them could be tools for you to grow in 2016.

Defining Yourself and Your Operation In Your Market(s)

It bears repeating until it becomes an instictive part of everyone in the MH industry. You either define yourself (in your market), or others will define you. If you allow others to define you, they will often do so to your disadvantage.


Graphic credit – and To learn more about the E in PEP, click here or the image above.

Others are defining our industry daily, so more MHPros have to step up to the plate and start defining ourselves boldly, honestly and routinely.

In marketing, sales, consulting, content creation, video, education and related management contract services, who is best known and providing the clear cut results? Who else is doing what we do for independent or corporate players?

In 2016, resolve to signficantly Рeven dramatically Рimprove what you do.  

We are booking dates for our ever-popular INSIDE MH Road Show Рwhich yields videos like the one above that can be used by the client on their site, as well as getting it on our industry leading website that boosts the MH Image and Education.  While others talk about image or educating the public, we are doing it. You can be a part of that effort, or you can have an entirely different plan.

What’s your resolution? ¬†Is it to grow your results? Just as a fitness coach can help you, we can too, and often its for the same dollars as you are already budgeting for with someone else. We do it a variety of services in collaboration with firms of all sizes. ¬†Because we know the industry, we are your leading resource for marketing and sales services – and success. ¬†

We invite the forward thinkers and doers looking to boost bottom line results to contact and join with us. Come by our booth in Louisville, #115. See us in Tunica. ¬†Can’t wait? ¬†Pick up the phone and call 863-213-4090, email or click the link below to learn more about what others who know first hand say.¬†##


Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S.. Tony will be presenting on SuperCharging Your Marketing and Sales for 2016, during the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, see details, linked here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Two Ways To Earn More in MH 2016

December 13th, 2015 No comments

There are two ways to earn more in 2016 selling manufactured homes (MH) or filling vacant MH sites. There is 1) trial and error, groping for ways to improve marketing and sales performance. Then there is 2) leveraging other’s knowledge, expertise and experience to shorten the learning curve, and advance your business or career more rapidly.

We’ve worked with pros at various levels from East to West, North and South. We see and teach what works in MH to attract and sell more customers with cash or good credit.


This illustrates real world results in actual MH Communities and it works for MH Retail Centers.

What do missed sales and vacant home sites cost you? How many more apartments are being rented – or conventional houses are being sold – in your market(s), that cost more monthly than MH would?

Imagine if YOU invented a car, truck, SUV, van or crossover that sold for 30-50% less than other new vehicles, with a good promotion, it could become a huge success. Proof? Hyundai and Kia saved their buyers 5%-10%, and rapidly grew their market share in the U.S..


You can successfully apply that principle too, in your MH market. If you can save someone even 10%-20% on housing costs, in an economy like ours, your phones should be ringing and then doors swinging with a growing number of more qualified buyers.

The case can be made that it’s costs you far more to use trial and error than it does to hire an expert to do and coach as needed. With expert steps, you work your way up faster and with higher ROI yields on marketing and sales.


We do a lot for our clients well, but we don’t claim to do it all. Those services you need that we don’t offer, we can often point you to someone else that is reputable who can do that work for you. So often, one call can lead to a solution for all of your location(s) challenges.

You go to an MD for expert advice, attorneys for expert advice, in MH ‚Äď turn to us for the expert marketing and sales advice you may need. Who else has a track record that even comes close?


You can attract more customers with cash and good credit with the right approach, we do. BUT you must be able to engage them in a way they respond positively! You don’t ‘mobile home’ a potential site built buyer. We can teach you how, others have, you can too.

When others in MH fill more sites, or sell more homes – that means you could too. The only risk is the willingness to learn and do what’s new, that will yield better results. We tell people before we take a dime, if there is a lack of commitment, don’t start. Those committed, succeed. Investing in one or more of our marketing and sales systems is investing in your future.

There are two possible ways to do more that might earn more. One = Costly Trial and Error, or Two = hiring someone who knows how to grow bottom lines like yours in MHRetail and MHCommunites.

End 2015 by stopping the guessing, by stopping costly trial and error. We know what works, whenever our proven plans are put to work. Many are already wasting more on trial and error than the investment would be in having the pros who know do the outsourced work for you. Call 863-213-4090 or email. The initial consult by phone is our Christmas-New Years gift to you; its ‘on the house.’ ##


Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S..  He will be presenting to attendees at the Tunica MH Show in March, 2016. Click the photo above to see a video, and learn what others say.

By L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Turning the Page in Manufactured Housing Marketing and Sales

November 14th, 2015 No comments

There may have been 2-3 dozen MHPros in the final session of the NCC’s 2015 Fall Leadership Forum on Friday. So of the some 275 +/- that signed up and came, about 85% missed what Lisa – the final presenter from the multi-family side of housing – had to say about what she learned in contacting and checking out MH Communities.


Lisa’s message deserved a packed room; she hit many themes the Cutting Edge blog promotes and utilizes. ¬†Of the 275 +/- reportedly at the meeting, only a few dozen where still in attendance for this presentation – Lisa did a fine job.


