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Happy Memorial Day – Please Remember

May 30th, 2011 No comments
Happy Memorial Day! Remember those who serve.Happy Memorial Day, everyone. Don’t forget to take a few minutes today to remember those who’ve laid down their lives so that we can live free and thank those who serve today.
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QR Code Makes Paper (and other) Promotions Interactive

May 25th, 2011 No comments
QR Code links to sample real estate listing

QR Code links to sample real estate listing - click to enlarge

Just when you think you know everything about marketing Manufactured Housing online, technological advancement proves you wrong.

One of the best things about the web is its interactivity. Hot linking, audio, video and scripting can provide your website visitors with a rich experience and provide you with a world class marketing tool. Email and social networking can further enrich the experience and provide your visitors with more entry points to your website – the heart of your online marketing strategy.

What if you could have a way to make your offline assets – your business card, brochures, magazine ads, post cards, clothing, bumper stickers etc. – interactive as well? What if someone could click a link on your business card and be taken to a special offer on your website? What if an after hours visitor to your place of business could visit your website by clicking a link on your front door? What if a potential buyer could click a link on a home you have for sale and immediately get all of the info on the home?

Well, I don’t think you’ll be actually clicking on links on these objects anytime soon, there is something almost as good that can do all the things we cited above… plus much more.

It’s called a QR (Quick Response) Code and it’s picking up momentum as a way to make almost anything interactive. You may have seen one already. They pop up in magazine ads, museum exhibits, tourism brochures and many other places. If you have a smartphone and a reader app for QR Codes, you can scan them and get more information, contact info, photographs, web pages, Facebook pages, coupons, special deals, etc.

Here is an image of my business card with a QR Code on the reverse side that leads to my consulting website:

Now my business card does double duty. It provides the holder with the usual contact information – the same as any other business card – and it provides a direct link to my website. Go ahead and test it if you have a smartphone. If you need a QR Code reader, check your phone’s App Store – there are sure to be several you can choose from.

QR Code usage is in its infancy as we write this. They are primarily used by early adopters. But the potential for marketing with QR Codes is unlimited. This is a technology that you may want to have a good look at. It’s easy and inexpensive to use. It’s about to become one of those high ROI marketing techniques that will make late adopters wish they had moved on earlier.

Need help putting new technologies into action? Contact or call Bob at 859.755.4115.

It’s Manufactured Housing photo time

May 22nd, 2011 2 comments logoManufactured Home and Land Lease Community operators and owners, and retailers take note: if you’ve been waiting for the right time to photograph those installations, properties and communities, now would be the time.

In many parts of the country, you’ll need to wait out the rain to get a clear day to photograph those homes and communities, but it will be worth the wait.

Be sure to get plenty of photos when the sun shines so you’ll have a lot to choose from when you post them to your website or Facebook fan page.

You may need to re-size or enhance your photos before uploading them to your website. There are a few tools that I’ve used to do this that will cost you absolutely nothing to use.

If you have Mac, your computer came with iPhoto. iPhoto makes the job of adjusting, enhancing and resizing your photos a snap.

But if you’re using a Windows or Linux powered machine, there are a couple of tools here that can help you get the job done in style.

First, there’s the Open Source application the GIMP, that runs on Linux, Mac or Windows. the GIMP can do pretty much anything that Photoshop can do – but saves you the $700 that Photoshop costs. There are installers for each. The Mac version requires that the X11 X-Window system be installed. It is installed on OS X 10.5 Leopard and newer by default. the GIMP for Linux and Windows can be downloaded at

Here’s a video showing how the get started with the GIMP:

Although it’s free, the GIMP has a learning curve like any other sophisticated software. The video above is from a 23 video tutorial set that can get you using the GIMP like a professional in just a few hours and provides ongoing support for as long as you need it.

The video tutorial set is called Create Stunning Graphics Using the GIMP and is available at

If all you need to do is resize images, PixResizer for Windows will do the trick. You can download it from Here’s a short video on how to use it:

The long and short of this is get out there now through June to get the best images you’re going to get. So go get them, then use one of these tools to enhance them or resize them and put them to work for you.

How to Register for Podcasts and Premium Content

May 18th, 2011 1 comment

To make it even easier to register for our News at Noon podcasts, Industry in Focus Reports and other premium content, I’ve created this video to show how to register step-by-step.

The biggest obstacle to a smooth registration has been the confirmation step. After submitting your registration, the system sends you an email with a confirmation link in it. You MUST click the link to complete the registration process and be able to login.

The confirmation step is often missed when the email ends up in the registrant’s “junk” or “spam” folder, so always check there if you don’t receive your confirmation email swiftly (within a half-hour).

But the best way to ensure that you receive the email is to “whitelist” the domain in your email program. Often, all you need to do is add “” to your address book.

Here are some specific instructions for whitelisting a domain for some common email programs.

Google GMail

Whitelist a Sender or Domain in Gmail

To make sure Gmail never filters as spam mail from a certain contact or domain:

Follow the Settings link in Gmail.

Go to Filters.

Whitelisting an Email Domain in Gmail, Page 1

Click Create a new filter.

Type the desired email address under From:
To whitelist an entire domain (all mail from an address ending in “”, for example), type the just the domain name or the domain name preceded by ‘@’. To whitelist “”, for instance, type “” (not including the quotation marks).

Click “Next Step »”
You can click Test Search before, of course, to make sure you did not mistype.

Whitelisting an Email Domain in Gmail, Page 2

Make sure “Never send it to Spam” is checked.

Click Create Filter.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Add “” to your Address Book


Click the “Tools” pull-own in the main menu and select “Options.”

Whitelisting an Email Domain in Outlook, Page 1

Click the “Junk E-mail…” button and select the “Safe Senders” tab

Whitelisting an Email Domain in Outlook, Page 2

Enter “” into the “Add Address or Domain” pop-up box, then click “OK” and click “OK” again.

Whitelisting an Email Domain in Outlook, Page 3

In the event your registration fails or if you don’t receive your confirmation email, please start a ticket at MHMSM Support and we’ll get you fixed up ASAP.

Internet Explorer and Disqus Comments

May 18th, 2011 No comments

DISQUS logoIt has come to our attention that some visitors to our articles and blogs have been unable to post comments. Apparently, this a problem when trying to post a comment with logging in (posting as a guest) via Disqus, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo while using Internet Explorer.

The problem lies in an incompatibility issue between Disqus and Internet Explorer and may stem from security issues with Internet Explorer. We recommend you use Firefox, Chrome or Safari to avoid these and several other issues.

You CAN post a comment using Internet Explorer, but you’ll have to login using your Disqus, Twitter, OpenID or Yahoo credentials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using  Internet Explorer and try to post without logging in, Disqus will not accept the comment. If you wish to post without logging in, you must use Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

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