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Donald Trump Campaign Features MHProNews Soheyla Kovach Article + More MH News Hits Media

May 23rd, 2016 No comments

ICYMI – In Case You Missed It, the Trump presidential campaign website has featured an MHProNews  article by Soheyla Kovach, click the screen capture below to see it.


MHProNews publishers L. A. “Tony” and Soheyla Kovach have publicly supported Donald Trump for president, who in our view is the best candidate overall in the race and as the one most likely to take actions benefitial to MH home owners, potential home buyers and business professionals – as well as the nation at large. Our editorial position may or may not represent the views of any given sponsor, so it should be understood that this is our personal position.  Other well reasoned viewpoints are welcome.

Watch for another article by Soheyla in the June issue of next week.

Supporting the MH Regulatory Fairness Agenda in DC and beyond recently produced a new video, and we promoted it with various media outlets. Google News picked it up, as did the outlets shown below, under the title:


Still from the video at the page linked here, with all credits shown at the end of the video, linked here.

Richard Cordray Rebuffs Senator Who Questions CFPB Finance Rules

Among the news media and special interests websites that picked it up are:

  • 740 KVOR
  • Alamogordo Daily News
  • American Public Media


  • Anchorage Daily News
  • Ask
  • AZ Central
  • Belleville News Democrat
  • Benton Courier


  • Big Spring Herald
  • Biospace
  • Blogroll Center
  • Bradenton Herald


  • Carlsbad Current-Argus
  • CBS 47
  • Centre Daily Times
  • CEO World News


  • Contra Costa Times
  • Daily Herald
  • Daily Times Leader


  • Decatur Daily Democrat
  • Deseret News
  • Digital Media Wire
  • El Nuevo Herald
  • El Paso Times


  • eMoney Daily
  • eZanga
  • Farmington Daily Times
  • Fat Pitch Financials


  • Fox 16
  • Fox 23
  • HeraldNet Everett, Washington


  • HousingWire
  • HPC Wire
  • Hydro Review
  • Idaho Statesman


  • Industrial Info
  • Inside Bay Area
  • International Business Times
  • InvestorPlace
  • Inyo Register


  • Kane Republican
  • Kansas City Star
  • KARN News Radio 102.9 FM / 920 AM Little Rock, Arkansas
  • LA Daily News


  • Las Cruces Sun-News
  • Lexington Herald-Leader
  • Link My Stock


  • Macon Telegraph
  • Malvern Daily Record
  • Mammoth Times
  • Market Intelligence Center


  • Milwaukee Wisconsin Journal Sentinel
  • Minster Community Post
  • Minyanville
  • Money


  • California Gold Country
  • NewsChannel 9/ WSYR
  • NewsOK


  • Observer News Enterprise
  • Pasadena Star-News


  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Poteau Daily News
  • Press Enterprise
  • Press-Telegram
  • Redlands Daily Facts


  • Renewable Energy World
  • Ridgway Record
  • Rockford Register Star
  • Ruidoso News


  • Salt Lake City Tribune
  • San Bernardino County Sun
  • San Gabriel Valley Tribune
  • San Jose Mercury News


  • Santa Cruz Sentinel
  • Securities Technology Monitor


  • Sign On San Diego
  • Star Telegram


  • Star Tribune
  • Starkville Daily News
  • Stocknod
  • StreetInsider
  • Sun Herald


  • Sweetwater Reporter
  • The Antlers American
  • The Bellingham Herald
  • The Boston Globe
  • The Buffalo News


  • The Cincinnati Enquirer
  • The Columbus Ledger Enquirer
  • The Daily Breeze
  • The Daily Press
  • The Evening Leader


  • The Island Packet
  • The MiamiHerald
  • The Morning News
  • The Network Journal
  • The News & Observer


  • The News Tribune
  • The Olympian
  • The Pilot News
  • The Post and Mail
  • The Punxsutawney Spirit


  • The Sacramento Bee
  • The San Luis Obispo Tribune
  • The State
  • The Sun News


  • TransWorldNews
  • Travel Weekly
  • Valley City Times-Record
  • Value Investing News
  • WallStreetSelect


  • Wapakoneta Daily News
  • Whittier Daily News
  • Wichita Eagle


  • Wire Service.Co
  • WIVT/WBGH NewsChannel 34
  • WND


  • WooEB
  • World Net Daily
  • WRAL

If you go to a Google search and take the headline “Richard Cordray Rebuffs Senator Who Questions CFPB Finance Rules” in quotes then using a plus + sign, place in quotes any media site shown above, the search result should give you a link to the page that has our pro-MH story on this topic.  Here is one example, linked here.


Take Simple Steps to Grow. Getting positive, pro-MH items into the news, using good video and professional best practices can each have a tremendous ROI. Having the right – or wrong – public policy will clearly impact sales too.

Short, Medium and Long Term Strategies/Actions for Long-Term Sustainable Growth

Manufactured housing collectively has all-too-often played to the immediate for far too long. There is a serious need to create a steady drip, drip, drip of pro-industry news that is accurate as well as compelling.

