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2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show Professional Education Who’s Who in Finance, Marketing, Sales + Retail & Communities Success Stories!

March 12th, 2016 No comments

We will have 3 different business-building seminars for retailers and communities who are coming to the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. We routinely have a packed room – so come a few minutes early to get a seat! These are so popular, they are often SRO – Standing Room Only – Professional Seminars, Panels and Workshops!

Tunica2016ManufacturedHousingShow-Ani-newgif-500x2001. What’s New & Hot in Manufactured Home Financing! The manufactured home industry’s top lenders – land/home and personal property (chattel, home only) will be at the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show presenting their latest and/or most popular financing programs. This will be a fast paced panel of Industry Lenders, moderated by L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach. A Q&A will follow.

What s your company's 126 million-dollar problem - idea - solution?

2. What’s New and Hot on the Retailing and Community Scene! Successful MH Communities today are often retailing homes. MH Retailers and Learn from MH Communities, and MH Communities can learn from MH Retailers! Here is our current line up of panelists – from some of the TOP Companies!

  • REBobCrawfordDickMooreHousing-MHProNews-CuttingEdgeMarketingSalesBlog

    R. E. “Bob” Crawford.

    R. E “Bob” Crawford from fabled Dick Moore Housing – one of the largest and most established independent retailers of manufactured homes in the U.S.; the company also has land lease (MHCommunity) sites.


Image credit, Dick Moore Housing logo.

  • GinaBeasley_UMHProperties-

    Gina Beasley.

    Gina Beasley – Vice President / Tennessee Regional Manager  – UMH Properties. UMH is one of the largest community operators in the U.S., and has been investing in hundreds of new manufactured homes every year.


UMH is a top publicly trade manufactured home community REIT that retails homes.

  • FrankRolfeMobileHomeU-postedCuttingEdgeBlog-MHProNews-

    Frank Rolfe.

    Frank Rolfe has been a manufactured home community owner for almost two decades, and currently ranks as part of the 6th largest community owner in the United States, with more than 17,000 lots in 23 states in the Great Plains and Midwest. His books and courses on community acquisitions and management are the top-selling ones in the industry.


L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach, who has decades of community and retail marketing, sale management and consulting experience, will be moderating.

  1. Super-Savvy Marketing for More Sales. Its all about common sense marketing that works in the real world!  Recent retail and community pros attending Tony’s coaching and training sessions have rated his Super Savvy Tips a 10 out of 10. See why those who come to learn more, can earn more, in 2016.


SuperCharged Marketing and Sales, by L. A. “Tony” Kovach, will be showcased at the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show.

dare-to-soar-can-do-attitude-image-credit-wikicommons-poster-by-l-a-tony-kovach-posted-mhpronews-com- (1)

For more details, see Dennis Hill’s article here, or for the complete Tunica Show website videos, insights and more, click here. We’ll be at booth #74 at the Tunica Show. ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach with a live audience, showing the principles of attracting and selilng more customers with Cash or Good Credit. See him present at the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show on March 22nd.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

MH Profits, Sales, Education and the Launch of the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show Website

February 23rd, 2016 No comments

There has been a flurry of activity around the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show. Management informs us that its a sellout! Which means that attendees who are coming will have some:


Videos, a photo gallery, hotel, free online registeration and more are all available at this link. Check out the education/seminar page, we’ll be there the day before the show opens, on March 22nd.  That way, you don’t lose a minute of time viewing homes and exhibits.

Please say hi to us at booth #74 at the show, and watch the site and the Corporate Press Releases and the Daily Business News for show updates. For those who go, they tend to grow, so we look forward to seeing the movers, shakers and growth minded at the 2016 Tunica Show. ##


L. A. “Tony” Kovach is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S.. Tony will be presenting during the 2016 Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, see details, linked here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Content Is King! Blogging, Video B2B and B2C Tips for Manufactured Home Marketers

February 4th, 2016 No comments

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then an infographic can be worth still more. Good video takes time, effort and has a cost, but you’ll see from the third party facts below why investing in video makes good (Dollars and sense. 😉

One reason MHProNews and MHLivingNews dominate in their respective categories is because we practice what we preach. We generate daily, relevant content on MHProNews. The result? At the time I’m doing this blog, here is how many people our home page guest tracker says are on our site, “We have 3585 guests online.”

