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Dominating Your Local Market, The Manufactured Housing Revolution

October 25th, 2017 No comments

Nothing is changed until it is challenged.”
– Soheyla Kovach,
co-founder of and


In a variety of ways – in collaboration with professionals across the spectrum – first MHProNews, then MHLivingNews began to challenge the status quo that’s holding back the manufactured home industry.


With words, images, and videos – we proved that even a modest budget and a serious effort could make a difference in selected, local and regional markets.  We know, because we’ve proven time and again that we’ve done it for others –  here’s one that explains it all on video – so we can do it for you.


Progress is never inevitable.


Real progress occurs from commitment.

SIB-KIS_-_AIM_High posted on

Do you want or need to grow your business? Do you want to Dominate in your local market(s)?


The Runaway #1 in MH. We don’t just talk, we’ve proven our abilities.


Then pick up the phone or message to start the conversation.


The Manufactured Housing Revolution energizes professionals at every level in the industry. How about you? ## (Marketing, Sales, Management Consulting, Publishing, Video.)


Think beyond Feature Advantage and Benefit – FAB – which only positively impacts maybe 10% of all MH shoppers! FAB should only be used when needed. Learn what 21st century customers today really want. Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing services and consultant and MH sales trainer in the U.S.. He and their team publish and

L. A. “Tony” Kovach



For Individual Consideration or Group Discussion – Becoming a Manufactured Home Evangelist

May 29th, 2017 No comments

Analogies are a useful way to share a new, misunderstood, unique, or different concept. We’ll use a powerful insight based upon a widely understood analogy today to illustrate a professional point.

 For Individual Consideration or Group Discussion - Becoming a Manufactured Home Evangelist, Cutting Edge Manufactured Housing Marketing & Sales, Blog, MHProNews,

The common concept of ‘evangelization’ is a spiritual or religious one. Indeed, we will briefly examine that use of the term ‘evangelization,’ to see how – by analogy – lessons may apply to the manufactured housing profession.

But let’s not forget that Apple is an example of a super-successful operation that applied the evangelization concept in their business.

We’ve made the point before that one should not be bound to only FAB (Feature Advantage Benefit) forms of selling a manufactured homes. Yes, you need to know FAB for about 1 out of 4 types of customers. Please don’t conflate or confuse FAB with what what is being illustrated.

Example of Spiritual Evangelization

(In Corinth, Paul) “…for three months he debated boldly with persuasive arguments about the kingdom of God.” – Acts 19:8.

Be ready to give an explanation for the reason for your hope.” – 1 Peter 3:15.

Let’s key in on some of those words in bold typeface, beginning with “Be ready,” which implies routine training, study and practice.

Because preparation – training, study, practice – are how anyone becomes “ready” to ‘explain to’ or ‘debate with’ others.

Debated,” boldly” (confidently), “persuasive arguments,” “Be ready to give an explanation,” “reason for hope.”

There are many more examples in God’s Word of encouraging followers to be able to give a proper explanation or ‘witness’ to their beliefs.

Applying the Analogy to MH

But think! How many tens of millions are looking for hope in housing! How many wish to ‘be saved’ from renting, or higher costs of housing?

We’ve said publicly several times that if pretty pictures or even great looking home videos were enough, manufactured homes would be selling several hundred thousand new homes annually. The proof is found in the big numbers on MHVillage (for a fuller analysis, linked here).


What follows isn’t FAB, but it has a similarity.

We have to be able to give witness to the kinds of concerns that millions of prospects have about manufactured homes.

Listen to Tom Fath, an HVAC engineer by education and training. Keep in mind that engineers are not always known for high levels or emotional enthusiasm.

Yet listen to the evident zeal in Tom’s voice!

Also, for the purposes of this post, pay particular attention to what he has to say when realtors are peppering him with questions.

Then, if you are using this article for a group discussion, ask the group this question.

What other examples of evangelical zeal can be found besides Tom’s (or mine) in this video explanation by Tom?

