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May 16th, 2012 1 comment

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pinterest must already be worth billions. I recently signed up, and want to encourage you to sign up and/or pass the following on to all on your email lists.

We can add to this, of course, this is a start.

The idea is simple. It can benefit what ever it is you do in manufactured housing. Here is how.

We show appealing photos and a bit of copy with an image that showcases what is good about the Manufactured Home LifeStyle. This isn't selling one company's homes – it is selling the lifestyle – which will lead people to retailers and communities over time, which will sell homes.

It is a soft sell, not a hard one.

There are links back to our new site. As you know, this site is for Business 2 Business professionals, so we really don't look for ANYONE outside of our Industry to jump in here (not hiding it, just keeping it focused on professionals).

The new MHLivingNews.comis different. We want people far and wide to see this site! Pinterest will be one way to get them there.

If you decide to do a Pinterest board, let me make a suggestion. Do something that will attract attention In Addition to manufactured homes. In my case, I used Chicago Botanic Gardens. I may add others interests later as time permits. But the point is that if someone likes the Gardens, and they end up on the board, they are likely to see what else that person – in this case me, but it could be thee! – is interested in.

When politicians are using Pinterest to connect with voters (and they are) on a personal level, it is one of millions of reasons for us to use this as a simple and free tool to showcase manufactured and modular homes. The more people see, the more they will get curious.

Drops of water over time will fill the bucket. We can't “pin” our hopes on that alone, but if we do some pinning along with other things like, it will only help our Industry's image – and that will drive more sales and satisfaction.

Please, check it out and pass the hotlink above along! ##


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The Magic of SEO for Manufactured Housing

March 21st, 2012 No comments

If you know anything at all about the internet, then chances are you already know that you can essentially 'buy' traffic for a website. There are resources like Google Ad Words and a myriad of websites where you pay to play the web marketing traffic generation game. Certainly, using other forms of advertising to drive traffic to a website is also a form of 'buying' traffic. With that in mind, consider how nice it is when SEO brings you traffic without any extra costs from your other traffic driving efforts!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – are the strategies that web gurus utilize to get high organic placement on a given search engine. With Google as the Big Kahuna of all the search engines today, much of the focus tends to be on getting good ranking on Google. Good ranking generally means being visible on page 1 of a Google-search. Most people looking for something online don't go past page 2 on Google, unless they are seriously researching a topic. Thus the importance of page ranking.

With millions of searches monthly for key words that include “manufactured housing,” getting high search engine results in the manufactured housing industry is not an easy thing to accomplish. So when you do manage to achieve page 1 or 2 – versus say a never-to-be-seen result on page 13,187 – it is something to brag about. This is especially true when you haven't paid for the click throughs to the page that may help you achieve the page 1 ranking result.

Here at (aka we are pleased to say that we have achieved page one on many topics that we elected to focus on for a client, news or other goals and purposes.

A picture or a graphic is worth a thousand words. An example of a topic we wanted to get good SEO on was the Manufactured Housing Institute's (MHI) new President and CEO, Richard A. “Dick” Jennison. Please notice that while USA Today – where Jennison recently had published a short article – has a far broader circulation than all the manufactured housing publishers combined, we managed to snag the top spot on page 1 for the keyword set shown below. We also managed to edge out MHI on the ranking for this same topic.


SEO Google 1


Another example is the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. We dominated the page 1 of Google on this subject, as you can see in the graphic below.


SEO Google 2


The Internet is constantly changing, so the results for a given search can change literally moment by moment. If you have a hand-held smart phone, tablet or iPad, you may get a different result on your hand-held than you would on a laptop in the same room! So it is no surprise that results can vary depending on where you are located and many other factors.

Because the Internet is adding content moment by moment, SEO focused efforts ideally should be ongoing. If you want to dominate a topic in a specific niche or market, that can take a little time, but it is time and effort well spent. Once you grab that top spot legitimately – as opposed to using the type of black hat SEO tactics that can get you penalized later – staying on page 1 becomes easier.

Let's look at an example for a specific client in the graphic below.


SEO Google 3

Good SEO typically doesn't happen by accident! It takes the right strategies, traffic and execution to get the type of outcomes that you see here.

There is a 'cost' in terms of time and expertise to getting the types of results shown above. There are topics that at a point in time we wanted to dominate or at least achieve a page 1 result. But if our emphasis shifted, we can always shift resources to or away from a given set of keywords.

The bottom line is that SEO 'magic' pays off.

