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Learning Something New

July 26th, 2013 No comments

It takes commitment to learn something new. The most brilliant coach or the best teacher on the planet can’t help the player or student who is unable or unwilling to try what’s different. Since Motivation is a factor in learning, it can make a difference when you help someone See it Big (SIB). At the same time, it is useful to make something easy enough to understand, which suggests we Keep it Simple. (KIS). Put the two together, and you have trainer Charlie “Tremendous” Jones’ fabled acronym, SIB-KIS.



Someone I work with likes to say an expression I’m really beginning to like. “We have to get out of our own way, and let the customer buy a home.” Good point! Let’s review some key facts.

  • 10,000 people are retiring daily in the U.S.. Some reports suggest half of these or more are not ‘ready’ for retirement. They need a low cost affordable place to live. Solution? Think, Manufactured Home!
  • Incomes are overall down in America since 2008.
  • There are 2,000,000 U.S. veterans of the recent Middle Eastern wars. Let’s rephrase, there are about 2,000,000 DD214s out there. Solution? Think manufactured home!
  • The U.S. Census Bureau says that manufactured homes on average sell for about half the cost per square foot that conventionally constructed new housing does.
  • The U.S. needs 20,000,000 new housing units to keep up with the current pace of population, based upon U.S. Census Bureau statistics. Incomes down, 85% of the population wants to be a home owner. Solution? Think Manufactured Home!

We have a historic opportunity to sell more homes, but we have to be willing to do what it takes to get those customers to open their eyes and see the amazing product that we offer them.


As you know, we teach our manufactured home retail and community clients a simple yet profound truth. Let’s remember that The Truth Well Told is Powerful! That truth is that some 85% of the population doesn’t get it about manufactured homes. So we have to help them get past that mental block. We do that by not waving the Manufactured Home flag in their face.


What do You See? A trailer? Or a Home?


We have to retrain ourselves – or hire and get the training – to see the incredible value that we present.




We created Manufactured Home Living News for many reasons, but one is to be a tool for manufactured home professionals to use to open minds. We NEED a third party ‘source’ of information – something that isn’t your website – to point to and thus gain or increase your credibility in reaching out to customers who don’t yet get the manufactured home advantages.

Customers will check you on or off their list. They want to find the right home at the right price and/or payment. Odds are, you’ve got that home or can order it for them.

Training – discipline – commitment – See It Big, Keep It Simple.

Let’s learn – or continue to learn – the new ways to attract and sell more customers than we ever have before! ##

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Graphics! Worth a Thousand Words!

July 19th, 2013 No comments

A good picture, video or graphic truly is worth a thousand words in your marketing effort. As an example, when we use an article that has words only, they are well read. But when we use an article with graphics, the results are routinely elevated. Keep that and what follows in mind when YOU do an update on your website, business card or other literature handouts.

It has been a few years now since we first started promoting the use of QR Codes with our clients. Millions of smart phones have downloaded aps that will read these quick response (QR) codes. It can turn an ordinary business card into something that jumps out at you! Some of the factories are using them as a small hand out that leads clients and prospects to far more robust online information than a handout could provide. If they are doing it, why not you and your firm?


We practice what we preach here! So the above is a look at how one of my business cards looks.

As a quick segue on the business card topic, notice how we use both sides of the business card? While some companies want to leave the back blank for hand written notes, I'd far rather drive home a message and – if needed – make any hand written note shorter! Try the business card with QR Codes, you'll learn to like it a lot.

Graphics That Grab

We get neither praise nor blame for the graphics on some of our clients, which often provide their desired graphics to us. As an example of a graphic that draws the eye is this one from the Louisville Show's 2014 promotion. FYI, you can click on the graphic below to take you to the latest update on the 2014 Louisville Show plans!


Boosting the Industry's Image

Most of us drive a vehicle, eat at restaurants and shop. As part of the plan for boosting the Industry's image via the website, we plan to offer business cards and bumper stickers that will have QR Codes embedded into them. With the business card, on one side can be your company or location's info and the Image Building will be on the other side!money-louisville-show-2014(3).jpg

You can do this yourself with the following QR Code:

Why not try it! Hold your smart phone with the QR Code reader ap open over the image above. You could also have fun and email that image to your friends that you want to influence. People are curious about


Our Industry must define itself, or others will continue to define us to our detriment. We must also educate our team's members. Let's be honest, sometimes they are – regrettably – not true believers in our industry's product either.

We are experiencing a nice surge – as in 400% growth in less than a month! – on The more that pros like you promote, the faster our industry's image will rise.

You know the saying, we are either part of the problem or part of the solution. Be a part of the solution. Don't wait for someone else to do it for you, this is something we can each make an impact on – and that impact will be in your market!

As you make that impact on our industry's and your image, think graphics that grab on your website, business card and other hand outs. You'll be glad you did. ##

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300,000 Shipments in 2013!