To put that in perspective, 1571 is the official total registrations (not arrivals, registrations) for the 2016 Louisville Show, per Show Ways Unlimited final tally. So we have more than double on our site at this moment, as the 2 day show had for total registrations. Needless to say, others will come to MHProNews during the course of every 24 hour day.


Screen capture of MHProNews home page guest counter, at date and time shown. Screen capture using Jing by TechSmith.

Check out these three infographics. The sources for each are cited below their respective infographic.


Outsource content creation can often be more cost effective, and while a company like Inklyo could be good in many fields, MHMarketingSalesManagement specialize in factory built housing. We know the market and the target audiences.

Marketers widely agree, Content is King. Good content means better SEO, more traffic and more love from Google or others. It means more return visits from your target audience. The following is circa Aug 2015.

Video and Your B2B or B2C Marketing.

The following data/chart is circa Aug 2015.


Compare what we do at MHMarketingSalesManagement to what any other similar firm does for the MH Industry. If you dare to compare our services with HighQ or any others, you’ll rapidly see why we have over 100 unsolicited endorsements from pros like you.

As you read the below, keep in mind that a blog post can be vidoes, images, text a combination or a variety of different kinds of content.


We have professional writers who know MH, but compre what we do to Blogger Sidekick or anyone else in MH. We give the added benefit that your marketing dollars support our industry building efforts, and routinely yields additional back links and exposure on sites you’d not otherwise be on – that’s good for your site and business image.

We do a variety of video styles, from commercials, to third-party news interviews, lower to higher tech. Two examples are below.

Note that the interviews are real people and are unscripted, that creates more interest for viewers.

What are you doing in your content marketing for 2016 to increase your engagement with your audience? Come to the pros who know the MH biz and know good content creation.

We do websites, professional content creation, including video, copy writing and more for B2B and B2C. We also do sales recruiting and sales coaching, that draws high praise from attendees.

What we don’t do, we can routinely point you to. For those ready to advance, one call or message can start it all. 863-213-4090 or ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach with a live audience, showing the principles of attracting and selilng more customers with Cash or Good Credit. See him present in Tunica on March 22nd, 2016 – click here for a video and more information!.

L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

What’s Your Plan During 2016 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show?

January 14th, 2016 No comments

What are your plans while at the 2016 Louisville MH Show? To catch the latest updates from other companies at the show, see their Corporate Press Releases, linked here.

Beyond that, a quick backgrounder below will be followed by a tip that can boost your business.  You’ll want to make sure you work what follows into your show mix.


We’ll once more have the “Youngest Exhibitor!” – Tamas (pronounced like TahMash) Kovach (pronounced like CoVatch – a “watch” with a V) at the 2016 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show.

We will be at Louisville for the 6th straight year, at booth #215.

No less a person than Louisville Show Chair Ron Thomas Sr. has publicly credited and thanked us for our role in bringing the show back from cancellation in 2010, see that kudos and thank you message, linked here.

Along with others, we’re super pleased that the show has advanced so far, so fast in these challenging times. As you think about who are you going to call for professional services, remember – the biggest turn-around in the industry’s recent history was credited to our team’s work.


Close up of Louisville Show Exhibitor map, MHMarketingSalesManagement – also known as (AKA) MHProLivingNews, MHProNews, – is at booth #215.

A Tip for Louisville 2016!

Video is red hot. A recent study suggests that marketers who use video online see a 76% increase in conversions! That said, as noted, MHProNews/MHLivingNews and our marketing and sales operation – – will be at booth #215.  We do contracted video, web, marketing, sales training and so much more…


See the article linked here by 83 Degrees Media (which covers subjects that are so hot, they’re cool) on L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach and his team. Soheyla Kovach, Left. Tamas (pronounced Tah Mash) center, and L. A. “Tony” Kovach, right. Photo credit 83 DegreesMedia and Julie Branaman.

We’ll make normally costly video a no brainier for you.  Between 9:30 AM to noon on Wednesday, January 20th and 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM Thursday, January 21. Depending on lines and demand, we may also add time on Friday morning, 9 AM to 10:30 AM. Here’s the simple plan!

Manufactured Home Retailers! MH Communities! MH Brokers!

