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MH personal property lender praises MH Alliance

August 31st, 2011 No comments

The positive comments and suggestions promoting the MH Alliance plan continue to come in.  One of the recent ones OK'd for sharing with the public is as follows.


Hi Tony, I want to thank you for sharing a well thought out vision for our industry that doesn’t end in a calamity. I believe that the MH Alliance’s core tenants are the key to an industry wide revitalization; the focus on providing honest and superior value, design, and customer service to the lifeblood of our business – the homeowner – will be the foundation of its success. I can’t think of a better way to protect our future than by protecting our customer, AKA the backbone of America. Merriam-Webster defines protect; to cover or shield from exposure, injury, damage or destruction, to maintain the status or integrity of especially through financial or legal guarantees. Our customers will have our back and will be one of our best assets, if and only if, we will defend theirs.”

– Anthony Ducharme, Mountainside Financial a div of SACU

You can see the current list of other public comments in favor of image, marketing and professional improvement the MH Alliance and Phoenix Plan brings participants here.

To see the plan yourself, please email with MH Alliance/Phoenix Project in the subject line.  We will send you the time for the next GoToMeeting (think webinar) for you to review the plan.

Escalator_up wikimedia commons

Learn, understand and support the plan that can lift those who participate up. # #

post by L. A. “Tony” Kovach
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One Way Up

August 28th, 2011 No comments

There is only One Way Up.

Steps up photo and graphic by Tony Kovach

We must take the steps, one step at a time.  There are no short cuts or silver bullets.


one way sign photo by Tony Kovach

There is only one way to move ahead.  We have to take the right road and head in the correct direction.

handicaps - lets leave them behind photo by Tony Kovach
Let's leave behind
our self imposed handicaps.

We can sum up what is needed in a single word:


One way arrow and car on pavement photo by Tony Kovach

We need improved:


  • Image
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Credit
  • Professionalism
  • Service
  • Satisfaction

When businesses and professionals make the decision to adapt and improve, then we leave our handicaps behind.

See what others are saying about the manufactured housing industry's road ahead. 

Arm pointing graphic by Tony Kovach, original image from Wikipedia Commons

Let's travel the road ahead together. # #

by L. A. "Tony" Kovach
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Setting the Winners and Losers apart

August 24th, 2011 No comments

I was reading this evening about a new housing publication that is planned for 2012 that will target the 15,000 – 20,000 highest producing realtor offices across the country. These are offices that will have no less than 20 agents per office. So the reach will be to a minimum of 300,000 real estate professionals and agents.

Imagine, the 'highest producing' real estate offices in U.S. have as many or more professionals working in them as all of the manufactured housing industry sectors have working in them combined.

In every profession, in every market, there are 'winners and losers.' In every industry there are professionals who do not take 'oh, woe is me' for an answer. They roll up their sleeves and do the homework.  They make the professional changes that it takes to get ahead.


It is time to be the change

I spent over an hour this evening by phone with an Industry pro who told me that change is no longer an option for our Industry. Wall street bankers, financing and market forces will give us no choices.  FYI, we hope to have an exclusive interview for our readers with this pro in the days ahead.

The time to change is now. You are on the pages of the electronic trade publication which brings you the widest variety of marketing, sales and management pros you can read in any one place in our Industry.  Take a few minutes every day and read the news, coaching tips and views.  Start on the home page with our feature article writers.

Be the change. Make the decision to serve the customers in your market well.  Adapt positively and professionally as needed and grow. # #

posted submitted by
L. A. "Tony" Kovach

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Bold new Ideas for Manufactured Housing

August 17th, 2011 No comments

We've been talking for some time now about the Manufactured Housing Image and Marketing Campaign.  We have dubbed the particular approach to this plan The Manufactured Housing Alliance/Phoenix Project.  Let's take a moment and see what this multi-generational Industry pro has to say about the GoToMeeting PowerPoint presentation he recently attended online.

"As I listened to Tony’s presentation I was completely impressed by the bold new ideas he was bringing to the table.  For years, most people have looked at the issues facing our industry and said, “nothing can be done.” Tony has looked at these same problems and asked, “what can be done?”  I believe his solutions are creative, daring and best of all possible."  – Chad Carr, Rainmaker Consulting

While thanking Chad and all those who have already shared statements of support for this project, let me hasten to add that this is more than "Tony's" ideas.  We have had input from industry leaders literally from sea to shining sea that have made the MH Alliance/Phoenix Plan what it is.  They and others have put their stamp and 'endorsement' on this plan.

Successful retailers and industry's all have something in common.  They know how to market.  They know how to create appeal and demand.  It should be obvious that we can do similar things that make others successful!

mannequins in busy mall retail store

Look behind the mannequins.  Do you see all the shoppers?
Image building.  Marketing. These are keys to our Industry's Future.

