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Grocery Stores, Shopping Malls and Manufactured Housing

April 27th, 2012 No comments

When you walk into a grocery store, you may see box after box of competing brands of cereals, or different types of sodas on the drink aisle, and different brands of other foods and dry goods too. Let's say, you are looking for cereal. You scan the aisle, and your eye will naturally notice 'advertised brands.' You will also may notice those brands you've tried that you liked, or didn't like.

The fact that all of those brands and kinds of cereal are side by side makes it easier to select and buy the one you want or are interested in trying out. It is much less expensive for those cereal makers to have their products on the shelves of a grocery store, where competitors are side by side, than if they had to create their own stores to sell their own brands of cereal. The point is, that everyone wins by having the 'competition' lined up side by side.

The same principle is true for shopping malls, or auto malls, etc. In Norman, OK – for example – there is 'the magnificent mile of cars.' They have individual ads but also 'magnificent mile' ads too. Everyone benefits by being convenient to shop. In Schaumburg IL or Appleton WI, there are not only great malls in those towns, but all around those malls are other retailers, wholesale clubs, restaurants and shopping centers have sprung up. Who wins? The shopper! The retailer! Those who sell the products and services!

The value of manufactured housing trade shows is – in part – that those who display their products and services have it all under one roof for retailers, community owner/operators, developers and others to see, compare and make good decisions. By the way, we go and display at MH Industry trade shows too. Trade shows are a valuable Industry resource that we need to participate in and promote.

But what do you do before or after a trade show or major industry event to compare products and services? How do the tens of thousands who never make it to an industry event get to compare products or services easily?

The same principle that applies to grocery stores, shopping malls and trade shows can be mimicked to a great extent online. We have started that process here on with the following companies who are in our new 'Marketplace' category under MH Communities.

The day will come when those who want to share their products and services on-line where an estimated 250,000 manufactured home owners, executives, managers and professionals can compare them rapidly will be found side by side, with the similar benefits to a grocery store or shopping mall. It will save money and make money for those who do it. It will save time and thus make more money for those who use it. We already exceed 100,000 visitors (ie: online readers) a month; manufactured home professionals, owners and executives. We continue to grow, with over 700,000 page views and some 2 million 'hits' a month. There is no other business to business (B2B) resource like us. Our advertisers see that and are growing in number too.

Support those advertisers/sponsors who are part of this positive revolution in manufactured home marketing. Come, grow with us! It works with grocery stores and shopping malls. It can work for you here too. Thank you. ##

A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.”

– Henry Ford.

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The MH-AP and You

April 18th, 2012 No comments

Help us help you help our Industry with the MH Advancement Project (MH-AP). Your company could drive more business and profits while protecting and promoting the manufactured industry. Before we dive in, let's briefly set the stage.

Paraphrasing what more than one well known manufactured housing personality has said to me:


'In Washington DC, the manufactured housing industry
is a like a pimple on an elephant's behind.'


So on issues such as changing the SAFE Act, Dodd-Frank and the CFPB with legislation such as HR 3849, the experts agree we don't have an easy road ahead. With HUD, the EPA or other regulators, MH Industry associations and their members generally don't carry the influence we need by ourselves. Which is why MHI and others often seek to leverage relationships to enhance advocacy and influence.

But haven't we missed one of the biggest influencers of all? A group we should be able to tap readily? I think the answer is 'yes.'

We can dramatically grow our influence by aligning the interests of manufactured home owners – and pre-HUD Code mobile home owners – with MH professionals. If there is one thing that politicians need as much or more as campaign funds it is votes come election time!


Getting Ready To Vote

Image of the political power of a crowd of our customers and residents getting ready to vote…


With and estimated 8.8 million pre-HUD Code and post HUD Code manufactured homes in the U.S. and with some 19 million residents in those homes, that represents about 6% of the national population. By organizing enough of those MH voters, we can tip the scales in elections for or against a candidate. Think about the polls and voting. 6% can often make the difference. When an interest group shows up at the polls during elections, that 6% can be even more powerful because so many do not show up to vote.


The journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

– Lao Tzu


While ambitious, there are relatively easy steps we can take to accomplish this goal, and we have already begun the process. Please join us in this effort. Those who do can benefit short, medium and long term.

MHLivingNews.comis a new website that we have just launched focused on the MH Home Owner and MH Residents. We will carry periodic stories, but a key focus for us will be the ALERT system we are building.

Over time, we expect the site to have far more traffic than our site here at because there are about a quarter of a million estimated MH connected professionals, employees and business owners. But there are some 19-20 million MH owners and residents!

  • Anyone can send their customers or residents a free link. With being 'a third party,' it is potentially more powerful than you making the same request directly of your customers or residents.
  • For those who work in the communities world, you already know how a story can spread 'in the park.' When someone gets motivated, they tell their neighbors. Certainly the impact of Dodd-Frank and SAFE Act on the values of mobile and manufactured home owners is so significant, once residents 'get it' they will have a reason to change it.
  • FYI – Select a.k.a. will get a special package, that will include free banner ads on

We will continue to add content to, which will attract and retain a growing number of readers coming. Help us, help you help our Industry.

FYI, I've already contacted my Congressman and he is on board with HR 3849. This is easier than you think. Get an email for a staffer, send them this link, which is an all in one brief and shows those already signed on. Then, ask your staff and team members to do the same.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. How do you impact Congress? One request at a time. How do you begin the journey of a thousand miles? With a single, simple step. Please take yours today to tomorrow. Working together, we can make this happen. # #


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The Players

April 14th, 2012 No comments

In professional sports such as football, knowing the players and their tendencies gives your team a possible edge.

The exact same principle holds true in an industry such as manufactured housing.

Be it the players on the business to business side, or the patterns of players in the consumers seeking a home, knowing their tendencies gives you and your associates an edge.

Learn and apply this principle and you can take it to the bank. ##

Post by L. A. "Tony" Kovach
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Seeing Clearly

April 6th, 2012 No comments

My mother was peeling carrots in the kitchen, last week, when her contact lens suddenly popped out. She looked on the counter, in the trash can, the floor, everywhere possible. After about 5 minutes of looking, she called out to my father to help her look. He walked into the kitchen and immediately picked up the contact lens and handed it to her.

She was furious. “I looked everywhere for that darn thing and you walk in and found it right away! How?”, she said. My father replied,”You were looking for a small piece of clear plastic…I was looking for twenty-seven dollars and fifty cents!”

In marketing, first thing that you have to do is be seen.

Then, what is it that your potential customers see when they see your product advertisement? If they don’t immediately see a savings, a solution, benefit or an investment, your ads are not working. Your advertisement needs to target the reader’s wants and needs. It needs to clearly and immediately identify the benefit of your product or service and it needs to create an urgency for action.

For more ideas on how to grow your business, visit the Solutions page on We’ll help you see things clearly! # #

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