"It's amazing what you don't know about something you've been aware of or involved with much of your life." That quote is my paraphrase of what a baseball legend said about his profession. That quote applies to everyone, in every profession – but it is truer for manufactured housing than most realize. Here’s another pensée to ponder. “Learn the basics, do the basics, and teach others the basics. Doing the basics honestly, well, and consistently will put you ahead of most of your competitors.” Among the communication basics we believe in is that stating the obvious can bring amazing clarity and insights to an issue. Here’s the obvious clarity. What matters to a business is reaching their target market. There are lots of ways to do that, please let me share an example we know well. Example In marketing, a big chunk of success is a result of repetition – how many touches – which means you want to be where your target audience is. We looked at our industry with fresh eyes - approaching 8 years ago – before we launched what we now call MHProNews. We continue to step back from time-to-time and take a fresh look, and we adjust or recreate ourselves in the light of those discoveries. Be Honest With Yourself, Then Be Compelling with Your Market We all have strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT). Almost 8 years ago, we saw that there was no consistent or easy way to get and stay in front of the manufactured housing professional audience. There were only 2 ‘full’ trade shows, and one partial one, and then smaller events. These – while useful – are not routine enough or profitable enough on their own for a year-round B2B marketing campaigns. That problem was an opportunity in disguise. It motivated us to create Seeing the big gap, we began to fill it by launching By creating “Daily Business News” – stories that no one else in the industry was doing – plus numerous other features – and later MHLivingNews - we’d feed the needs of thousands of professionals. That also is an obvious way of giving businesses trying to reach other MH Professionals a way to engage them every time they logged on. We rapidly became and remain number 1 as a result of doing the basics. In April 2017, in the tiny manufactured housing industry, we averaged over 7400 visits a day. Think about it! Thousands of professionals, logging on daily! That’s more than many other platforms touch in one or more months. Are Emails Enough? “But Tony, our business has a great email list.” If so, Terrific! • But what are you doing to reach those not on your list? • What are you doing to get those who may receive your email – but rarely if ever open it – to discover who it is sending them that message? "It's amazing what you don't know about something you've been aware of or involved with much of your life." People you know, and who you think know you, may not realize something you want them to. So, your operation has to “step in front of them.” Often! Daily, if possible! That means, you have to be where they are already looking, because they want to look there. B2B, that best place is MHProNews – thousands of readers just like you, from the industry’s billionaires and billion-dollar operations, to the mid-sized companies or the mom-and-pop businesses. This same principle applies to those businesses selling products and services to consumers (B2C). So back to the top. Marketing and Sales 101. Get and stay in front of your target audience. Do so in ways that your target audience will a) want to find you and b) will keep coming back, because they want to come back. Why are we more successful than others that have come and – mostly – gone? Because we KNOW the retailing, production, communities, lending and other services that go along with manufactured housing. We know the professional audience and the public too. We have the tee shirts, because we’ve sold the homes, knocked on the doors, walked the lines, been under the homes, know the firnancial services and what makes them tick, etc. etc. Everything else are details and commentary. Check back next week for more Marketing and Sales basics. And if you need specialized products or services - call or email us, first or last - but call us. Odds are we can do more for your budget than anyone else. Because we know, live and love the manufactured home business! We know and have your target audiences! ## L. A. 'Tony' Kovach | | Office 863-213-4090 | Connect on LinkedIn: +++ Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right. - Henry Ford

To see Marketing 101, Be Where Your Target Audience is, click the image above. Image credit, All Rights Reserved.

Tom explains the power of what we teach and do with clients. It has transformed their MH business. It has made positive impacts on others too.

If you want to learn more about how this process can be applied to your operations, call or email for a free initial consultation.  In the meantime, are you doing group discussions in your sales meetings?  A number of MH operations are using articles and videos we do precisely for discussion group purposes. Try it. ##

(Images above created by


Think beyond Feature Advantage and Benefit – FAB – which only positively impacts maybe 10% of all MH shoppers! FAB should only be used when needed. Learn what 21st century customers today really want. Tony is the most widely known and respected MH marketing services and consultant and MH sales trainer in the U.S.. He and his team publish and

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.

Media, Your Location and Jiu Jitsu. Defining Yourself in 2017 for Fun and Profit

January 12th, 2017 No comments

For the next several moments, be please be very self-centered.

Think about your career, your location and making 2017 – and beyond – the best it can be.


First think, attraction. You have to attract attention – hopefully in a positive way – to be able to sell more homes to qualified buyers who have cash or good credit. Image and collage credit, all rights reserved.

When Bad News Strikes Your Location or the Industry,
Turn Lemons into Lemonade defines Jiu Jitsu as “the use of an opponent’s strengths or one’s own weaknesses to accomplish one’s goals: That was a kind of intellectual jujitsu…”

Almost everyone knows how much the media can help or harm a business. We know that most media coverage on manufactured housing sadly tends to be more harmful then helpful. Think about stories on tornadoes and windstorms, community closures, MH lending or zoning stories – where almost every time, manufactured housing is made to look bad.


