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Four Short Videos Equals One Powerful Sales Meeting!

November 25th, 2014 No comments

We will share 4 short videos, that for you and/or your sales team, can kick off the start of a great sales meeting!


Thought Provoking Quotes

Why Motivation and Sales Must Go Hand in Hand

Nothing Happens until something gets sold!

Okay, now if you've watched all four, you may be all revved up! But what is your marketing and sales strategy? How does a manufactured housing pro go about changing their results in practical terms?

louisville show 2014

Year after year, we have standing room only crowds at the Louisville MH Show.
This year, Come and see Why.
If you're really ready to rock, bring your team too.

Come to the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, and attend the two free sessions we will offer there on marketing, sales, you and growing the results of your location and organization. It costs only your time and travel, but it can start a major change your life. Finance seminars will be available at the show too, plus real life experiences from real people in the business. Don't miss a minute of it. Here is the link, watch this blog and the Louisville Show blog for more updates coming soon. ##

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latonykovach-com-brushed-cutting-edge-marketing-sales-blog-mhpronews-comby L. A. “Tony” Kovach

6 million Reasons Manufactured Housing Sales Should Grow Now

November 15th, 2014 No comments

Here on the Cutting Edge of Manufactured Home Marketing and Sales blog, we tend to focus on topics that can drive more business for retailers, communities, developers – and by implication – those producers, lenders and vendors who serve them. Today, we'll look at 6 million FACTS the should all point to why manufactured housing (MH) should grow to levels 5 to 10 times what they currently are.

  • Realtors ® are complaining that there is a shortage of affordable homes in their market.
  • In some markets, conventional resale housing is being sold within days of being listed by a Realtor ®.
  • The Seasonally Adjusted Annual Rate (SAAR) for existing housing (think house/condo/townhouse etc. resales) for 2014 is over 5 million.
  • The SAAR for multi-family and single family new housing for 2014 is over one million units.
  • That's over 6 million total housing units in 2014. Rents keep rising. So too conventional housing prices. These are all FACTs.
  • And yet our manufactured housing product – which is appealing, less costly and greener – is going to finish 2014 under 70,000 new homes shipped?

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't You're right (1) (1)

Before you give yourself, your association or business an EXCUSE as to why you can accept such a pathetically low sales volume, remember too that RVs – which have a smaller target audience than MH and a higher cost per square foot – outsells MH by about 5 to 1 in 2014.

Before you accept an EXCUSE – like "lack of lending" – just remember that every specialty lender we have in MH has said publicly there is "no lack of capacity" for them to originate more MH loans!

Even U.S. Bank. – which just announced they are exiting MH direct lending – is doing so in part because of low loan volume. If there were another zero behind new MH sales levels, don't you think they'd be staying in the business?

Part of the problem in our industry is a "Lack of Vision" in MH of Biblical proportions.


The Industry must do better, meaning

YOUR Business or Association must do better!

In our paid training sessions for clients, we begin with the fundamentals, things like Attitude and Perceptions. The mind must be willing to accept the reality that we can sell more, before you will in fact sell and do more. If you think "I can't sell more because…" then you are right.

Any old excuse can do the trick.

Some people don't see what they don't want to see. Others don't see because of old habits, or a plethora of other causes.emelio-labrador-flickrcreativecommons=credit-posted-cutting-edge-marketing-sales-mhpronews-com-300x200- Which is why each of us often need help, we all need at times someone else to remove the blinders so we can see what we are missing.

As part of our training sessions for clients', we often do recruiting and training of of new sales people, women and men new to our MH industry. We can take a motivated, open minded person and coach them into selling more homes than people with many years of more experience in MH do. Why?

Because of the facts in the U.S. Housing market. Don't get me wrong, the current MH sales people often improve too, when they see just how reasonable it is for them to do something different to get a better result.

The point is that – veteran or newbie – anyone motivated to do more, willing to learn more can. We have the right product with manufactured housing and the right time for it. The fact that we have to work smarter to sell more, well, its worth it.

See and Hear for Yourself!

If you are an association or business executive, leader, owner or manager, come to the 2015 Louisville Show. Attend our free seminars on improving new business development via marketing and sales based in the real world, not the "I can't world."spaceshoe-flickrcreativecommons-posted-cutting-edge-marketing-sales-blog-mhpronews-366x275- 1 Listen to a guest we will bring who will tell you how our common sense system is rapidly improving their MH sales.

They are not alone.

If there is a hunger burning inside you to sell more, do more, profit more, you'll be at the 2015 Louisville Manufactured Housing Show, the single best attended event in the U.S. in MH! if you've not been to the KEC and the Louisville Show lately, it is All Indoors, for your shopping, networking and educational comfort!

Remember, there are some 6 million reasons your business should grow. Let's be honest, there are actually more than 6 million, because that number is how many housing units will be built or sold this year.

Will you fight for the crumbs, or join the crowd looking for the bigger piece of the pie? See you in Louisville in January 2015? ##


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by L.A. “Tony” Kovach.

How important are Attitude and Perception for enhanced Sales Success?

November 6th, 2014 No comments

Whenever I'm working with new clients, in fact before we accept and begin a marketing/sales project, we spend some time on the topic of attitudes and perceptions. This is done early on. Why is it important? And just how important is it?

Before answering those questions, let's ask this…can experience be valuable in life? Sure it can, so long as we take an experience and learn the positive lessons it provides.

Henry Ford said it

"Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right."

– Henry Ford.

Ford's statement is fundamental. Thomas Edison would not have had his breakthrough in creating the electric light bulb had he not first believed it could be done, and then persisted through ten thousand failed attempts before he finally accomplished his goal!

Whether You Think You Can or Think You Can't You're right (1)

That is the proper attitude at work.

Negative Attitude is the opposite of what Edison did. If you think you can't do something, Henry Ford quote says you are correct. But if you believe you can do something, then too, you are right.

The question is "how."

It is not negative to say or ask, how might this be done? But if the arms are crossed, and the folded armed/closed minded person is essentially daring someone to prove them wrong, that's not easy, is it?

How we perceive something – how our customers perceive something – these are important. Understanding that perception, and what is the thinking behind that perception, one can begin to deal with an issue.

Given our industry is widely misunderstood, it is up to us as professionals to learn how to deal with that reality! When you help people see the value of modern manufactured housing, more homes are going to get sold. Period.

We've designed MHLivingNews to provide information value to consumers and professionals alike. One is this video, that explains modern manufactured housing in a way that cuts through the negative noise the public often has.

Attitude is more than "can do" vs. "can't do." But that is an element of attitude that ought not be overlooked.

To grow your sales, you must first start with the belief that it can be done. That the right – can do – attitude.


Programing Note! We'll be doing two different free sessions at the 2015 Louisville MH Show. Please see the information on education for industry pros, linked above. Remember, the right attitude and forging the proper perceptions are critical to marketing and sales success. Take that to the bank. ##

l.a.tony_.kovach-publisher-manufacturedhomelivingnews-com-mhpronews-com-mhc-md-com-1By L. A. “Tony” Kovach