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MHMSM Video Promotes YOUR Business at Louisville Show

December 8th, 2010 No comments

More Visitors, More Business at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show Right now, the ultimate online marketing tool is video. But video has built-in costs for production, post-production and distribution. Well, I’ve got some good news. has produced a high-energy video that can help you have a more successful exhibit at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. This quality video drives home the advantages that YOUR customers will get by attending the show.

The video has been produced so that we can personalize the video for use on your website and/or on YouTube, with your contact info and Booth number so it will produce results for YOU.

Post your personalized video to your website or on YouTube, then email your list with the link. Let the video do some of your promotion work for you. This is an online marketing strategy that can really work for you.

You can see the video on the Video Sponsorship page. You’ll also find information there on the cost of personalizing the video and how to get started.

Let’s make this Louisville Show one to be remembered. Maximize your effort to get a BIG turnout for the show and for YOUR display at the show.

Visit the Video page and see why this video can make a BIG difference for you!

Social Networking No Substitute for Website

December 5th, 2010 No comments

“Social Networks are owned by private companies. Your presence on them is at the whim of their management.”

By now, we all know the value of using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to generate leads and signups for our mailing lists as well as their well-documented place in the worlds of relationship-building and customer service.

On occasion, I am asked whether having a conventional website is even necessary anymore. We’ve all heard stories about the street vendors who use Twitter to update customers about their locations and small businesses who use Facebook to stay in touch with their customers.

There are even instances of B2B companies and consultants who conduct their business primarily on LinkedIn.

No one doubts the importance of Social Networking in your overall marketing plan, but there is a potential problem that you need to be aware of.

Social Networks are owned by private companies. Your presence on them is at the whim of their management. For a hint of the potential for a problem here, just ask anyone who has had their Facebook or Twitter account deleted by the service – often for trivial or frivolous reasons.

In most instances, a few days of wrangling with their support staff will get you back on, but in the case of Facebook, if your personal account gets flagged, all your business pages go with it.

That could be a problem for a business. If they have no website, they have no ready backup.

What if the Social Networks decide that they want to start charging fees for commercial accounts? What if those fees are exorbitant?

Or what if one of the networks you rely on suddenly becomes a LOT less popular (can anyone say MySpace?) Or goes out of business entirely? Not likely, but not out of the question either.

If you own your own website, you are independent of the whims, mistaken suspensions or deletions and uncertainty of reliance on a third-party for your Internet presence. Even if your hosting company suddenly went belly-up, you could easily find another.

What I am saying here is to be sure you have your bases covered. Use those Social Networks – after all, in addition to helping market your business, they are fun. But sure you have a backup plan. And that backup plan is owning your own website on your own domain.

This is just one of the subjects we will be covering in the Dominate Your Local Market Seminar at the Louisville Manufactured Housing Show. If you’re going to be in Louisville, stop by the seminar and then come my’s booth #932 for answers to your specific questions.