Paraphrasing, Lisa said:

  • there was no need to discuss social media, because the MH industry needed to do so many other basic things first,
  • she lamented the fact that of all the ‘mystery shopper’ calls for information she made shortly before the posted, scheduled closing of locations (making those calls moving from East to West Coast, so she covered time zones from coast to coast):
  1. no one answered her calls,
  2. no one returned the call the next morning by 11 AM CT,
  • Lisa found websites that had not been refreshed (updated) in 5 to 10 years (she stressed the need to do that every 2 years, period),
  • websites that had no mobile friendly interface, and a host of other, costly errors.

In other, earlier calls Lisa made to MHCs, when she spoke with someone,

  1. they were using outdated jargon like ‘double wides,’ instead of something that had a warmer, more appealing residential sound to it from a consumer viewpoint,
  2. no one tried to book an appointment,
  3. she explained that in the apartment world, 74% of the closed customers came from a booked appointment ‚Äď so failure to try to make an appointment was a big no-no.

We could drone on about a variety of other things Lisa said are needed in MHVille:

  • using ghost/tracking numbers,
  • a lack of professionalism (which implies a lack of training),
  • websites that lacked appeal,
  • too few or no videos,
  • the need for timely (rapid) professional engagement and follow up and
  • her closing by saying that those there should not shoot the messenger, because you can’t

improve without knowing what’s wrong.

Lisa admitted that multi-family housing had to adjust and make big strides in recent years in professionalism too and that slightly more than half the apartment locations are reportedly still doing things the old, wrong way.

This was all fascinating to me, because what Lisa stresses in multi-family, we’ve been teaching and doing with our MH retail or MH Community clients. We know these things work, because they are field tested for proven results. Having a good process that does the above (and more), and that is customer and user (sales team) friendly is profitable. Investing in training and marketing doesn’t cost, done properly, it pays-off with a high ROI.


One has to LISTEN in marketing and sales to what the market and consumers are trying to tell you. Image graphic credit: KY Olsen, FlickrCreativeCommons.

The High Cost of Lost Opportunities

I spoke with some communities owners that had purchased properties with as much as 50% vacancy, clearly with the idea of filling them. Others had occupancy in the 80s or even the low 90s percentage range, the later of which is noteworthy.


Another MHC presenter explained that by investing in marketing and other efforts, what would normally be lost in 10 months site vacancy, they’d fill a site/home in about 90 days vs. a year.

That firm was clearly doing a number of things well; many that we advocate. What was noticeable to me from the facts that firm shared was that their conversion rates from leads and applicants to closed deals was still low (under 10%). That too looks like a sales/customer service/training issue. The good news is that all their efforts clearly were profitable, yielding a fine community, attractive models that appealed and yielded referrals.


It shouldn’t require a genius to know that problem solving requires a different approach than the one you have, or your problem wouldn’t exist. ¬†Odds are good you’re doing many things well! But its whatever is missing, that’s what is holding you and your profits back. Original image credit, WikiCommons, poster credit, – ¬© 2015, all rights reserved.

What does your location need?

It is self-evident that we can’t see ourselves. We need mirrors. We need another, objective set of eyes to see what we are doing.

What a 2 or 3 star location needs could be radically different than what a 4 or 5 star property or retail center does. A doctor may get clues from a phone call, but they all say the same thing, and rightly so. Let the doctor see you, it often requires tests, and from a proper medical exam, you can get a proper course of action.


The view from the 80th floor of the Mid-America Club, atop the Aon Center, downtown Chicago. This was where the 2nd mixer for the 2015 NCC Fall Leadership Forum took place.  MHI and the NCC routinely do a good job of picking elegant or cool locations to hold their meetings and events.

We’re glad to do a conversation by phone to see if your scenario and budgets may be such ¬†that we can successfully serve your location(s). ¬†We’ll ask a few questions, and listen.

For those who go past that initial phone call, the next steps can be identified and laid out in a plan.

What’s interesting, is we offer all that Lisa suggested, and then some!

Let’s save a bit of time.

We routinely see success when management is all in. Change requires…change!

Half-hearted change doesn’t cut it. Don’t start change unless you are willing to see it through. Start and stop is a waste of time and money.

You can start at this location or that one, to prove the model for you. But where ever you decide to implement, make sure that you are all in. ¬†See that launch through to a successful landing, and you’ll be glad you went through the challenging yet rewarding process of positive change.

For those who do embrace what’s new and works, good ROI and a system that is proven to deliver is the result.

Lisa from the apartment world isn’t the only one who preaches the need for change in MH, we have lived it for years and some of our clients are too.

Progress requires turning the page on the past for whatever doesn’t work. ¬†Keep the good, lose what’s outdated or no longer works. ¬†Measure for results. ¬†Hold people accountable. Profitable Progress will follow! ##


Photos from NY Housing Association annual meeting. Tony and team will be at the 2016 Tunica MH Show, among other upcoming events.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.