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Lifting Boats, Changing Lives in Manufactured Housing

April 27th, 2015 No comments

Last year, Evan Atkinson from award winning Williams-Burg Square, Wally Comer and Rich Rice at Adventure Homes all teamed up on our MH image/education video/training project.  What follows below is possible due in part to what those gents and their fine teams helped kick off in the wrap up of 2014.


This is a raise the boats project, for reasons that you will see from the fine line up of high value videos that are going to showcase quality MH Living in ways that the public at large rarely if ever sees.

We’ve just spent a very intense week on the road, doing more Inside MH video interviews.  Thursday and Friday alone, we shot some 20+ video interviews.  We did many others earlier videos, tours and interviews earlier in the week. Through this process, we are telling the tale of contemporary MH, via the lens of those who know our homes the best…

1) MHC Residents/MH Home owners who love their homes. 

2) Pros and public officials who know MH, and respect what we do. 

3) Plus MHPros who are working hard to do MH right


Here is a sampling of the subjects for videos we shot this past week: 

Tyson – Purdue North Central graduate student, who will have his masters degree in a month. We do the math on owning a new MH vs. living in student housing. Tyson is a sharp guy, athletic assistant coach, soft spoken. He’s the kind fellow ladies will swoon over.  He loves living in an MH.

Linda – Realtor ® – she has sold hundreds of MHs, even more conventional houses. Linda stressed in her interview that more professionals in real estate need to become engaged with MH sales, because MHs are good, quality affordable homes that fill a huge need that they otherwise can’t do with existing housing.

Regina – is an elected city official, serving her ward for 17 years on their township’s council. Regina’s husband is a retired police chief. Due to a great career option, they had the need to find a new home in a new town. She talks about how her law enforcement husband checked out the MHC, and loved the safety of the community they eventually settled in. In time, they sold their nice site built house. She loves their MH and the land-lease community. Regina is a classy lady, you’ll hear it much more from her personally via the video interview we did for in the days ahead.


Von and President Barack Obama. This is a brilliant, non-political interview upcoming!

Von – We are excited about all of our video interviews, but this is one that will certainly cause forward thinkers to sit up and take notice. Von is an executive with the Kalamazoo Promise. He’s been covered by mainstream media many times. The high school he was principal at was visited by President Obama, and he has the photos to prove it.  Besides their very cool program, Von talked about the high appeal and value of modern MH.

Tim – Professional Home Inspector – president of their state home inspection association.  He’s inspected thousands of conventional houses.  He talks about how even 1/2 million dollar houses that are brand new can have problems.  Tim shares first hand insights about the often costly, troubling issues he sees with resale houses. Tim stressed the consistent quality, easier care and much more about modern MH. 

Senior VP of major international pharmaceutical company, her husband is retired postal engineer. I’d guess she likely alone earns1/3 million a year.  They love their MH, which they customized.

Jim – Services and appliances provider, successful business, says the homes are getting better appliances and parts than most apartments or houses. He owns one, loves it. 

More DIY videos, from the Fath family’s New Durham Estates. The first is still popular, these will be too!


Jon & Amy – young Senior Service Tech, who left the apartment he got for free to buy an MH for his growing family.  They love the quality, low cost and appealing lifestyle.

Don and Carol, couple owned and stabled show horses.  That is not inexpensive! Some were worth well over 6 figures each, plus their health and upkeep. They sold their property, to buy the MH they love to enjoy a more relaxed lifestyle.

Numerous other individuals, families and couples who love their MH. Also more professionals who love their MH, and brag about their great life that most don’t grasp due to stereotypes.  


Video Interview at New Durham Estates.

Factory tours, with high value footage, plus two more MH home production centers are coming up to be videoed this week, along with an MH Retailer or two and more home owners. 

We also interviewed successful pros in various fields.  Others are pros in MH, or work in MH. 

John Caron and his team who supported this past week’s effort has communities that are 100% full, with only one that has only a handful of vacancies.  So why did John and his cool team get behind this image and educational effort?

Because he and his associates see the value of telling the MH story through the voices of those who live in their homes and love them.  It is good for their future, while being good for the growth of the MH industry. 

