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Media, Your Location and Jiu Jitsu. Defining Yourself in 2017 for Fun and Profit

January 12th, 2017 No comments

For the next several moments, be please be very self-centered.

Think about your career, your location and making 2017 – and beyond – the best it can be.


First think, attraction. You have to attract attention – hopefully in a positive way – to be able to sell more homes to qualified buyers who have cash or good credit. Image and collage credit, all rights reserved.

When Bad News Strikes Your Location or the Industry,
Turn Lemons into Lemonade defines Jiu Jitsu as “the use of an opponent’s strengths or one’s own weaknesses to accomplish one’s goals: That was a kind of intellectual jujitsu…”

Almost everyone knows how much the media can help or harm a business. We know that most media coverage on manufactured housing sadly tends to be more harmful then helpful. Think about stories on tornadoes and windstorms, community closures, MH lending or zoning stories – where almost every time, manufactured housing is made to look bad.


In a 50-minute PR/Media engagement, Marketing and Sales presentation, Tony will share expert insights on how the right media strategy for YOUR business, location or association can “Jiu Jitsu” a negative story into a more useful one.


Finance Panel – MH Lending Products Update and Lessons Learned

Always popular with industry professionals, the Standing Room Only (SRO) Seminar Series will bring you the 2017 version of the headline above. Presentation followed by Q&A.  Panelists for this pre-Tunica Show event will be announced circa mid-February.

Community and Retail “Lessons Learned” Panel

Always popular with industry professionals, the Standing Room Only (SRO) Seminar Series will bring you the 2017 version of the headline above. Presentation followed by Q&A. Panelists for this pre-Tunica Show event will be announced circa mid-February.

FYI – we will be at Booth #221 in Louisville.  Please stop by, and you can pick up one of these below, suitable for framing on your desk, office or lobby wall.  There are other business development and sales boosting focused specials we’ll be doing at Louisville too.  ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


Tony and team will be at the 2017 Tunica MH Show, among other upcoming events.

L. A. “Tony” Kovach and team MHProNews/MHLivingNews will be at Booth #221 in Louisville, as well as at the Tunica Show##

Print and Online Publisher Ad/Marketing Impact Study & Manufactured Housing

July 19th, 2016 No comments

When we market for MH clients, besides just a website or social media, we often use print and digital publications.


So when The Daily Journal  told MHProNews the following facts about the results from online and print media, we naturally wanted to look closely at this graphic below and share it with our readers.


Credit, The Daily Journal.

Note that in manufactured housing – there is only one Daily Business News – and its here on That’s why thousands flock here every day, to the #1 Business to Business (B2B) website in all of manufactured housing.  


From independent firms to some of the largest companies in the MH industry, they find advertising and marketing on makes sense for them. Why not check into our amazing value for your B2B outreach? We have the #1 professional audience in all of manufactured and modular housing.


On the Business to Consumer (B2C) side, we have another unique and #1 platform of its kind that informs the public about the good news of manufactured housing today. With videos we shoot and/or produce, with positive story-telling through words and images, we help our clients profitably advance.


There is no other third party media operation that rivals the positive story telling that presents 24/7 to the public. That’s why we are #1. Results like the one linked here proves our marketing and sales training work for our clients – works for them. Get more bottom line results, contact us for a free evaluation.  Videos. Websites.  Sales Recruting. Sales Coaching & Training. We’re #1, Working Together, We can Help Your Operation be #1 in Your Market(s) Too.

Our firm believes in a diversity of marketing options, so ideally, what combination of items used at your location(s) should be tailored to your specific firm’s needs.

So whether you’re marketing B2B, or B2C – you should talk to us.  Initial conversations are no costs no obligation.  We can routinely help you maximize your budgets and results. That’s a fact you can take to the bank.  Working with us…it pays plus it advances our industry professionally and publicly. ##


Patriotic marketing?! Video still credits, Fox, Fox News and Major League Baseball; to see the music video and interview, click here.

3 Promos You Can Access for Free!

1) Please check out the new, updated music video of Grammy Award winner Lee Greenwood’s Proud to be an American, God Bless the USA here.