When you are thinking about either business to business advertising/marketing, business to consumer focused marketing or are thinking about having a new website built or refreshing/revising an existing website, please contact us. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive by a long shot. What we are is the proven best value. In the world of manufactured and modular housing, you are unlikely to do any better. So you'll be glad you called us or emailed. My office phone is 815-270-0500. # #

Updating Browser Software for Your Own Security

June 19th, 2011 No comments

Updates, updates, updates. If you’re like me, your computer is forever nagging you to update this or that program and it always seems to popup at an inopportune time.

Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer, IE

One thing that came up at WordPress Columbus yesterday is that with the coming version3.2 or WordPress, support for Internet Explorer (IE) v6 will be dropped. Dropping support for IE 7 is in the works for a future upgrade.

Why? At this point, IE 6 and to a lesser degree IE 7 are older browsers that give web developers problems and lack features common to more modern browsers. There comes a point where supporting legacy applications is no longer viable.

Sometimes updates get skipped. That wouldn’t be that bad a thing except that some updates are designed to plug security holes in previous versions and ignoring them leaves you open to attack.

This can be an issue with any type or program, but web browses can present security as well as other issues if left un-upgraded.

One example of this would be Internet Explore (IE) 6. Microsoft has logged several security holes in IE 6, yet IE 6 users still comprise 47% of IE users on my site today.

Well, here’s a tool that will help you determine if you are using the latest version of your favorite browser and, if you are not, provides a link for you to download and install the latest version.

Browse Happy. Online. Worry Free. Upgrade Your Browser Today.

Just click here to go to the Browse Happy website and find out the status of your copy of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera or Internet Explorer.

Then you can breathe a bit easier when you are surfing the web.

Also, newer versions of browser software often have exciting new features and can run much faster than older versions. So there are many reasons to upgrade your web browser software.

Do it now!

QR Code Makes Paper (and other) Promotions Interactive

May 25th, 2011 No comments
QR Code links to sample real estate listing

QR Code links to sample real estate listing - click to enlarge

Just when you think you know everything about marketing Manufactured Housing online, technological advancement proves you wrong.

One of the best things about the web is its interactivity. Hot linking, audio, video and scripting can provide your website visitors with a rich experience and provide you with a world class marketing tool. Email and social networking can further enrich the experience and provide your visitors with more entry points to your website – the heart of your online marketing strategy.

What if you could have a way to make your offline assets – your business card, brochures, magazine ads, post cards, clothing, bumper stickers etc. – interactive as well? What if someone could click a link on your business card and be taken to a special offer on your website? What if an after hours visitor to your place of business could visit your website by clicking a link on your front door? What if a potential buyer could click a link on a home you have for sale and immediately get all of the info on the home?

Well, I don’t think you’ll be actually clicking on links on these objects anytime soon, there is something almost as good that can do all the things we cited above… plus much more.

It’s called a QR (Quick Response) Code and it’s picking up momentum as a way to make almost anything interactive. You may have seen one already. They pop up in magazine ads, museum exhibits, tourism brochures and many other places. If you have a smartphone and a reader app for QR Codes, you can scan them and get more information, contact info, photographs, web pages, Facebook pages, coupons, special deals, etc.

Here is an image of my business card with a QR Code on the reverse side that leads to my consulting website:

Now my business card does double duty. It provides the holder with the usual contact information – the same as any other business card – and it provides a direct link to my website. Go ahead and test it if you have a smartphone. If you need a QR Code reader, check your phone’s App Store – there are sure to be several you can choose from.

QR Code usage is in its infancy as we write this. They are primarily used by early adopters. But the potential for marketing with QR Codes is unlimited. This is a technology that you may want to have a good look at. It’s easy and inexpensive to use. It’s about to become one of those high ROI marketing techniques that will make late adopters wish they had moved on earlier.

Need help putting new technologies into action? Contact or call Bob at 859.755.4115.

Internet Explorer and Disqus Comments

May 18th, 2011 No comments

DISQUS logoIt has come to our attention that some visitors to our articles and blogs have been unable to post comments. Apparently, this a problem when trying to post a comment with logging in (posting as a guest) via Disqus, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo while using Internet Explorer.

The problem lies in an incompatibility issue between Disqus and Internet Explorer and may stem from security issues with Internet Explorer. We recommend you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to avoid these and several other issues.

You CAN post a comment using Internet Explorer, but you’ll have to login using your Disqus, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo credentials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using  Internet Explorer and try to post without logging in, Disqus will not accept the comment. If you wish to post without logging in, you must use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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