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Advertising 101: Your Attention Please!

May 30th, 2012 No comments

We do all types of articles here on the Cutting Edge blog. From factual to fun. From serious to occasionally a bit whimsical. We may share statistics, proven methods in marketing and sales, and much more. But the common theme is business building, on or off line.

This one is a bit of fun, and maybe just a tad silly. But it underscores one of the most important points about advertising or marketing. You have to get people's attention.

You want your target market to look. Let's see some real examples of what the power of "made you look" can do for you.


I Love My Manufactured Home Issue of My Oh My the Sun


For companies in manufactured housing who retail and communities who sell, our consulting division's proprietary approaches – serious or silly – have boosted traffic and sales. We tell our clients, "If you follow our system, we don't cost, we pay."

Advertiser's here on MHProNews are discovering the power of 'made you look' too.

National companies and regional events have learned that we can drive more business to their doors. Want proof? Check out some of our client testimonials, at this link here.

Getting the attention of your prospective client is the first job.

When you do so in a fashion that helps them to become interested in the value of your product or service, then marketing or advertising has done its job.

Last year, our client Show Ways Unlimited and the Midwest Manufactured Housing Federation (MMHF) used a man eating shark to get attention. It worked. Next year…

…well, you will see what their next promotion will be.

For 5 more free tips on advertising, send me an email at Tell me in your message, what part of the factory built housing industry you are in, your web address and what your target market is. Made you look is the bonus idea we shared above.

Knowing how to get people to look into your product or service is a key for any business. It is how ( became #1 in manufactured housing trade media. Let us help you Dominate Your Local Market too. ##

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Progress, Status Quo and Failure

May 22nd, 2012 No comments

We all say that we want to progress or advance in sales and profits. Certainly some companies are selling more new homes in manufactured housing. That means more loans are being closed, more insurance policies are being written, so the whole range of products and services that go into every new manufactured home sales takes place.

But what makes the difference between progress, status quo and failure?

Let's look at five true-to-life examples to answer the question. While these examples are ours, they could apply to other circumstances too. So use the open mind to success, enjoy and profit.

Example of Progress:

A client not only thanked us for the work done and their significantly enhanced results, but they introduced us to another MH company. Not a 2 minute introduction, this was a 45 minute 3 way conversation.

The client heard Tony sharing an idea at a meeting. That lead to a conversation. The conversation led the firm becoming a client. This owner had an open mind. He was curious. He investigated, he listened, he acted.

He profited.

Like many of you, this man was "busy." But he wasn't too busy to learn more to earn more! He made time for what was important. That is the takeaways from this first true tale.

Examples of status quo:

This is perhaps the most common group.

Professionals all tend to run a similar path every day. You follow the same road to and from work. You do things at work similarly too. Is it any surprise when you do the same things the same way, that you keep getting the same results?

By contrast, another gent sent us a message to say thank you. He confessed he was a status quo guy for a long time. But then it happened…

The thank you was first for the insights they gained from reading at (, then later from using a specific program and process. A page long message said in part, that he had been in business for decades. He thought he "knew it all." It wasn't until he stopped to consider something new that he was able to advance.

So if you are satisfied, don't change. That is the status quo. But if you are looking for more, be open minded and ready to do more. Then, do what it takes to make that more a reality. The takeaway here is leaners are better earners.

Not every story has a happy ending.

One business owner wanted to grow. They "wanted" to advertise. They invested serious dollars in their operation. Limited on funds, they felt they had to "protect" their resources by "playing it safe." No ads, no growth. They played it so safe, their doors finally closed.

The takeaway from the above is this: the 'safe' center may look safe, but it is the center lines where you find the dead carcasses on the road.

Example of Going Backwards.

The truth is that you typically are advancing or retreating in business. Tony Kovach shared an experience with me of an owner who spoke to him at a large industry meeting. The man described how he had grown tired of all the "fights." Which fights?

"SAFE Act, Dodd-Frank, state and local regulations! I finally got sick of it all." said the owner. "I stopped trying to figure it all out." He turned, and left the meeting.

While we can sympathize, is it any surprise why the occupancy of that community owner declined after he got "tired" of all the "fights?" Note too that the same meeting produced some very motivated attendees.

This takeaway? "You don't tell the fire place, give me warmth and I'll give you wood!" You get out the heat to the measure that you thoughtfully and purposefully put in.

Some tips:

  • Be open to new ideas. The "Know it all" means you can't learn.
  • Keep the bottom line in mind. It is more important to be ready to change directions in a new, better direction than to keep following the same line day after day.
  • Reach out: to peers; network and don't be afraid to hire a professional to get your job done. You wouldn't hesitate to go to a doctor for a medial worry. Why hesitate to hire a professional to help your business?

Progress, the status quo or failure. The choices are yours.##

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May 16th, 2012 1 comment

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Pinterest must already be worth billions. I recently signed up, and want to encourage you to sign up and/or pass the following on to all on your email lists.

We can add to this, of course, this is a start.

The idea is simple. It can benefit what ever it is you do in manufactured housing. Here is how.

We show appealing photos and a bit of copy with an image that showcases what is good about the Manufactured Home LifeStyle. This isn't selling one company's homes – it is selling the lifestyle – which will lead people to retailers and communities over time, which will sell homes.