2) Please see and share this new video test too – The Aha! Moment – Entertainer’s Delight LifeStyle Model Home Video Tour

3) Matthew Silver’s Daily Business News briefs continue to be Read Hot. If you’re not already hooked, you can do soat the link above. And you can join our growing and popular list of MHProNewsemailed news update readers in seconds at this link here. ###


Photos from NY Housing Association annual meeting.  To see what others say, check out LinkedIn (Tony is said to be the #1 most recommended and endorsed pro in all of MH), or click this link here.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Managing Member of LifeStyle Factory Homes, LLC.
Publisher of Industry leading,
Inside MH video series.
MHI member, elected MHI Suppliers Division board member.
Consultant and service provider to the MH industry.

Office 863-213-4090.
Connect on LinkedIn –

Publisher – and

It’s #1! Get our industry leading, free, Twice Weekly emailed news, tips updates (our emailed Newsletters look like this) – sign up free in seconds at 

What’s Your Plan During 2016 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show?

January 14th, 2016 No comments

What are your plans while at the 2016 Louisville MH Show? To catch the latest updates from other companies at the show, see their Corporate Press Releases, linked here.

Beyond that, a quick backgrounder below will be followed by a tip that can boost your business.  You’ll want to make sure you work what follows into your show mix.


We’ll once more have the “Youngest Exhibitor!” – Tamas (pronounced like TahMash) Kovach (pronounced like CoVatch – a “watch” with a V) at the 2016 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

We will be at Louisville for the 6th straight year, at booth #215.

No less a person than Louisville Show Chair Ron Thomas Sr. has publicly credited and thanked us for our role in bringing the show back from cancellation in 2010, see that kudos and thank you message, linked here.

Along with others, we’re super pleased that the show has advanced so far, so fast in these challenging times. As you think about who are you going to call for professional services, remember – the biggest turn-around in the industry’s recent history was credited to our team’s work.


Close up of Louisville Show Exhibitor map, MHMarketingSalesManagement – also known as (AKA) MHProLivingNews, MHProNews, – is at booth #215.

A Tip for Louisville 2016!

Video is red hot. A recent study suggests that marketers who use video online see a 76% increase in conversions! That said, as noted, MHProNews/MHLivingNews and our marketing and sales operation – – will be at booth #215.  We do contracted video, web, marketing, sales training and so much more…


See the article linked here by 83 Degrees Media (which covers subjects that are so hot, they’re cool) on L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach and his team. Soheyla Kovach, Left. Tamas (pronounced Tah Mash) center, and L. A. “Tony” Kovach, right. Photo credit 83 DegreesMedia and Julie Branaman.

We’ll make normally costly video a no brainier for you.  Between 9:30 AM to noon on Wednesday, January 20th and 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM Thursday, January 21. Depending on lines and demand, we may also add time on Friday morning, 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Here’s the simple plan!

Manufactured Home Retailers! MH Communities! MH Brokers!

Video can cost a $1000 per produced minute and up, depending on the level of tech and special effects. We can make you and your community the featured operation in a co-branded video like the one below for our Louisville Show special of only $295.*

You can get a video like the one above at a
special price during the Louisville MH Show.
Stop by booth #215 to learn more or to order your video!

We can make these videos for you, with or without you being in the video.  So there is NO stress or pressure.  If you want to be in the video, we can capture you – and using a green screen – allow us to edit you into your office, model home, or most anything – like the White House, Statute of Liberty – that we can get a high res photo of or video clip!

The Louisville Show Special – our customized basic $295* promo package – includes up to an hour of video editing, which allows us to personalize this video for you and your location!  

So your video would have your location’s name and logo, instead of Elite Homes, as in the example above.  

There are other cool things we can do for that same fee.  

We will also have other packages of vidoes – including on-site work that we could include in our popular Inside MH Road Show – that we will be offering during the L’ville Show at a special price.  If you are planning on video for 2016, don’t shake hands with anyone until you talk to us. You’ll get more for your money, period.

Bring your company check or credit card, come to booth #215 and we can make this happen for YOU and YOUR LOCATION at Louisville 2016.

Looking to outsource or contract services?