The Bottom Line, Literally!

The MH Industry has waited for decades for something like these third-party interview videos and related stories. Will they cause a land rush at a sales center tomorrow? What they will do is give those who discover them reasons to see MH in a new light. With thousands of visits daily on and millions of page views, it will over time move those shoppers from curious to keen on why MH could be a good fit for them. That’s the bottom line. ##

LATonyKovach-Louisville-2015-mhpronews-com-275x156 (1)By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

Netflix Killing HBO, TV = a MH Marketing Opportunity

April 19th, 2015 No comments

Re/code and Business Insider recently broadened the competitive look between Netflix and HBO, with these provocative headlines.

Image Credit - Google-netflix

Image Credit – Google.

This is hardly a new thought. Cable has been killing broadcast TV for years. Now, the Internet is transforming video viewing too. Recall this article from last year?

Broadcast TV has been dying, or morphing into cable. Cable is under assault from streaming or webcast programming. Technology is changing entertainment and marketing alike.

What this means is that there are growing opportunities to create a channel that is focused on manufactured and modular homes as an appealing and affordable solution.

On, we’ve been setting the stage for a Manufactured Home Living Video Channel. There are lots of ways to tell the MH story. Let’s consider a few.


Olga Pecanac tells her story during an engaging video interview,
and she shares her take on modern MH.

Let’s expose them to MH home and lifestyle through story telling, done via:

  1. By talking to those people who don’t currently own a MH. Show them the home, then get their feedback on the home afterward. Olga Pecanac is one such story.

  1. By talking to those who already live in a manufactured home and enjoy their lifestyle.

  1. By talking to those who are professionals – in and out of MH – who know modern MH well, respect it and are happy to tell others why these are quality, appealing and affordable homes.


On, you’ll find an ever growing array of videos and articles where people who know MH are interviewed. Make sure your team sees these. Make sure they pass it onto others.


Person to person or social media are great ways to spread a message. Video is ‘taking over’ a growing share of the internet. We are teaming up with forward thinking companies who see the value of creating a channel that educates the public and as a result, will cause a growing number to turn to MH.

We will spell out and showcase more in the days ahead the many ways we work with companies small, medium and large to grow their business and thus to grow their results. It reminds me of a program done in WV years ago. Retailers teamed up to boost the MH image. Those who didn’t participate in the program benefited too, by about 15%. But those who were a direct part of the program grew 5x more than those didn’t invest!

It pays to invest in the future of MH image and education. More in the days ahead. ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach with a live audience, showing the principles of attracting and selilng more customers with Cash or Good Credit.

By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

What Makes Manufactured Housing so Different?

April 12th, 2015 No comments

We are going to keep today short and sweet, from utter necessity (I’ve got a flight to catch!). What makes marketing and selling MH so different? First, step back and take a look from 40,000 feet.

If I told you I had a car that sold for 25-50% less than a comparable new car, and that the performance of my car was proven to be as good or better than other cars in its class, what would you think? A winner, right? Or maybe you’d think, too good to be true?

So why doesn’t MH fly off the proverbial shelves? What makes it so different?

We could write a book on this, but as noted, will hit only a few quick points. If you said, Image, you’d only be partially correct.

You see, we have multiple layers of challenges. Among them, education. This is not only true for the public at large, but it is also true – among our own professional ranks.

pat-curran-cfo-asks-what-happens-if-we-invest-in-our-people-and-they-leave- ___ linkedin-submitted-by-pat-curran-posted-inspiration-blog-mhpronews

Sent by Pat Curran.


I’ve done seminars on marketing and sales for single companies as well as association, trade shows and other meetings. I’ll often have people who have been in the industry for decades, saying at the end, I learned a lot today. Some will say, I learned more in an hour or two than I have in years.

The problem is NOT that this or that pro, rather, that we as an industry have failed to routinely invest in the training of our people.

You either pay for ignorance (which will cost you sales) or you pay for the right training (which will make you sales). You are paying either way. I assure you, the right training will make you money, the wrong or no training will cost you money.