We aren’t just preaching this, we are practicing it and have for many years. In the last year, we’ve done a number of out reaches to mainstream media, like the one above. These are typically done in tandem with local or regional businesses, who get favorable exposure in exchange for supporting our media engagement efforts.

Let’s be clear and state the obvious to make a point. All media requires sponsors. So directly or indirectly, any media story takes place only because some persons or operations have made it possible.

Taking out The “Trailer Trash” Talk

MHProNews and MHLivingNews does similarly to other media, yet in a different way. When your firm or others work with and supports our pro-Industry educational and image building efforts, we in turn support those good operations specifically as well as the industry at large.

Together, with a growing number of forward thinking firms, we are seeing MH sales rise. The MH lifestyle is being lifted up instead of demeaned. The manufactured home owners we feature in video interviews clearly blow away the deeply flawed and unjust image of ‘trailer trash.’


Still from the video, linked here.



Jerry McKibben is an engineer; he and his wife Karen who worked for years in customer service, decided to buy a residential style manufactured home. That video will be posted soon on MHLivingNews, and will be linked up here once posted.  Videos like these help change the stereotypes about manufactured home buyers and living.

Short, medium and long range planning and execution is absolutely necessary for our industry to reach its potential. Working with forward thinkers – perhaps like you and your operation? – we are driving home the stories that benefit manufactured housing. We are taking the short, medium and long term look at public policy too. By improving public policy towards MH and improving our image with the public at large, the certain outcome will be more satisfied home buyers, and bnefits for those who serve them well.  That’s the story, and we’re sticking with it. ##


Soheyla Kovach, Left. Tamas (pronounced Tah Mash) center, and L. A. “Tony” Kovach, right. Photo credit 83 DegreesMedia and Julie Branaman.

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

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Profitable, Bottom Line Change for Manufactured Housing Pros

May 18th, 2016 No comments

Change is a constant in life. For the sales professional, management or owners doing what yields the best bottom line results is attractive.

When industry MH and MHC leaders recently talked about attracting more of the site-built market to consider manufactured homes, they were stating the obvious need for manufactured housing to grow from its currently low levels. 


The latest unsolicited recommendation via Linkedin – Tony has been given  100s of unrequested endoresements for he and his team’s pro-MH growth work.  FYI – Tony stresses that all such success is always a matter of team work – and his team and sponsors do so much to make this work possible.             >>> Our thanks to Mary, and to all the association execs and staff who work hard to advance MH for their members.

Most are happy that MH is growing 8 percent a year average for the last six years, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to what MH could be doing.

One big difference between now and the glory days of the roaring 1990s is that manufacturers, retailers and some communities provided sales training for their management and staffs. 

Sure, there was looser credit back then, but when the easy financing dried up, MH sales training was pulled, crashed and so did sales results. 

Loose credit turned out to be a disaster. The answer to growing sales for manufactured housing is obvious. You and you operation have to learn toattract and engage and sell ever-more credit qualified and cash customers.

The video on this page provides a living example of how the right kind of training can yield profitable, bottom line results. ##

Editor’s Note:  To learn more about Tuesdays with Tony, please click here. ###

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (2)

See the kind words shared by the MMHF Chairman, by clicking the photo linked above.

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach

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Managing MH Change – ADKAR – Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement

May 11th, 2016 No comments

One of the best seminar topics in the recent 2016 MHI Congress and Expo in Las Vegas was presented by a panel from CU Factory Built Lending. They explained how as a division of San Antonio Credit Union (SACU), CUFBL had their managers go through the same change management training that they were now sharing with attendees at the breakout session held in the Caesar’s Palace Conference Center.

What made this particularly interesting was the fact that when we approach coaching a new client in manufactured home sales, without using the same terminology, we were applying many similar concepts.


ADKAR is short for:

  • Awareness,
  • Desire,
  • Knowledge,
  • Ability and
  • Reinforcement

For example, those who have been through part one of Tuesday’s with Tony  know that we invest time in grounding what’s presented by first establishing awareness and then fueling the desire to embrace the ideal or change being showcased.

Without the desire to change, its mighty hard to make successful change a reality. So I asked the presenters this question: what do they think has to happen when someone is unwilling to make the changes requested?

Their reply was candid and spot on. If someone doesn’t buy in, then they may not be a good fit for the team.

That’s often one of the hardest things for an owner or manager to accept. What do you do when a team mate doesn’t buy in?

Before you begin, leadership must accept the fact that change can’t be an option left up to each individual team mate. That would result in leadership and management chaos.


CU Factory Built Lending panel, sharing a powerfully insigbhtful session on change management, using the ADKAR method. Rachel Young, John Walters and Barry Noffsinger – at right – speaking. As an FYI – A Cup of Coffee with…Barry Noffsinger, is linked here.

I’ve invited John Walters, Barry Noffsinger and Rachel Young to share an upcoming article with their power point – because managing change is a key to advancing manufactured housing success at your location, company, in your market(s) and in the industry. Stay tuned for their article! ##


Tony is perhaps the most widely known and respected MH marketing and sales trainer in the U.S..

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.