In a 50-minute PR/Media engagement, Marketing and Sales presentation, Tony will share expert insights on how the right media strategy for YOUR business, location or association can “Jiu Jitsu” a negative story into a more useful one.


Finance Panel – MH Lending Products Update and Lessons Learned

Always popular with industry professionals, the Standing Room Only (SRO) Seminar Series will bring you the 2017 version of the headline above. Presentation followed by Q&A.  Panelists for this pre-Tunica Show event will be announced circa mid-February.

Community and Retail “Lessons Learned” Panel

Always popular with industry professionals, the Standing Room Only (SRO) Seminar Series will bring you the 2017 version of the headline above. Presentation followed by Q&A. Panelists for this pre-Tunica Show event will be announced circa mid-February.

FYI – we will be at Booth #221 in Louisville.  Please stop by, and you can pick up one of these below, suitable for framing on your desk, office or lobby wall.  There are other business development and sales boosting focused specials we’ll be doing at Louisville too.  ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


Tony and team will be at the 2017 Tunica MH Show, among other upcoming events.

L. A. “Tony” Kovach and team MHProNews/MHLivingNews will be at Booth #221 in Louisville, as well as at the Tunica Show##

What Marketers can Learn from the Trump Campaign

November 29th, 2016 No comments

Marketers in our industry could study President-elect (PE) Donald J. Trump’s campaign for the White House for years to unpack all of its lessons. We will only scratch the surface, but let’s inspire some Ivy League graduate students, while also identifying ways you and your location(s) can benefit from these lessons too.


Donald Trump himself has said the he doesn’t believe that all publicity is good publicity. But he was routinely able to take negative attacks on him, and turn them to his advantage.

First, PE Trump tackled important issues head on.

  • He did not shy away from controversial issues.
  • PE Trump took on the establishment in his own Republican (GOP) party.
  • He took on the Democratic establishment and Hillary Rodham Clinton’s 2-billion-dollar campaign machine.
  • He took on President of the United States (POTUS) Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy, who has higher personal popularity than most second term presidents, even though his polices were not universally popular.
  • PE Trump took on much of the mainstream media.
  • He took on the politically correct (PC) culture.
  • Trump accomplished his victory with much less money than his GOP rivals, and far less money that the Clinton campaign.

So how did he achieve a victory after all those times the pundits, experts and his opponents thought he said or did something, that meant he was finished?

Let’s look.


Note that Trump used paid media too, which he used very wisely.

In no particular order of importance:

  • Trump had a series of simple messages.
  • When he stayed on message, those talking points appealed to large numbers of voters.
  • He was multi-media, including social media.
  • He spent money, but didn’t have to spend as much as his opponents.
  • He tapped the enthusiasm among his allies and supporters.
  • Trump’s allies, team members, surrogates and supporters were largely loyal.
  • His messages targeted weakness in his opposition and showcase strengths in his personal history and policy positions.
  • He did not stick to conventional norms. While many of his policies were “conservative” Republican positions, on trade agreements, infrastructure, entitlements, and other issues, he did not mind veering from GOP orthodoxy.
  • He was a long-time insider who admitted to using the system to succeed, turned outsider who challenged the system in his party, the opposition parties, and the media.
  • He did not pretend to be perfect.
  • He did not back down.
  • He delivered often surprising victories or came back from what others called gaffs that would have killed other candidates. To rephrase, he never quit.
  • He created what some might think were unlikely coalitions for a GOP candidate.
  • He targeted groups, such as African-Americans and Hispanics, in direct and unsubtle ways that didn’t pander. Rather, he attempted to show them why he was a better option than Secretary Clinton or the third-party candidates.

These lists are not all inclusive, and we aren’t weighted as to which items were ‘more or less’ important.  They all blended together, like a stew, to deliver a victory.

This post won’t dive full bore into how these facts could translate into lessons for manufactured housing. What the Cutting Edge


Millions think the word ignorant is an insult…wrong! We are all ignorant about many things. Ignorant means you don’t know about some specific topic. None of us are God-like know it alls.

will state is that there are numerous takeaways. Let’s mention just a few before wrapping this up.

  • PE Trump did not do it all alone. He – and we – need to establish real allies and supporters.
  • Enthusiasm makes a difference.
  • He never quit. He kept coming and coming. We should not quit either.
  • Just as his building projects often come in on or ahead of time and on or under budget, so too he made his media investments yield larger than typical results.
  • He had a combination of paid team members, who were experts, along with volunteer supporters, who with signs, bumper stickers, hats and online efforts made his message go much further.

