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Enhancing Confidence

March 30th, 2012 No comments

How do you choose the companies you work with in your business?

Generally, we think that price, service and selection are the determining factors, but studies show the most important factor is confidence. Confidence that the company is stable and able to provide what we need. And how do we determine confidence? The answer might surprise you. Viewing Advertising.

A study by Nielsen IAG Financial found that companies that advertise, instilled more confidence in consumers. 55% of respondents who said they had seen frequent advertisements from their financial institutions had “complete confidence” in their bank, insurance company, or investment firm's financial health and stability. Only 18% said they had “little or no confidence” in the company. On the other hand, of those who saw little or no advertising from a financial firm, 45% said they had “little or no confidence” in that firms stability. The study summed up the results perfectly,”Out of Sight can mean Out of Business."

Now confidence is not as true measure of a business' health or capabilities, but in the business world Perception is Reality.

Advertising your company not only keeps you top of mind with those that need your products and services, it generates confidence in your companies stability and abilities. That name recognition and confidence equals stronger relationships, new business and new revenue. ##

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The Magic of SEO for Manufactured Housing

March 21st, 2012 No comments

If you know anything at all about the internet, then chances are you already know that you can essentially 'buy' traffic for a website. There are resources like Google Ad Words and a myriad of websites where you pay to play the web marketing traffic generation game. Certainly, using other forms of advertising to drive traffic to a website is also a form of 'buying' traffic. With that in mind, consider how nice it is when SEO brings you traffic without any extra costs from your other traffic driving efforts!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization – are the strategies that web gurus utilize to get high organic placement on a given search engine. With Google as the Big Kahuna of all the search engines today, much of the focus tends to be on getting good ranking on Google. Good ranking generally means being visible on page 1 of a Google-search. Most people looking for something online don't go past page 2 on Google, unless they are seriously researching a topic. Thus the importance of page ranking.

With millions of searches monthly for key words that include “manufactured housing,” getting high search engine results in the manufactured housing industry is not an easy thing to accomplish. So when you do manage to achieve page 1 or 2 – versus say a never-to-be-seen result on page 13,187 – it is something to brag about. This is especially true when you haven't paid for the click throughs to the page that may help you achieve the page 1 ranking result.

Here at (aka we are pleased to say that we have achieved page one on many topics that we elected to focus on for a client, news or other goals and purposes.

A picture or a graphic is worth a thousand words. An example of a topic we wanted to get good SEO on was the Manufactured Housing Institute's (MHI) new President and CEO, Richard A. “Dick” Jennison. Please notice that while USA Today – where Jennison recently had published a short article – has a far broader circulation than all the manufactured housing publishers combined, we managed to snag the top spot on page 1 for the keyword set shown below. We also managed to edge out MHI on the ranking for this same topic.


SEO Google 1


Another example is the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. We dominated the page 1 of Google on this subject, as you can see in the graphic below.


SEO Google 2


The Internet is constantly changing, so the results for a given search can change literally moment by moment. If you have a hand-held smart phone, tablet or iPad, you may get a different result on your hand-held than you would on a laptop in the same room! So it is no surprise that results can vary depending on where you are located and many other factors.

Because the Internet is adding content moment by moment, SEO focused efforts ideally should be ongoing. If you want to dominate a topic in a specific niche or market, that can take a little time, but it is time and effort well spent. Once you grab that top spot legitimately – as opposed to using the type of black hat SEO tactics that can get you penalized later – staying on page 1 becomes easier.

Let's look at an example for a specific client in the graphic below.


SEO Google 3

Good SEO typically doesn't happen by accident! It takes the right strategies, traffic and execution to get the type of outcomes that you see here.

There is a 'cost' in terms of time and expertise to getting the types of results shown above. There are topics that at a point in time we wanted to dominate or at least achieve a page 1 result. But if our emphasis shifted, we can always shift resources to or away from a given set of keywords.

The bottom line is that SEO 'magic' pays off.

When you are thinking about either business to business advertising/marketing, business to consumer focused marketing or are thinking about having a new website built or refreshing/revising an existing website, please contact us. We are not the cheapest, nor are we the most expensive by a long shot. What we are is the proven best value. In the world of manufactured and modular housing, you are unlikely to do any better. So you'll be glad you called us or emailed. My office phone is 815-270-0500. # #

Tech Talk

March 9th, 2012 No comments

The other day, I heard someone say, “6 years ago Skype was a typo, Twitter was a sound, the Cloud was still in the sky, Applications were what we sent to colleges, LinkedIn meant you were in prison and 4G was a parking space!”

What that quote says, is that technology is developing at nearly the speed of light and we now live in this hyper-connected world. The speed at which and our ability to connect, communicate, access and share information is faster and easier than ever before.

Many are probably saying, ”This stuff is just too hi-tech for me.” That’s understandable, but you also need to understand that your prospects are utilizing it and so are you competitors. So seek out the professional help and develop a technology-based marketing plan.

It starts with creating a professional looking, informative website that facilitates communication and starts the sales process. Maximizing traffic to your website with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies to increase your websites visibility. It includes using email and web-based networking and communication platforms to grow your pool of prospects and keep them informed of your business’ products and services. And yes, it includes advertising on targeted sites. If you are in the B2B (business to business) side of the industry, then a websites like ours at ( can provide the added exposure, drive traffic and thus sales.

Now, I am not an IT wizard, by any stretch, but I’m lucky to work with a very talented web tech and IT specialist; our Joe Geller here at Our team and our clients know that Joe will work with you to develop and implement the services and strategies, and produce visible results.

If you’re looking for a guy to talk to about growing your business through advertising on (MHMSM), I know that guy, as well!

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