As one of the best known – and most endorsed – marketers and sales coach in all of manufactured housing, we should be your first, last or only call.  What we don’t do, we can point you to others who could likely provide a service you need.  For the fine print on the above, please see below.  We look forward to seeing you at the Louisville Show, booth #215. ##


Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S.. Tony will be presenting on SuperCharged Marketing and Sales during the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, see details, linked here.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

* $295 Video Special Package Includes –

  • Posting on Vimeo (no commercials from third parties)
  • Plus YouTube, with back links that are good for your website’s SEO.
  • For the $295 price, you agree to back link and add an RSS feed to – which gives you consumer-relevant content that can boost your return traffic. Without the RSS feed and link, the price is $395.  You commit to having the feed and backlink up within 30 days of the end of the show. We will create a special page on, with a back-link to your site, once your RSS feed and back-link are in place.
  • Videos are produced on a first come, first served basis.
  • Video package purchasers are getting the use of the video as produced, but all other rights to the content are reserved by our parent company, Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC.
  • ###

Two Ways To Earn More in MH 2016

December 13th, 2015 No comments

There are two ways to earn more in 2016 selling manufactured homes (MH) or filling vacant MH sites. There is 1) trial and error, groping for ways to improve marketing and sales performance. Then there is 2) leveraging other’s knowledge, expertise and experience to shorten the learning curve, and advance your business or career more rapidly.

We’ve worked with pros at various levels from East to West, North and South. We see and teach what works in MH to attract and sell more customers with cash or good credit.


This illustrates real world results in actual MH Communities and it works for MH Retail Centers.

What do missed sales and vacant home sites cost you? How many more apartments are being rented – or conventional houses are being sold – in your market(s), that cost more monthly than MH would?

Imagine if YOU invented a car, truck, SUV, van or crossover that sold for 30-50% less than other new vehicles, with a good promotion, it could become a huge success. Proof? Hyundai and Kia saved their buyers 5%-10%, and rapidly grew their market share in the U.S..


You can successfully apply that principle too, in your MH market. If you can save someone even 10%-20% on housing costs, in an economy like ours, your phones should be ringing and then doors swinging with a growing number of more qualified buyers.

The case can be made that it’s costs you far more to use trial and error than it does to hire an expert to do and coach as needed. With expert steps, you work your way up faster and with higher ROI yields on marketing and sales.


We do a lot for our clients well, but we don’t claim to do it all. Those services you need that we don’t offer, we can often point you to someone else that is reputable who can do that work for you. So often, one call can lead to a solution for all of your location(s) challenges.

You go to an MD for expert advice, attorneys for expert advice, in MH – turn to us for the expert marketing and sales advice you may need. Who else has a track record that even comes close?


You can attract more customers with cash and good credit with the right approach, we do. BUT you must be able to engage them in a way they respond positively! You don’t ‘mobile home’ a potential site built buyer. We can teach you how, others have, you can too.

When others in MH fill more sites, or sell more homes – that means you could too. The only risk is the willingness to learn and do what’s new, that will yield better results. We tell people before we take a dime, if there is a lack of commitment, don’t start. Those committed, succeed. Investing in one or more of our marketing and sales systems is investing in your future.

There are two possible ways to do more that might earn more. One = Costly Trial and Error, or Two = hiring someone who knows how to grow bottom lines like yours in MHRetail and MHCommunites.

End 2015 by stopping the guessing, by stopping costly trial and error. We know what works, whenever our proven plans are put to work. Many are already wasting more on trial and error than the investment would be in having the pros who know do the outsourced work for you. Call 863-213-4090 or email. The initial consult by phone is our Christmas-New Years gift to you; its ‘on the house.’ ##


Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S..  He will be presenting to attendees at the Tunica MH Show in March, 2016. Click the photo above to see a video, and learn what others say.

By L.A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Getting Reality-Based MH Results!

November 6th, 2015 No comments

Statistics and facts don’t mean much without a solid context. If you’re told that someone is getting a 40% result, in some fields, that would be terrible; in others, terrific. The surgeon who does a routine procedure that’s successful only 40% of the time would not create much confidence.  By contrast, the baseball slugger – that bats .400 – or the sales professional that closes 40% of the first time-visitor-at-the-sales-center or community – they are rock stars.

So numbers – measurable results – matter.  Reality matters.

MHImage, Education and Results

I speak frequently with pros about marketing, sales, image, education and related.  The image issue comes up routinely. How do we get past that image, Tony?”