Last thought for today. Learning to sell a MH isn’t about a fancy close, high pressure, or how to trick someone into a deal. Many of those who thought so went out of business in the last big downturn. Rather, good selling is like any good profession. You learn how to guide the customer to a wise decision, in a fashion comfortable for them. Patience and training both pay.

There are four phases of learning. Awareness. Understanding. Integration. Mastery. When we see more industry pros and their firms investing in the right marketing and sales training, we will see more manufactured homes being sold to home seekers who have cash or good credit. ##

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach with a live audience, showing the principles of attracting and selilng more customers with Cash or Good Credit.


By L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach.

IKEA and Tips for Manufactured Housing

April 7th, 2015 No comments

One of our newest videos on ManufacturedHomeLivingNews reminds industry professionals (and the public) that we have a great product and story to share. As fine a value as all our factory-built homes can be for various target markets, we still have to demonstrate the value!  Staging a home is an important element in that process.

  • What if you are selling an entry level ‘shade and shelter’ model home?
  • What if you have a 14×70 3/2 you want to promote and sell? How do you make that “smaller middle bedroom” found in every single section hallway look inviting?  
  • How do you make it appealing. cute or even sexy? 

One word. Staging!   Don’t just tell me, show me!


This is part of a 380 sq ft display, to show Ikea customers how much you can get into a modest space.

Here are some ideas I’m sharing with some of our clients.  You’re getting a free look at some of the wealth of experiences we provide to firms that help good companies and locations become better, or even great!


This is the reverse ‘camera angle’ of the same 380 sq ft unit. There was a number of customers in and out during my photo taking.

Learn More to Earn More!

We are planning to provide our industry-leading 3 half-day training seminars via video for the first time this summer! See why clients praise our work;  the reason is simple. We teach proven ways to attract and sell more people who have cash or good credit. There are good trainers out there, but who else does all that we do to advance specific businesses or the MH Industry in general?


This angle shows you the ‘bedroom’ in this 380 sq foot display.

I share the above to tee this up. One of hundreds of insights and tips  we provide MH Pros is the power of the right comparison.


This could be a college students room, that ‘small’ middle bedroom in a 14×56, 14×70 or other ‘center bedroom’ in an MH.

A 14×56 or 14×70 may seem ‘small’ to some.  But compare those to the tiny houses (often under 300 sq ft) in the popular “tiny house” movement. Those so-called ‘small middle bedrooms’ are BIG next to those Ikea flats, micro apartments, tiny houses or studios.  They are huge compared to a college dorm!


You could have a play area, a student desk, drawers, video area or a second bed under the top bunk.

Do you see the point? Now, make that same point come alive for your prospects!

Opportunity Knocks

We have no lack of opportunities as professional, as businesses or as an industry.   We all need enough humility to be willing to learn and change, and the gumption to want to learn and benefit from other people’s useful experiences.  We can learn from competitors, even other industries, so long as we are objective.

Remember, there are exactly two ways to learn. Your experiences or that of others. You need some of both.



The more you can leverage the experience of others, the faster you will learn something! When you leverage a fellow industry pro or a good trainer’s time and insights, it allows you to learn faster and thus earn faster.


I tell our clients, make your place a destination that people want to go to! Our son had a good time at Ikea. My better half wasn’t interested at first, but once we got into the store, she too found items of interest.  Have fun, let others have a good time too, and you’ll do more business than you otherwise would.

Training and consulting are investments. Since you are investing in yourself and your team, it is perhaps the best investment you can arguably make.  You have more control over your operation that almost any stock or commodity you can mention.

Our current clients make these free tips articles possible.  Please make sure you look to our advertisers and supporters when you need a product or service they offer.

When you need a website, videos, marketing or sales training, or consultant suited for the MH Industry, please give us a call.  Here are links to hundreds of kudos from recent years. Enjoy! ## 

latonykovach-louisiville2015-mhpronews-business-building-seminars- (1)

L. A. ‘Tony’ Kovach with a live audience, showing the principles of attracting and selilng more customers with Cash or Good Credit.


By L. A. “Tony” Kovach.