As a side note, the article linked below in the Patch suggests some of the reasons why manufactured housing pros – no matter who you supported in the primaries or general election -should be hopeful for positive outcomes from a Trump Presidency.


Some think you have to steer clear of all controversial issues. Did Donald Trump do that? No. MHProNews has routinely dived into controversies, and we have routinely been the run-away leader in our MH industry trade publishing niche. Doing controversy correctly – that’s the key.

Ladies and gentlemen, U.S. Housing is a trillion dollar a year Industry. Manufactured homes are roughly 5% of the current total of all U.S. sales of all types of conventional and factory-built housing.  That means we have huge upside potential.  That’s one of many reasons why we can go into a market and move the needle positively when others can’t – we know how to attract and convert that conventional housing buyer, which represents a much wider share of the market.

Given the growing reality of the affordable housing crisis, with rents and conventional housing costs rising steadily, with incomes flat for most Americans, we have the right product at the right time.

By applying the commonsense lessons from successful marketing efforts, including lessons found inside and outside MH – such as the example of the Trump campaign – we could grow in your markets and nationally to levels you may not believe are possible.

With the right plan and proper execution, it can be done.

Call or message to discuss how it can be done for you and your location(s).  ##

(Image credits are as shown above.)


Tony is the among the most widely known and respected MH marketers, consultants and MH sales trainers in the U.S.. He and his team publish top rated and

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.
Ph 863-213-4090 | |
Connect on LinkedIN 




Can Misinformation become Profitable?

October 20th, 2016 No comments


Let me spoil the punch-line to this brief story by answering the headline question in the first paragraph.  Yes, but only when misinformation leads to an “aha!” moment, through properly shared information.


Here are three posts I found on an article online about manufactured homes.  These are the actual public comments, unedited.

— —

susanedwardsgouldpostedlakelandledgermanufacturedhousingindustrymhpronewsSusan Edwards Gould

You should never live in a mobile/manufactured/trailer home in Fla. With all the tornadoes, hurricanes, unnamed storms you are just asking for death and destruction. Also you claim that no mobile home has been in built in years..hmm..Does anyone remember Katrina? Lobbyist much?


Richard Sutherland

@Susan Edwards Gould

So what is the solution? As an aging America grows poorer and poorer, what can they do? I agree with you, the manufactured homes are inherently unsafe, but it’s like driving a car. It’s a chance that we’re willing to take to get from here to there. Those in the manufactured homes are hoping that they aren’t unlucky. I don’t know that they have a viable choice.

lindamurray-manufacturedhousingindustrycommentpostedlakelandledger-mhpronewsLinda Murray

@Susan Edwards GHOUL…
Hey, extortionist… a TRUE ‘MOBILE HOME’ is any home that can be hooked up to, & pulled, behind ones personal vehicle. That’s what she was talking about.

— —

What Sparked these Public Comments?

Answer – this linked article:

Do you think that this represents the kind of thoughts that much of America has today about manufactured housing?  Sadly, a Badger-state word answer.  YouBetcha.

I’m a big believer in being willing to do what I ask or suggest that others do.  So I posted the following reply:

latonykovachfacebook-manufacturedhomeindustrymhpronewsTony Kovach

@Susan Edwards Gould
Susan, sorry but the facts beg to differ with your view.

There have been a number of studies done on this subject. So long as a manufactured home is properly installed, it is as durable as a conventional house, or in many cases, more so. Not my opinion, that of the engineer referenced in the video on the page linked above.

— —


Graphics above for the people on the public comments are from the Lakeland Ledger website. Other graphics on this page, are by

Note – I only answered one of her questions – the most important one.  The terminology issue is another one that just flew right over Gould’s head.

3 Quick Steps

  • Please take 3, post a comment on this article.
  • Be pithy, short and to the point.
  • Let me suggest – Don’t sell, inform.

Open some eyes, even if it isn’t in your market.  Knowledge shared, is knowledge multiplied.

You never know when a Google search, or a move or some other twist of fate leads someone to you because you took the time to inform someone about the truth regarding modern manufactured homes.

Take Nike’s advice. Just do it.

Truly Informing.  It is how misinformation becomes an opportunity in disguise. ##

LATonyKovach-Louisville-2015-mhpronews-com-275x156 (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach is publisher of MHProNews, MHLivingNews and is a marketing/sales/consultant to the MHIndustry.

By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.