Video can cost a $1000 per produced minute and up, depending on the level of tech and special effects. We can make you and your community the featured operation in a co-branded video like the one below for our Louisville Show special of only $295.*

You can get a video like the one above at a
special price during the Louisville MH Show.
Stop by booth #215 to learn more or to order your video!

We can make these videos for you, with or without you being in the video.  So there is NO stress or pressure.  If you want to be in the video, we can capture you – and using a green screen – allow us to edit you into your office, model home, or most anything – like the White House, Statute of Liberty – that we can get a high res photo of or video clip!

The Louisville Show Special – our customized basic $295* promo package – includes up to an hour of video editing, which allows us to personalize this video for you and your location!  

So your video would have your location’s name and logo, instead of Elite Homes, as in the example above.  

There are other cool things we can do for that same fee.  

We will also have other packages of vidoes – including on-site work that we could include in our popular Inside MH Road Show – that we will be offering during the L’ville Show at a special price.  If you are planning on video for 2016, don’t shake hands with anyone until you talk to us. You’ll get more for your money, period.

Bring your company check or credit card, come to booth #215 and we can make this happen for YOU and YOUR LOCATION at Louisville 2016.

Looking to outsource or contract services?


As one of the best known – and most endorsed – marketers and sales coach in all of manufactured housing, we should be your first, last or only call.  What we don’t do, we can point you to others who could likely provide a service you need.  For the fine print on the above, please see below.  We look forward to seeing you at the Louisville Show, booth #215. ##


Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S.. Tony will be presenting on SuperCharged Marketing and Sales during the Tunica Manufactured Housing Show, see details, linked here.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

* $295 Video Special Package Includes –

  • Posting on Vimeo (no commercials from third parties)
  • Plus YouTube, with back links that are good for your website’s SEO.
  • For the $295 price, you agree to back link and add an RSS feed to – which gives you consumer-relevant content that can boost your return traffic. Without the RSS feed and link, the price is $395.  You commit to having the feed and backlink up within 30 days of the end of the show. We will create a special page on, with a back-link to your site, once your RSS feed and back-link are in place.
  • Videos are produced on a first come, first served basis.
  • Video package purchasers are getting the use of the video as produced, but all other rights to the content are reserved by our parent company, Lifestyle Factory Homes, LLC.
  • ###

Easy Doesn’t Pay Well – in Life, or Manufactured Housing

January 11th, 2016 No comments

Don’t let excuses create a rut that keeps you from advancing. Photo credit, WikiCommons, poster credit,

The excuses given for low performance in MH are nearly endless. Blame the lenders, blame the leads, blame the CFPB, blame the marketing, blame Congress, blame local zoning officials, you get the picture, because you’ve heard them all and more.  So beyond the blame game what’s next?

How about not being the victim? 

How about being goal and solution oriented, vs excuse oriented? 

How about doing whatever honest effort it takes, instead of waiting for some easy sale?  As the president of a respect, successful firm told me, “Easy doesn’t pay well.

It all starts with Attitude

No less a successful personality in MH than Jim Clayton believes you can develop a good attitude, if you or a team member doesn’t already have one. 

Positive Information can spark that belief, that can do attitude. 

But ultimately it must be integrated. It can start outside, but the positive can-do attitude must live within. 


Look at the world through the eyes of those who choose MH over other housing options. One free way to start a good attitude is to see how many great stories from real home owners and pros you find on

Then, learn to know when you can use those stories to close more deals. Share the video(s) that addresses a customer’s needs, at the right time. 

pat-curran-cfo-asks-what-happens-if-we-invest-in-our-people-and-they-leave- ___ linkedin-submitted-by-pat-curran-posted-inspiration-blog-mhpronews

Sent by Pat Curran.

Attitude is the start. Marketing and Training that attracts and sells more of the customers with cash or good credit are the next steps. Easy doesn’t pay well, excuses are what locks someone into a rut.  Escape the rut, stop the excuses and be willing to learn the new ways to attracts and sell the people who can more easily qualify for your new homes. ##

LATonyKovach-Louisville-2015-mhpronews-com-275x156 (1)

L A ‘Tony’ Kovach has become one of the most widely recognized experts in MH marketing, sales and publishing.  See his SuperCharged Marketing and Sales seminar at the Tunica Show, for more details, click here.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.