This is therefor The Industry's plan for marketing and sales turn-around and new home shipment growth!

bridge in Chicago Botanic Garden, Japanese Islands

Let's take the next step to crossing our Bridge to the Future

If you haven't read the previous comments, please take a look at those who have shared their ideas and their public statements of support.

We will be doing our next online GoToMeeting (think webinar) review and discussion of this plan soon.  Send us your request to be included by placing The MH Alliance/Phoenix Project in the subject line of your email.  

The information is free. The value is potentially priceless. # #


by L. A. "Tony" Kovach
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Questions and Support for a Manufactured Housing Image Campaign

August 14th, 2011 No comments

For over a decade, our Industry has 'talked' about doing a manufactured housing image and marketing campaign.  Let's look at what others are asking and saying about the approach we have developed in consultation with industry leaders.

Before we get to some public support statements, let's look at the type of questions and concerns that are the most common.

“We have a lot to do as an industry before we can do an image and marketing campaign. Lending is too limited. We need to correct the lack of professionalism by so many in sales, leasing and management who deal with the home seeking public. We have legislative issues that need to be tackled, such as Dodd-Frank. Why not fix what is needed first, and then do your proposed manufactured home image campaign?”

                           – privately submitted comment.

While most people who have written or called have favored the idea of an industry Image and Marketing campaign, the one above is pretty common among those who do hesitate about starting such an effort at this time. Let me circle back below to his fellow's concern.

Let's look at three more public comments in support.

“MHS statement of support for the Phoenix Project…

This project is tremendously great and much needed. To bring the MH industry together to better our image, reputation, products, and business is long overdue. Will it be easy? Of course not, but then nothing that is truly worthwhile ever is. I applaud Tony and everyone at MHMSM for spearheading and managing this effort. We will be more than happy to participate in any way needed.

                           – Derrick Hachey, Manufactured Home Source

Or here is another:

“Hello Tony,

We here at the national trade association for the rent-to-own trade association are looking into the same type of image campaign. We have had PR initiatives for nearly two decades and have been successful but need to take it to the next level. Any unified industry PR/Marketing/Image campaign is a great achievement in of itself and I believe we can learn much from each other."

Richard May
APRO Public Affairs Director

All support is valued, but I find the one above to be very insightful.  Here is an example of another industry – the rent to own housing industry – which is looking to do what we are proposing.  So besides the GoRVing example we hear about so often, here is an industry that has had a PR effort, but wants to move it ahead and take it to the next level.

Or this one from a gentlemen connected to both the Manufactured Home Communities world and with web initiatives:

When sent you email had not read about exciting initiative
described. I salute your alliance plan. Count me in as well as let me
know how I can truly get behind it. It's VITAL to our industry.
Cheers, Craig"

                              – Craig Bollman”

It should be noted that the support for moving ahead with something as soon as possible is running far more than 3 to 1 vs. those who say we should delay.  That said, let's take a closer look at the statement of questions/concerns above.

The first owner/professional brings up noteworthy questions. My reply to him or others would be:

  • We don't have a lending problem, we have a problem with attracting the prospects with good credit. Who says?  Statistics and Our Industry's chattel lenders!  Our Industry's current chattel lenders can loan far more to those who have good credit. So in essence, this is a marketing issue.
  • MHI's statistics reveals that the manufactured housing industry hovers between 8%-21% of the total housing market penetration in the last decade plus. Too often we attract less credit worthy customers. As last week's blog post demonstrated there are plenty of Americans who could qualify for our product. We need to attract them!
  • Attracting better credit prospects, and learning how to handle them in a customer friendly fashion so they will return with their friends, family and professional associates is one key.This is one reason why those who will be a part of this process will receive sales 'coaching' on a marketing and sales process that will lead to more customers with better credit scores or cash.
  • We agree that Dodd-Frank is important, but the answer is to engage on the issue not wait and hope. The MH Alliance will be a tool to do just that for the Industry, supporting existing associations with support from manufactured home owners.

Sitting in on the next GoToMeeting (webinar) will help answer your questions.

While we appreciate all the positive comments, above and on our previous post on this subject,

what should be emphasized is that the easiest way to answer your questions is to set the time aside to learn the plan! Remember, we are not looking for everyone to be involved in this project, while 10% would be more than enough, even 5% of the Industry's businesses involvement would make for a very solid start.

u-turn sign credit Wikimedia Commons posted on Manufactured Home Marketing Sales Management

We need to make a U-Turn from Industry shrinkage to Industry growth.  Our research indicates we could rapidly return to 6 figure new home shipment levels, up from the current under 50,000 annual shipment levels on new home sales.  This will happen when enough professionals take the logical steps to make it happen.

Be the 1 out of 20 who is ready to make a positive change that will bring positive profits and more sales. We should have the next GoToMeeting session next week, so In the subject line of your email, please put  MH Alliance/Phoenix Project of your email to me,  Or if you prefer to post a comment below, you don't have to publicly show your email, I can access it via our Disqus system. # #

Blog post submitted

by L. A.  Tony Kovach
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