The Silver Bullet

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Thousands are waiting for it.  Some toss and turn at night, in the hopes it will come or return.  People are in the search of…the Silver Bullet.

The Silver Bullet on the INspirations blog of

Take a good look at The Silver Bullet. The Silver Bullet is a way of slaying dragons and monsters - real or imaginary. Photo courtesy of Different Seasons Jewelry

The Manufactured Housing INdustry is every bit as viable today as it was in the heyday of the late 90s.  Before you protest, I said ‘viable’ – and it is viable.  One could argue that it is more viable now than ever before.  In fact we are well positioned for a turn around.  Let’s look.

During the last 3 years or so of the housing recession, our market share has risen from some 5% to some 20% of new housing starts.  Growing market share during a downturn is a key strategy for positioning during an economic rebound.  Many statistics, which MHI, Thayer Long and company have put forward, indicate that manufactured housing makes huge sense for the future, as incomes go down and conventional construction costs outpace millions ability to buy a ‘stick-built’ house.

Skull Silver Bullett courtesty of Different Season's Jewelry

You could professionally die waiting for the ‘wrong type’ of Silver Bullet. Photo is courtesy of Different Season's Jewelry

Back to that elusive Silver Bullet. Ready for it?  Here it is.

What we need to realize is the Silver Bullet is daily study, inspiration, learning and growing mastery of what many would call “Best Practices.”

  • Give good service to your customers and the end user (not always the same thing).
  • Like any other profession, you must stay informed and keep studying.
  • Get or stay inspired.  Motivation; inspiration are spark plugs to successful action!
  • Doctors, attorneys, teachers. pharmacists, engineers, mechanics…think about it, many professions require ongoing education.

The same is true for business owners, executives and the rank and file of our MH INdustry.  The Silver Bullet is studying the challenges, arriving at practical solutions that will work now and the near term and putting them zealously to work every day.

Take – no, check that – INVEST 15 minutes a day in your personal development.  If you are an owner, manager or association leader (and if you are reading this, the odds are good that you are), encourage/make sure that your team members are INVESTING 15 minutes a day in your team’s members personal development.

Then,  “Inspect what you Expect!”  Don’t just assign reading, check up on it!

One coffee break.  A sliver of a lunch break.  Just before or after work.  As part of a daily assignment, that 15 minutes a day can change your performance world for the better!

  • Improving what you or a team member does,
  • Learning from the pros who get the job done regardless of the economy or market forces,
  • Staying informed of current industry events and trends

Let’s run the numbers:

Just 15 minutes a day in a 5 day work week at 50 weeks a year = 3750 minutes annually.  That is equal to an amazing 62.5 hours a year, or more than 1.5 weeks a year of personal skills and development!

  • How many more sales would close?
  • How many more customers would be satisfied?
  • How much sharper would your team be if they invested that 15 minutes a day?!!

Your Silver Bullet is personal development and team development.

Training. Inspiration.  These aren’t as sexy as some easy magic spell, as some mythical silver bullet, but they are far more real and done properly this Silver Bullet of training and development works.

Innovation – Information – Inspiration for Industry Professionals
=  the Silver Bullet.

Ask any of the truly successful people in this industry that you know.  Personal growth is a key to success.

Invest 15 minutes daily in your and your team’s insight, motivation and development. That’s your Silver Bullet for today, or every day. Go for it!##