July 12th, 2013 No comments

When the report came in that shipments in RVs topped 144,000 by May of 2013, it made me sit up just a bit more. I reached out for more insights to Tim DeWitt, Executive Director of Michigan Manufactured Housing as well as the RV & Campground Association and Self Storage Association of Michigan. He pointed me to an article on Woodall’s and a video interview, which we’ve posted below. The bottom line is that due in large measure to the GoRVing coalition, shipments for the RV industry – in THIS economy – are expected to hit 300,000. Before the GoRVing image campaign, the shipment levels where about half that 15 years ago, during a much more robust economy. Manufactured housing pros! Is this sinking in?

The RV industry is the envy of boating, fishing – and ought to be – of our industry. Actually, most pros in fact privately agree that we have long needed the same sort of thing. After all, who pays for the campaign? Consumers, when they buy an RV that has a campaign fee embedded into its cost.

We are getting some hands going up in the air, offering to support our online image building effort. The forward thinkers “get it.” As so often happens, Leaders will tend to benefit first.

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) tells us that 94% of housing shoppers are spending some, most or all of their initial research online. So our online image building platform is a common sense first step!

The roots of this GoRVing campaign run deep. As Tim DeWitt told me, the RV business is attracting discretionary income buyers, people with good credit scores and/or the cash in the bank needed to write the check to pay for units that may run $300,000 or more.

As executives at a major manufactured home community operator told us, this is needed and long overdue.

We have a great product, it only makes sense to keep the U.S.A.’s best kept new home secret, not a secret any longer!

Traffic SPIKING at MHLivingNews

Growth month-over month is around the 400% increase range on MHLivingNews. Some of the top read articles for the month include: 



But what’s exciting to see is that there are a lot of page views per visit, which means that visitors like what they see. They aren’t just ‘bouncing’ off the site.

Cost Effective!

Our industry doesn’t have millions of dollars in an account, waiting to invest in a full blown mimic of the GoRVing campaign. So in our case with Manufactured Housing, let’s start with what we have on ManufacturedHomeLivingNews.

Contact us for ways to make this effort pay for you and your operation, regardless of size or locale. We are already experiencing retailers and communities who are using the site to help them attract and sell more homes. The rapid traffic rise on our site is clearly from consumers and pros alike.

mhlivingnews-ipad-ver2.0b- (1).png

If RV’s can ship 300,000 units this year, during a year when manufactured housing may hit 60,000 shipments, that tells me that we ought to be doing ever so much more. RVs have five times our shipment level! Yet RVs are usually discretionary, housing is a necessity.

What is our potential, with the right marketing effort for manufactured housing?

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) projects single family housing starts of about 600,000 for the U.S.. That’s ten to one for us, and we have the better price points, are statistically safer and more energy efficient?

Is this a wake up call? It ought to be!

We need not abandon the starter home market, but we can grow and go after the ‘residential’ home buyer PLUS the ‘entry level’ consumer too.

We will return to this theme in the days ahead. Your comments and inquiries are welcome. See what other industry pros have said at this link here. ##

300,000 shipments in 2013? Come on!

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Writers, Videos and MH home photos wanted!

July 5th, 2013 No comments

We've asked the questions before.  Do you have a website?  Is it modern looking or out dated? Does it have a blog?  Do you have Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (as a bare minimum) on your site?  Let's share a true story that hopefully will open your eyes and if you heed its message, will make you more money.

A prospective new client approached us about their website.  As part of their message, they sent us a report on their site's statistics, that had been given to them by their current website service provider.

What those statistics revealed was compelling, but NOT in a positive way.  Their stats proved that the traffic was quite modest, plus that some 94% of their current website's visitors only came one time.  


Further, the owner said his company was getting a very low rate of inquiries from the site.

Ouch again…

Now back to the questions.  

Even if you had a good looking website, if there is nothing on there that would make a visitor think the site has new items going up routinely that might interest them, why should they come back?

Imagine if you went to a news site, and the news was the same today as 7 years ago, nothing new.  Would you return?

Not likely!

Or if you went to a clothing/fashion site, and there was nothing that looked like it had changed in years, why would you go back?

Hopefully, you get the point! You wouldn’t hand out a business card with an old address and phone number, nor should you have one of your most important marketing resources – your website – looking stale our outdated.

A key point here is you must add content, and make your website look dynamic and ever evolving, because a static looking site will unlikely reach it's potential.

Part of the Secret of the Success of MHProNews – and the growing traction on – is precisely because we are adding content on a regular basis. It shows quickly to those who visit! It keeps those visitors coming back, and thus our audiences continues to grow.

Writer's, Videos and MH Photos wanted

You need to create your own content, or find someone to do content creation for you. There are individuals who like to write! There are individuals who have already written good content, and they are ready to share it.

Speaking of sharing good content…

/mhlivingnews-ipad-ver2_0b- (1)(1).png

…we invite industry pros who have a topic they'd like to share for our public and image building focused to share articles, videos and 'featured home' photos.

By teaming up with us, and giving YOUR publicly focused site an RSS feed to and links going both ways, you will see the growth in your own results too.

Learn more at this applauded program at link, or call or email me at the contacts below.

Creating and sharing good content is how we can begin to change the image – and thus the bottom line results – of manufactured housing in your market and across the U.S.. ##