It is a soft sell, not a hard one.

There are links back to our new site. As you know, this site is for Business 2 Business professionals, so we really don't look for ANYONE outside of our Industry to jump in here (not hiding it, just keeping it focused on professionals).

The new MHLivingNews.comis different. We want people far and wide to see this site! Pinterest will be one way to get them there.

If you decide to do a Pinterest board, let me make a suggestion. Do something that will attract attention In Addition to manufactured homes. In my case, I used Chicago Botanic Gardens. I may add others interests later as time permits. But the point is that if someone likes the Gardens, and they end up on the board, they are likely to see what else that person – in this case me, but it could be thee! – is interested in.

When politicians are using Pinterest to connect with voters (and they are) on a personal level, it is one of millions of reasons for us to use this as a simple and free tool to showcase manufactured and modular homes. The more people see, the more they will get curious.

Drops of water over time will fill the bucket. We can't “pin” our hopes on that alone, but if we do some pinning along with other things like, it will only help our Industry's image – and that will drive more sales and satisfaction.

Please, check it out and pass the hotlink above along! ##


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The Power of Moms

May 11th, 2012 No comments

I read an interesting article the other day about the power of moms. It's not 'new' news to anyone how powerful moms are. They are and have been the rock of the family. They keep the kids (and husbands) healthy, on time, on task, well fed, well dressed, and so much more.

But the article I read focused on the influence of moms, specifically mothers who contribute opinions, ideas and thoughts through the internet. They’re called “Mommy Bloggers” and some have huge followings throughout the country. They have blogs that discuss child care, meals, shopping, entertainment, children's health, issues of working moms and other things pertaining to the daily life of moms.

This article focused on two companies who tapped into the power of these Mommy Bloggers, Johnson & Johnson and McDonald’s. In the case of Johnson and Johnson, they sent these Mommy Bloggers free product sample to test out and write about, created contests for moms to post YouTube videos of them using their products. These were great ideas that stimulated conversations about their products among a large pool of their potential clients.

McDonald’s took it a step further. They actually invited many of these Mommy Bloggers to McDonald’s headquarters outside of Chicago. They could see firsthand what the company does in its test kitchens, throughout the corporate complex and also in actual restaurants. They wanted the people that influence and make a family’s dining decision to see what goes into a McDonald’s meal. With so much negative attention surrounding fast food, they felt the need to be proactive and introduce these influencers to what goes on behind the counter.


Mom shopping with A child photocredit wikimedia commons

Mom shopping with a child
photocredit wikimedia commons


Initial follow up shows that both of these outreach programs have worked to defuse some cases of negativity and increase family purchases.

Think about your business. Is there an opportunity for you to influence the influencers, moms or who ever they may be? If so, do it. The idea is to get people to gain a better understanding of your product, to see the advantages of your product and for them to open an educated dialog among your target audience. A trusted, like-minded voice will be heard by many.

Tony Kovach and the MHProNews ( team have launched a similar effort. Check out, if you have not already done so. See how our team seeks to remind the millions who own or live in a mobile and manufactured homes of the value of their lifestyle. By influencing current owners, they can influence others. This is a proven way to grow sales and satisfaction.

Thousands have logged onto last month, and its bound to spread. Check it out, and help influence the influencers. The new sales you may influence could be your own. Don't believe it? Just ask a mom. They live in our industry’s product and influence people all the time.##

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The View

May 5th, 2012 1 comment

I was speaking to an ad buyer at an advertising agency the other day. I thought I was doing a heck of a job selling him, when I proudly told him that our Click-Through rates were much higher than what Google recently reported as their averages. His response…

“Jeff, I really don’t care about click-through rates.”

What? An ad man that is interested in buying online advertisements isn’t concerned with click-through rates?

He told me that with online advertisements it’s all about “viewability”. The opportunity for prospects, who spend a great deal of time online, to see his client’s ad. He explained that McDonald’s doesn’t advertise online to sell you an Egg McMuffin that minute. They do it to stay in front of their audience. They know most people won’t click their ad and even if you click their ad, that purchase won’t happen immediately.


You only get about 3-8 seconds to view a highway billboard.
(Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)


He further explained that the value in online advertising is the “measurable viewing time” that an ad has with a visitor. A billboard on the highway is seen for just a few seconds, a commercial for just 30 seconds, but online news and information sites have much longer viewing times. For example, on this site, the average visitor will read about 7 – 8 pages (think different stories) during their time spent on our site. That allows a much longer “measurable viewing time” than most other advertising opportunities. And that means the advertisers name, product or service is making a much larger impression on the visitor.



For Real Estate, the mantra is location, location, location.
For Marketing, the mantra is Repetition, Repetition, Repetition.
Where online is also important, go for a website that puts you
routinely in front of your target market.


In the end, what impressed that advertising professional the most about was the 112,245 visitors (think, MH Professionals, Execs and Owner readers), 817,745 page views and 2,023,635 'hits' this past month. This is more than all the other similar business to business resources in the Industry combined. That meant the industry professionals that his client wants to reach are on our site in large numbers and for a lengthy duration.

So, learn the same lesson that I did…when it comes to online advertising, think beyond click through rates to view-ability and readers viewing time. # #

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