Success is always about a process. There is a process for this, and it works.  That process is executable on the local market level. Does it work every time?  No, what does in sales or marketing?

But when the process we or some others use is applied correctly, it yields a routinely healthy, profitable outcome.  We routinely do non-disclosures with clients, so we need to share a national example, vs. a specific local one. Let’s tee that example up with the following…


1 of the 6 Pillars of Successful Marketing and Sales

It will be useful for you to read the 6 Pillars of Successful MH Marketing and Sales. If you’ve not read that yet, or haven’t read it lately, please go read that again now. The article is titled, What does each Vacant Site or Missed MH Sale Cost You?

When it comes to the MH Image issue, this isn’t going to be a sexy solution, but it works so it’s valuable.  Moreover, its absolutely important for the results-oriented marketer looking to attract better qualified customers to get their arms around this approach.

Concerns or Fears are Keeping Good Prospects from Buying

In round numbers, 95% of the U.S. population doesn’t seriously consider manufactured housing (MH) when they are getting ready to rent or buy their next residence.  That’s a true opportunity in disguise.

That doesn’t mean the masses don’t think about MH at all.  What it means is among those who do know about ‘mobile homes’ or ‘trailers’ (their words), they dismiss a serious consideration of MH. Why?

In a phrase, there are outdated concerns and/or fears Americans have.  Until those concerns or fears are routinely addressed, the numbers who are truly shopping for MH will stay very low.


The first half of the article below is about a specific story we ‘released’ for the media.  Both mainstream and social media have picked it up  See the first part of this article, linked below, on results for:

“Keeping the Home Fires from Burning: Fire Safety and the Modern Manufactured Home”

Once you’ve read that, the facts from the same search result below will make sense.  In fact, you should be impressed.

Let’s recap, so you’ll be crystal clear.

  1. We publish a story on com on manufactured homes and fire safety. Keep in mind, that in almost any city or town in America, x times a year, the local news reports some ‘mobile home’ that ‘burns down.’ So needless to say, when we publish a fact-based-report on how MH is as safe or safer than conventional housing, that’s good for all in the industry. So the above is link you and your team need to save and share.  Because you will over time encounter those buyers who like what you have, but their fear point may be fire, MH and windstorms, or something else.  The facts are on our side!  Learn, use and share the positive facts!
  2. The article linked above automatically goes out via RSS feeds to other sites. There are dozens we know of that are using RSS to pick our stories up. (FYI – get with your webmaster, and you can get your own RSS feed by using this link below.  Our content is copyrighted, but RSS is free for anyone to use.

RSS feed = )

3. We then put out a media (press) release, plus we also do a release via our own social media network. In less than a day, using the search below and using the quotation marks that force an exact search result, we were up to 463 hits on the search:

“Keeping the Home Fires from Burning: Fire Safety and the Modern Manufactured Home”

  • Within 96 hours, we were up to 4,130 exact Google Search results on that same story, using that exact same search string.
  • On 11.4.2015, at about 1:15 ET, about 7 days after we published that article, we were now up to over 6000 hits! Specifically, see the screen capture below.

Lorraine Carli, VP, NFPA.


As we were preparing this post, Lorraine Carli with the NFPA reached out, asking to provide their take on the topic of fire sprinklers and MH. It was a thoughtful read, so sure, we published it – linked here, with our own commentary to follow. That was published around 3 PM ET.  We may revisit that result later too.



Drip, Drip, Drip of Negative…or Positive, News…

Now realistically, our one article isn’t going to send droves of customers to sales centers.  What it does do is give newspaper and media editors/producers a story to consider that reflects the MH realities.  Perhaps before this, maybe the only thing they heard before was negative.

That’s significant, because the media editors and producers are the gate keepers to what they public sees and hears.

Imagine MH locally (in a market like yours), regionally or nationally forging an educational campaign that provide one, two or more ‘good news about manufactured home’ reports weekly.  Over time, ou’d see a growing number of more qualified customers.  This isn’t theory, it’s reality.

This plan works.

Stop and Think

There have been some market based efforts, but nationally for some 40 years, MH has failed to do a meaningful image/education campaign.  We launched as a key element supporting the image/education of manufactured housing.  We’re doing something unique, unlike anything else out there before.  In the first year alone, we blew past 250,000 then 500,000 then topped 1 million visitors on the website.  That’s reality.

There are lots of nice websites out there!  Many have FAQs, etc.

But our sister site is a third party MH Living/Lifestyle/People/News site, and that hits a nice chord with the public.

We don’t – nor should your team – fear the facts about MH, because the more you know, the more you fall in love with just how amazing a value the MH product is.


Graphic credit – Peek a Boo.

Sharing Reality, Will Make You More Sales Over Time

Some are forwarding these posts via Facebook or other social media. Some are putting up RSS feeds (see above, our content is copyrighted, but the RSS feed is free).

In A Perfect World…

The more others share or directly support our efforts and/or use our services – (websites, video, marketing, sales recruiting, training, coaching, consulting, etc.) – the more fuel we can add to this public education and information outreach.

Will that sell more homes?

It is already closing sales, when pros like you learn how to use the information on this site to your customer’s advantage.

When we TEAM up, T.E.A.M. = Together, Everyone Achieves More.  A steady stream of positive media stories on MH will over time yield a more positive image for our product.

That in turn will result in more sales, because let’s be honest.  Our value is real!  What we need are more customers who see the real value!

And customers learning about that value through mainstream media, the more who come to our website through RSS, or back links, or social media, the more MH sales will take place.

badnewsheadlines-credit-life-as-a human-postedCuttingEdgeBlogMHProNews-com-

Timing news releases to certain seasons or events can get good news about MH tucked in among all those other headlines. MH needs to create both a market based and a national image/educational effort. Failure to do so, costs you money.

Beyond Google alerts picking up our news release, below is a partial list of the media sites that picked up Jan Hollingsworth’s story on MH and fire safety, all in under a day.

  • WAFB
  • com
  • NewsChannel6Now
  • 14News
  • MSNewsNow
  • HometownStations
  • NewsChannel10
  • Fox14TV
  • CBS8
  • K5TheHomeTeam
  • KFVS12
  • HawaiiNewsNow
  • ToledoNewsNow
  • KLTV
  • KMPH
  • KNDU
  • TucsonNewsNow
  • 19ActionNews
  • TulsaCW
  • ABC40
  • KSLA
  • KSWO
  • KTEN
  • KTVN
  • KUAM
  • KUSI
  • Fox5Vegas
  • NewsWest9
  • CW15KXVO
  • KXXV
  • CBS19TV
  • NebraskaTV
  • WAFF
  • WALB
  • WAVE3
  • WMActionNews5
  • WBOC
  • WDRB
  • MyFoxChattanooga
  • WECT
  • 14WFIE
  • WFLX
  • WFMJ
  • WFSB
  • CBSAtlanta
  • CWRichmondTV
  • FoxCaronlina
  • ErieTVNews
  • WLBT
  • WLTZ
  • WMBFNews
  • WOIO
  • MyFoxNepa
  • WSFA
  • WSFX
  • CBS3Springfield
  • WSMV
  • WTHR
  • MyFoxTallahassee
  • WTOL
  • WTVM
  • Fox8Live
  • Fox19
  • WXTX
  • CBS46
  • NBC12
  • KEYC

Remember.  As – or more – important as the public reading this, is the fact that a news editor, news desk, or producer looked at the release, and decided to publish it.  That’s important.  The more that happens, the more often that happens, the more we can influence the influencers.


  1. the media,
  2. policy makers,
  3. informing MH industry pros,
  4. MH home owners and
  5. educating the public at large….

…these 5 legs of the stool all make a difference over time.  A one legged stool is hard to balance.  3 legs, better.  5 good legs can be amazingly stable.

While it took decades of neglecting informing the public about the MH image, a few years of good efforts would yield an ever larger pool of ready, willing and able MH buyers.

Fire, wood image

Take away people’s fears and concerns about MH, and you’ll see more cash and good credit customers over time.  Its about win-win, no game playing needed.

That’s just part of the reality-based plan. This works for those who do it properly.

We’re sticking to it.

How about you?  Ready to do some part of this?  Ready to reap the rewards of changing the image so you get more and better qualified buyers in your market(s)? ##



By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.


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